Almost a decade ago, green tech was focused on risky inventions. In other words, venture capitalists were backing companies that were trying to solve big, scientific problems, like building efficient solar panels or creating clean biofuels. As a result, we now have a range of clean technologies. These include wind energy, battery-powered vehicles, efficient lighting, and solar power. 

Now the job of green tech companies is to find applications and solutions for existing, core technologies. The only thing limiting their work is their imagination. Therefore, the companies that will see success will be the ones that focus on disrupting markets and delighting customers. Already, we’ve seen Tesla disrupt the auto industry, and Sungevity has disrupted consumer energy with solar power.

Let’s look at some other green tech companies that are disrupting the market.

Top 5 Green Tech Companies that Are Leading the Market

1. GreenGeeks

Disrupting the web hosting space is GreenGeeks web hosting. The internet is a big polluter of the environment, so GreenGeeks prides itself on offering eco-friendly hosting. They have designed their hosting platform for maximum use and have adopted a no-waste mindset. 

In addition to making every aspect of their hosting platform as energy efficient as possible, for every amperage of power that they pull from the grid, they match three times that amount in the form of renewable energy through Bonneville Environmental Foundation. For these reasons, GreenGeeks has been recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a Green Power Partner.

2. Fairphone

Did you know? Smartphones create more greenhouse gases than any other consumer electronic device. For this reason, Fairphone has dedicated itself to building smartphones that are environmentally sustainable and of the highest quality. They accomplish this by ensuring a clean supply chain and by only using sustainable materials

Furthermore, this green tech company was founded in 2013 and uses a modular design, so the phone’s hardware lasts as long as possible. This design also ensures that the phone can be upgraded through new software, so customers don’t have to buy a completely new phone. Additionally, customers can map the journey of their phones to see the exact suppliers of each part. Lastly, customers can recycle old devices for credit towards a new Fairphone.

3. Bookeen

Bookeen has created a line of sustainable e-readers. Indeed, this is one of the best green tech companies that offers consumer electronics and ebooks to a vast customer line. These products feature a built-in case, which is solar-powered and therefore can be charged without electricity. 

All that’s required is one hour of sun exposure to charge the reader for one day of reading. Additionally, their e-readers are manufactured using sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

4. Facedrive

Facedrive is the green alternative to Uber. This green tech company offers customers a choice of vehicles when they book a ride. They can choose an EV, a hybrid, or a conventional car. They plant a tree for every ride booked, and they have partnered with the Toronto Parks and Tree Foundation (TPTF). 

TPTF works with the City of Toronto, community groups, individuals, and businesses to improve the health of Toronto’s urban forest through tree planting and stewardship efforts. Facedrive’s app algorithm calculates the estimated CO2 for every car journey and gives the equivalent monetary value to TPTF.

5. Apple

Believe it or not, this tech giant is actually committed to the environment and for sure, you can consider it one of the most known green tech companies. In partnership with its suppliers, Apple has worked to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 466,000 metric tons, the equivalent of 100,000 cars being off the road for the duration of one year. 

All of Apple’s operations run on entirely renewable energy, and everything about its products, from the materials to the packaging, is created to have a minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, the assembly sites for their products are certified as Zero Waste to Landfill. They have also decreased the average product energy use by 70% in the last ten years.

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