In the past few years, e-bikes which are also known as electrically assisted bicycles didn’t get much fame in Europe but also own a big market in the United States. According to the research reports of The NPD Group, electric bikes sales increased 87% in the United States in the days of Covid-19 pandemic. The sales of e-bikes jumped to $1 Million only in April 2020 in the United States. If we look at the reports of the same research group, then US E-Bikes sales were only $143.4 million from 2017 to 2018. In short, the sales of e-bikes have enhanced around eightfold from 2014 only in the United States.

Moreover, the use of these electric bikes is not only easy for riders but also environment friendly. Yes, the use of rechargeable batteries stops the emission of carbon dioxide in the air. Similarly, either you want to use them for fitness purposes or to climb mountains you wouldn’t be disappointed by its performance. However, many e-bike lovers are still looking for online places to buy e-bikes in the United States. In this article, we are going to share the best stores with our readers to buy e-bikes online in the United States.

Amazon — Fine Place to Buy E-Bikes Online

If you don’t have any problem to buy an e-bike from retailers, then Amazon is one of the good options. At Amazon, you can’t only customize the search for electric bikes, but it is also easy to decide on the selection of the right bike with the help of reviews. However, we would suggest you to don’t forget to read the complete description of e-bikes before ordering an electric bike at Amazon.

E-Bikes Amazon

Lemeego— Best Place to Buy E-Bikes Online Directly from Manufacturer

Indeed, several electric bike lovers in the United States want to purchase e-bikes directly from the manufacturer to overcome the charges of middleman. However, it is tough to find such B2C e-bike stores in the US but Lemeego offers you this feature. Basically, Lemeego is a subsidiary of SIFO Technology and making electric bikes from the last 5 years but this summer they decided to sell their e-bikes online without retailers.

At this online e-bike store of Lemeego, you can make direct orders and can save money because you are purchasing directly from the bike manufacturer. For sure, you would love their e-bikes Lemeego X and Lemeego S. Luckily, at their store, you can also find a variety of e-bike accessories at reasonable prices.

Lemeego E-Bikes

eBay — Buy E-Bikes Online Anywhere

Either you are living in the United States or any other corner of the world, eBay is a trustworthy option to purchase e-bikes online. The best thing about buying electric bikes from eBay is its exciting customization features. You can customize your search from wheel size, bike type to battery voltage.

To find electric bikes at eBay, you would have to select the ‘electric bicycles’ option which is available under cycling category. Fortunately, with a variety of brand-new electric bikes, eBay also offers pre-owned e-bikes which are not available in good condition, but their price is also reasonable.

E-Bikes eBay


If you are looking to browse features of different e-bikes, then Walmart should be your preference. Yes, Walmart has distinct e-bikes including electric mountain bikes, kids e-bikes, electric commuter and folding bikes etc. Undoubtedly, Walmart could be one of the perfect online stores to purchase e-bike online in the United States.

Withal, we always suggest to talk about everything with the sellers about your e-bike purchase to avoid misunderstanding and inaccurate deals. In this regard, don’t forget to use the chat section.

Walmart Buy E-Bikes Online

Rad Power Bikes — Online Store to Buy Rad Power E-Bikes

Rad Power is one of the most credible e-bike brands in South America, and if you want to purchase their electric bikes online in the US, then you should prefer their official store. If you are buying Rad Power e-bike from their store then with 1 year warranty, they also offer 14-days free return as well.

Also, if it is tough to final a single electric bike, then Rad Power store would also assist you. Yes, you can find and read features of different commuter, folding, fat and utility electric bikes here and their prices are also radical. On the contrary, if you are willing to learn to ride, then you can click on their ‘learn’ and ‘where to ride’ tabs.

Rad Power Bikes


Most people want to buy electric bikes with free shipping service, and if you are one of them, then Aventon should be your first option. On the order of $100 plus, you can get the facility of free shipping there. Though there are only a few electric bikes are available to shop online. But we noticed that reviews of verified sales are candid and helpful in making the right deal.

Luckily, if you don’t have enough budget to shop electric bike with instant payment, then you can also pick an easy installment option here. You can get more details about e-bike easy installments from their ‘Affirm Financing’ feature. Actually, the consumer finance company ‘Affirm’ gives this offer. And you would have to discover whether you qualify for it or not in advance.

Aventon eBikes

In short, the use of electric bikes in increasing in different states of America, and we noticed that manufacturers are also coming with improvements in their bicycles. However, if you are still hesitating to try these electric bikes, then you must ride them once in life. In this article, DigitalCruch one of the best and reliable stores with its readers to shop e-bikes online.

Withal, if you are aware of more US e-bike stores or want to share your purchase experience from a different online store, then you are welcomed to comment below.

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