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Smartphone Gaming Apps with the Best User Experience

Smartphone Gaming Apps

Smartphone gaming apps are an industry worth several hundred billion dollars. According to ECDB, the market value of the online gaming industry will hit 205.7 billion USD by 2026. In the modern world, games are much more than a way to kill time or escape stress. 

Gaming has consistently become more competitive ever since the early 2-player gaming console. And with services like Spectrum deals being available nationwide, games began online. This opened up a new dimension of competition with people from all over the world. And with smartphone gaming now more popular than ever, gaming apps have made online gaming much more accessible.

However, not all apps are created equal. Game studios range from big to mid-sized, small, and even freelance game devs. In many cases, the user experience of an app, which is, in this case, the gaming experience, correlates directly to the resources allocated to its development. But this may not always be the case.

There have been wildly popular games that come from practically unknown studios. The problem is that with thousands of games in app stores on modern smartphones, which ones are the best? For starters, the ones listed below are worth a try.


PUBG Mobile was the first smartphone game to show the world that you do not need an expensive gaming rig or console to enjoy yourself. It is a sandbox game in which players are airdropped onto a map with supplies and weapons scattered everywhere. In addition, PUBG Mobile follows the same model but has adapted the controls and interface exceptionally well for mobile use.

Players can choose the location where they want to drop and do so individually or with a team of teammates. Once on the ground, you and your friends must look for weapons, armor, medical supplies, sniper scopes, and more. These will allow you to remove the enemy, which is everyone else on the map, as with most battle royale games. The voice chat feature is handy for setting up and coordinating team plays.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was one of the earliest AR gaming applications to gain success in the mainstream. Augmented reality technology was already widely used in animated filters like those on Snapchat. AR superimposes digital elements on the real-life visuals captured by a device camera. This made for endless laughs with animal filters, season filters, and even holiday filters using AR. Pokemon Go went a step further in using AR for entertainment.

The app works around geolocation and AR melding together as a first-of-its game. Pokemon fans appreciate the effort in creating a feel as close as possible to the iconic anime using modern technology.

The app shows you various locations near you where you may be able to find a Pokemon. Once there, the app’s AR camera allows you to locate the Pokemon you then capture and add to your collection. If nothing else, Pokemon Go certainly got people up and moving about more often.

Call of Duty Mobile

You don’t often see successful PC or console franchises making much effort in the smartphone gaming market. But Call of Duty seems to have very different ideas. The iconic first-person shooter game has been a massive part of modern gaming and is one of the best-known franchises in the business.

So, you can be sure that a company like that moving to smartphone gaming will only deliver the best. And CoD Mobile does not disappoint.

Also, the game is a lot like PUBG, with a considerable sandbox arena, weapons, and fighting to be the last person or team standing. But CoD Mobile has a few other tricks that will become apparent when you start playing it.

Shadow Fight

Sometimes, the best games do not have the most enormous playable environments or huge player lobbies. Simpler is often better, and this is precisely the line of thought game devs followed with Shadow Fight. Prepare for a wave of nostalgia with the bare 2-D one-on-one fights like the early days of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.

Moreover, the game features silhouetted fighters dressed in Far Eastern styles. Prepare for a world of fun featuring all the most fantastic weapons like swords, throwing stars, and spears to match the dress and overall period setting. Pit yourself against a random human opponent, hone your skills with challenges, or follow the campaign storyline. 

Hopefully, these gaming apps will help you find better options to improve the user experience. You can also share your thoughts by commenting below!



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