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FastestVPN Review: Lowest Price with Beefed-Up Security Features

FastestVPN Review

A VPN is undoubtedly a multi-purpose tool. It serves you right with online protection and makes you able to stream geo-blocked content restriction-free. The upsurge in the platforms like Netflix also soured VPN demand at the highest level. 

These days we see obvious competition in the VPN industry. Too many options with attractive deals are popping up every day. Among countless VPN options, picking up the right one that meets individual needs and budget is really a big thing to do.

Usually, users think to shed all the stress and start looking up free VPN services, but never realize the security issues that come with it. A good VPN is one that not only turns you invisible but performs every task in an upright way. 

Upon testing several VPNs, we luckily came across a VPN exactly like that named FastestVPN. 

Fastest VPN Overview

To help users understand what FastestVPN is all about, DigitalCruch is writing a full review of FastestVPN and also explaining if the VPN is worth your time and money. We will start our review with a brief introduction to this VPN, and later in this review, we will also share other aspects of what FastestVPN can and cannot do for your online adventure.

Let’s find out more about this VPN provider. 

About FastestVPN

FastestVPN is a Cayman Island-based VPN provider. The location is extremely safe and it is not associated with any international surveillance alliance.  You will definitely get some privacy benefits with that location because no government can ever force this VPN to share user data.

Moreover, Cayman Island apparently has no data retention policies so, all your browsing secrets are totally out of harm’s way. 

FastestVPN Pros and Cons – Quick Summary 


  • Unblocks Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu 
  • Top-notch security features 
  • No-logs 
  • Supports torrenting 
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Support across devices (Compatible with 20 devices) 
  • Router support available 
  • Affordable pricing 
  • 10 simultaneous device connections


  • Small server network 550+ in 39+ countries, 59+ locations 
  • Limited payment options 
  • No free trial 

FastestVPN Connectivity, Security and Server End Features 

FastestVPN offers a bunch of security, connectivity, and server-end features. Let’s see in detail what FastestVPN has to offer for its users in 2023. 

Connectivity Features 

Compatibility Across Devices 

FastestVPN supports almost 20 devices. You can connect FastestVPN on different devices, including Roku, Xbox, PS4, Kodi, Linux, Firestick, Android box, Apple TV, and Smart TV. FastestVPN also has a VPN extension for Chrome and Firefox. 

All in all, FastestVPN is available on a slew of new devices. In case, the VPN is not supporting your devices, then you can also set up the VPN on a router to get all-around VPN protection on all the connected devices. 

We also tested FastestVPN on our router and the results were very impressive. So, we literally achieved speed without compromising privacy. 

Smart Tunneling 

Not all VPNs have this smart feature, but FastestVPN has it. Smart Tunneling is an advanced feature that is designed to route your specific traffic with VPN support even if your VPN app is not connected. 

With this feature, users can protect their chosen traffic without losing access to local network devices. 

10 Concurrent Device Connections 

The VPN happily offers 10 multi-logins with a single subscription. Our team connected the FastestVPN on their desktop and mobile devices. The VPN’s useability and performance stayed up to the mark on both of our devices.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t try it on other platforms so, we cannot rate its performance on other devices. Overall, our experience with FastestVPN on mobile and desktop was excellent. 

DNS Leak Protection 

Our team performed a leak test on, and on the basis of their test results, we can say that FastestVPN is completely a leak-free VPN. It literally keeps your IP, identity, and location concealed. 

Security and Privacy Features 

  • Internet Kill Switch 

FastestVPN has a working Kill switch functionality. The Kill switch feature is often termed the Network lock feature. FastestVPN offers different settings to enable your Kill Switch feature. For instance, you can enable it from the settings, or click on the “Launch at startup” next to that, you can also set the kill switch on Auto connect. This feature basically disconnects your device from the internet if your VPN accidentally stops working in the middle. 

  • Multiple Protocols 

Protocols are what define a VPN. Whether a VPN is fast, secure, or slow, depends on its protocols. FastestVPN offers multiple protocols. For instance, its supports OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), IKEv2, IPsec, OpenConnect, and L2TP.

OpenVPN is the most favorite protocol of mine because it offers a combination of both speed and security. 

But, the default protocol of FastestVPN is IKEv2, instead of OpenVPN. OpenVPN protocol is the best option as a default VPN protocol, it performs as an all-rounder. 

However, IKEv2 is fast and only works well on mobile devices. The only thing that we didn’t like about this VPN provider is that it supports outdated protocols like IPSec, which is so old and insecure but still doesn’t support one of the most modern protocols which is WireGuard. 

  • Smart Connect Feature 

While connecting to FastestVPN, you will also find a Smart Connect option. This Smart Connect feature will automatically connect you to the best server as per your location. You can later change your server, but the VPN connects you with the server that it thinks is the best for you. 

  • NAT Firewall 

FastestVPN also has another impressive security measure for your online protection. It has a NAT Firewall feature that increases your security by blocking all unnecessary incoming traffic. This feature surely acts as an added protection layer for your online browsing. The best thing is that you don’t have to activate this feature every time, in fact, it will be automatically updated from the server side.

  • Wi-Fi Security 

Public networks are considered very insecure.  When you openly use them without any protection, it means that you are inviting hackers to wreak havoc on your sensitive information. Luckily, you can now freely use public Wi-Fi networks with FastestVPN. This VPN provider protects you on unsecured networks. All your traffic will remain encrypted and no one can ever eavesdrop on your data or conversations. 

  • AES-256-Bit Encryption 

We must say that while testing FastestVPN, we were amazed at its high-end security features. One of the most significant, yet common security features of a VPN is its encryption support. FastestVPN also has the best, in-class military-grade encryption to protect your online traffic. The AES-256-BIT Encryption is currently the best, and FastestVPN is offering the same on all of its available apps. Considering this, FastestVPN is truly the best VPN from a security point of view. 

Server End Features 

For the unversed, server-end features are the built-in features of a VPN. These features need no activation, they will automatically start protecting you online once you connect to the VPN. FastestVPN offers quite impressive server-end features. Our team tested all of these features and the result was equally good. Here are the FastestVPN server end features. 

  • Unlimited Bandwidth 

For torrenting and streaming activities, we will give FastestVPN a 10/10. The VPN has no bandwidth limit which makes it super convenient to enjoy faster downloading, and P2P file sharing. 

  • Reasonable Uptime

FastestVPN also has good uptime. Its servers are almost always available and work 24/7. 

FastestVPN Server Network- Relatively Small with Unstable Connections 

Among all other VPNs that we have tested, FastestVPN has the smallest server count. It just has 550+ servers in 39+ countries and 55+ locations. With this small server range, the risk of overcrowding and network congestion is always higher. 

FastestVPN Servers

However, FastestVPN server coverage is satisfactory in Europe and Asia, but they have zero servers in Africa and South America is also almost left out.

The FastestVPN servers work best in the USA. The server coverage in the US is strong with 14 server locations covering multiple areas on the east coast and the west. 

Depending on your preference, you can add any server to your favorites and can quickly switch to the available three server types which are regular, streaming, and double VPN.

FastestVPN also has servers in Russia, most VPNs have shut down their Russian servers because of their agency’s interference. It seems that being a small VPN provider, FastestVPN is still out of the radar. 

However, when we tested its Russian server, it worked for us. Our team unblocked various international websites, but after some time we experienced severe connection drops. Even after trying a lot, we couldn’t restore our VPN connectivity. 

Upon asking one of the FastestVPN support agents, we came to know that we should sign out and connect to TCP/UDP rather than configure the protocol to be automatic. Our team tried this, but it was not a permanent solution, it only worked temporarily.  

FastestVPN Streaming Capabilities – Up to the Mark

FastestVPN streaming capabilities are good. So, we have tested FastestVPN with different streaming apps and websites. What surprised me to the core is the fact that FastestVPN actually unblocked apps like Netflix and Disney Plus which are difficult to access. 

Though FastestVPN has a limited number of servers, still its unblocking capabilities are up to the mark. We tried unblocking BBC iPlayer, US Netflix, and Disney Plus

Luckily, FastestVPN successfully unblocked all three streaming services on different devices, including our phone, and laptop. 

Talking about FastestVPN servers, its US, Canada, India, Italy, and Tokyo servers are the best for streaming. With the FastestVPN US server, you can unblock various services, including Netflix US, Amazon Prime US, FuboTV, Hulu, HBO Max, DAZN, ESPN, Discovery+, Disney+, and more.

The FastestVPN UK server is also very fast and streaming-friendly. It gets you to access to the top UK streaming sites, including BBC iPlayer UK, Amazon Prime Video UK, ITV Hub, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky Sports, Disney+ UK, and many more. 

With an Indian server, users can get access to several Indian streaming sites which include Hotstar, SonyLiv, Zee5, Voot, Spotify (Music app),, Mx Player, and others. 

FastestVPN Torrenting Skills – The Best VPN for Torrenting

FastestVPN supports torrenting. Though the VPN provider doesn’t offer any dedicated app for torrenting, but all of its servers are P2P-Optimized which makes it a reliable VPN for torrenting. 

Most VPNs don’t support torrenting because torrent sites are unsafe. However, FastestVPN has pretty good security and privacy features, and fully supports P2P file sharing and downloading activities. 

One thing that DigitalCruch wants to mention here is that for torrenting, it’s better to stick to your nearest server location, otherwise your torrenting experience will be disrupted. 

The website of this VPN tells its users that FastestVPN has some of its slowest servers in locations, including India, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong.  Hence, users should avoid these servers for torrenting.

Another thing is that FastestVPN doesn’t have any bandwidth limit, which makes it perfect for torrenting with good speeds in multiple locations. 

FastestVPN Privacy Policy 

Without a doubt, FastestVPN is a good choice for privacy. This VPN provider is headquartered in Cayman Island, which is a secure place. It doesn’t fall under any international surveillance alliance. 

It means that FastestVPN is not restricted to storing, sharing, or handing its users’ data to any government agencies upon asking for it. 

Secondly, when we visited the website, we came to know that FastestVPN has a strict no-logs policy. 

To have a no-logs policy means, the VPN provider doesn’t log any information like your IP address, location, timestamps, or any data that might track your traffic. 

FastestVPN only stores your email address, and as soon as you delete your VPN account, your email address will have vanished from their systems. 

How Much Does FastestVPN Cost? 

FastestVPN is one of the best cheap VPN providers. It offers different pricing plans and compared to other VPN providers; DigitalCruch must say that FastestVPN is the most affordable one with a plethora of features. Below is a screenshot of FastestVPN pricing for 2023: 

Apparently, the VPN has great subscription deals. The longer you go, the cheaper it gets. FastestVPN offers 93% savings on its 5 years plan + 3 months free. However, we tried its monthly plan for $10/mo. Its one-month plan offers 10 multi-logins and if you want some more then you have to pay an additional $2. 

Moreover, all FastestVPN plans come with a 15-day money-back guarantee and 2TB of Internxt cloud storage as well as the PassHulk password manager.

FastestVPN Payment Method 

FastestVPN doesn’t offer too many payment options, and that’s Cleary a downside. You can pay for a FastestVPN subscription via: 

  • Credit card (MasterCard, DISCOVER, VISA, American Express, JCB, Union Pay)
  • PayPal. 

Does FastestVPN Have a Free Trial? 

No. FastestVPN doesn’t have a free trial. But, we consider it a risk-free VPN. It offers a 15-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with this VPN provider, then you can claim a refund within 15 days of your purchase. 

Is FastestVPN Free

FastestVPN Customer Support 

FastestVPN offers a 24/7 customer support team. Their supporting agents are prompt and answered all of our queries regarding the installation process. Very few VPN providers have this type of fast and reliable support team.

However, one thing that turned me down was when we asked questions about VPN protocols, it took longer to get an answer.  Even after getting the response, our team was not fully satisfied, it somehow left us ambiguous. Overall, we will give 9/10 to their reliability and support team. 

The live chat option is available on FastestVPN’s website lower-right corner. If you’re using the app, then access it from the settings tab. 

Besides the live chat option, you can also contact FastestVPN via email support. The website also offers a section for FAQS where you can find all the relevant information regarding your queries. 

FastestVPN Speed 

DigitalCruch also tested the FastestVPN speed on different servers. As per our test results, we cannot score FastestVPN as the fastest VPN. Its speeds were inconsistent on different servers. 

On some servers, the speed was great for streaming, but it got worse over long-distance servers. The downloading speed was best on the US, Australian, and UK servers. Here are our test results:

Following are the FastestVPN speed test results when connected to a US server:

FastestVPN US Server Speed Test

FastestVPN speed test results when connected to an Australian Server:

FastestVPN Australian Server Speed Test

FastestVPN speed test results when connected to a UK server:

FastestVPN UK Server Speed Test

Wrapping Up

Do we recommend FastestVPN? Yes, we will recommend FastestVPN. It is the best cheap VPN for streaming and torrenting. Though the VPN claims to be the Fastest, in reality, it is not.

FastestVPN app’s UI has been updated, and this time, users can clearly see the amount of effort the provider has put into it. All apps are extremely easy to use, and reliable for online protection. 

Upon the FastestVPN Leak test and WebRTC test, we found no IP leaks. It is a secure VPN and takes user privacy seriously. 

The VPN is highly secure and offers top-notch security features that also include a Kill switch. Talking about the pricing, it is an affordable VPN with multiple pricing plans that may suit both your budget and security needs. 

However, we have also come across several downsides, including inconsistent speeds, a relatively smaller server network, limited payment methods, and no- free trial. 

FAQs – FastestVPN Review 

Is FastestVPN a safe VPN? 

Yes. FastestVPN offers some of the best security measures. It has all the modern security features. All in all, FastestVPN is a safe VPN to use for your online protection. 

Is FastestVPN secure? 

FastestVPN is a secure VPN provider. It is based in Cayman Island, which is a secure location and has no association with the international surveillance alliance. Moreover, FastestVPN covers you with its world-class AES-256-BIT encryption which is impossible to decode. With FastestVPN, all your traffic is secure and encrypted. 

Does FastestVPN unblock Netflix? 

Yes, FastestVPN works well with Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Hulu. it is a good VPN for streaming. Its US servers are fast and super-reliable. 

Does FastestVPN offer a free trial? 

No. FastestVPN has no free version. However, the VPN offers a 15-day money-back guarantee. 

Why FastestVPN is not working?

Sometimes a VPN can stop working due to many reasons. If you come across such problems, then try switching to another server, or disconnecting your VPN app, then restart it. Moreover, try turning off all third-party apps, and changing your VPN protocol for better performance.

If still, you’re facing the same problem, then contact the FastestVPN 24/7 support team via live chat to get a quick response. 



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