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How to Set Parental Controls on an Android Phone

How to Set Parental Controls on Android Phone

Around 6.6 billion individuals around the globe are using smartphones in 2022. If we only talk about Android phones, such phones have 2.5 billion determined users from 190 countries worldwide. Among these users, you can’t ignore the child usage of Android phones. Mainly, after this Covid-19 pandemic, kids from the age of 14 to 17 are spending more than 4 hours on their smart devices, according to a Statista survey. Therefore, it has become essential for parents to set parental controls on Android phones.

In simple words, kids should be appropriately monitored while parents give them internet access. Therefore, parents should know how to set parental controls on an Android phone. So DigitalCruch presents the three significant ways to set parental controls on Android phones.

  • Use KidsGuard Pro
  • Set Parental Controls Through Google Play Store
  • Device-Based Steps to Set Parental Controls

Use KidsGuard Pro

Below are some essential guidelines for setting up the KidsGuard Pro phone tracker on your Android phones:

Use KidsGuard Pro

Step 1# Create Your Account

Firstly, you will have to click on Sign Up/Monitor to register the KidsGuard Pro account. Users are to add a valid email address for the account creation process. There are different account packages with varying prices that users can choose, depending upon the requirements.

Besides, choosing a premium plan will allow users to rely on advanced-level monitoring on corresponding devices. The premium plan option varies from one 1-month to a 1-year subscription.

KidsGuard Pro App Set up

Step 2# Download the KidsGuard Pro App

Users will be directed to the order management page after selecting the package. This is the place where you can ascertain and manage the order you have chosen. Also, it is essential to follow through with the instructions and finish the required configurations on your Android device.

In addition, users can go through a video tutorial on the official website. A brief visual representation can help with any confusion users might confront going through this step.

Step 3# Validate the Information Setup

Once everything is done with the given information on the targeted device, it’s time to verify the account. For that, you will need to re-login to the KidsGuard Pro account and check the whole data carefully. The name of the device and all respective information can be seen there.

Step 4# Begin Monitoring Your Account

Now, you are all set to monitor activities on your respective devices. Your account’s dashboard makes accessing important information conveniently in just one go. So your kids can use the internet properly at the end of the day. KidsGuard Pro offers many functionalities like tracking the location on Facebook for instance.

However, it is important to note that the phone’s data syncing will take some to appear on the dashboard.

How to Set Parental Controls on Android Devices?

You need to follow a simple process to set the right parental controls on your kid’s Android devices. So follow along the steps given below:

Set Parental Controls on Android Devices

Access the Targeted Profile

Open the Google Play Store app on the device you wish to be controlled. Users will find a different access point to the profile based on the Android version.

Open Google Play Store App

Navigate your profile image or profile icon to access the setting.

Google Play Store Settings

Enable Parenting Controls Option

On clicking your profile option, navigate family from the setting menu. This option will expand, giving you a deep insight into the parental control menu. From there, you will have to enable parental controls. Because default setting preferences turn off parental controls.

Google Play Store Family Setting

On the expansive options menu, make sure to navigate the parental controls push button. Enable the button from there, so you can also repeat it in the future.

Turn on Parental Controls

Set Up Pin Security

Android devices support robust security algorithms when it comes to parental controls. Every parental control setting modification will require pin ingress. So you are going to establish secure pin security before you get on in with settings.

Set Up Pin Security

Therefore, kids will no longer be in a position to turn off parental controls from the setting menu.

Pick Content to Enforce Settings

After you are done with initial settings, you will then be taken to the content restrictions menu. This page allows you to find content categories to enforce restrictions. From there, parents can select the type of content to proceed ahead.

Age Restriction

This dedicated option on Android works like a charm. Parents will simply have to select the content category to impose an age restriction. On the choosing age rating, Android will be optimizing the content according to the set age limit.

For instance, PEGI ratings on Android games will optimize the whole search thing for the users. So, your kids will only find applications that comply directly with the age or PEGI ratings. This ensures that your kids stay out of harm from inappropriate content across the internet.

Age Restriction for Google Play Store

Try the Family Link App

This is an application available on the Google Play store application. It allows for more precise and advanced parenting controls at the end of the day. Indeed, parents can invite multiple individuals on a single platform. So they can manage all their kid’s devices at once.

Family Link App to Set Parental Controls on Android Phones

Further Parental Controls

Some basic parental controls can fuel the right use of technology among juniors. This allows kids to maintain a directional approach when they spend time on the internet. Therefore, we have taken up a few main points that will serve the proper purpose for the parents.

Limit Data Consumption

This is one of the most effective strategies to limit excessive mobile usage when it comes to your kids. It is evident that social media and online games can shred ample data. Parents can set a certain data limit that will halt excessive mobile activity among their kids.

It means kids will no longer have access to the internet once data reaches its limit. Hence, that makes it a reliable way to shape your kid’s healthy lifestyle.

Screen Pinning

It is an intelligent way to take hold of your Android device. Screen pinning comes helpful when you pass your device to one of your kids for a certain purpose. This feature will make sure that your phone stays put whenever it is passed to your kids.

Therefore, your kids will not be able to access your important work files or anything you’re keeping from them.

Set Pin

Setting up pin security on your kid’s tablet goes both ways. It comes in handy when parents want to control their kid’s access to their Android devices. So kids will have to ask their parents for permission every time they wish to access the device.

On the flip side, pin security is just mandatory to keep any Android device safe. So it falls down to parents on how they want it to work. Whether they want access to the pin or they want their kids to remember. In both cases, pin security is a must.

In short, parents can control and set parental controls on an Android phone by following any of our solutions and particular settings. 



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