Colleges are a fun place to be. In addition to pursuing your academic goals and getting closer to who you want to be in life, colleges are a major milestone, which is why it is a very popular backdrop choice for many movies. While this place is fun to be in, what many students do not find funny is the college application process.

The process all begins with writing your application letter, and getting it wrong at the beginning can affect your entire chances of gaining admission into a college. Interestingly, many movies are centered on the process of college application and college life, and we will be taking a look at some of these movies in this article.

Top Movies That Teaches Us about the Process of College Application

1. Admission

Admission is a romantic or drama genre movie. The movie reminded us that admissions officers are people just like us, and they do other things with their lives besides reviewing college applications. The movie is about the admission officer and how she questioned the process of gaining admission into college when she met a quirky, smart kid that does not fit the standard of the traditional student. 

Moreover, she got to know the student and realized how traditional admissions systems are overlooking and ignoring the most promising and smartest minds, and she fought for the admission of the student.


2. Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde is about a law student, and the movie took place on Harvard’s campus. The movie is about Elle Woods (the main character) and how she was determined to excel at Harvard Law School. Probably, she decides to join Harvard when her boyfriend who wants to be a politician leaves her and enrol in Harvard.

To give him a good lesson, she joins the same school. But things change later. Her hard work is inspiring, and it shows how far a student can go with hard work.

Legally Blonde

3. Rudy

Rudy is a true story, and it is about a boy that did all he can to get into his dream college and play football there. He had poor grades and small stature, which were his limitations. However, he was persistent; he moved to the town where his dream college is, got his grades up, and eventually got into the college of his dream.

This movie also shares that getting to college is not an easy process, as there are many challenges on the way. However, the process is not only challenging but also exciting. One of the most significant and sensitive parts of the process is writing a college application. Can I hire a professional to write my college application essay for me? Writing a college application essay is a demanding task for many students, which is why they tend to hire professionals to do it for them.

This works for many students because most of these writers are professionals, and they know how to write an essay or letter to appeal to the interest of the admissions committee. Nevertheless, one of the movies on this list might inspire you to start writing your college application essays by yourself.


4. Spanglish

Spanglish is the story of a Mexican-American girl told from the angle of her college admissions essay. She talked about her mother’s work experience in a wealthy white family’s home while pointing out some of the privileges that can help determine the admission of a student to college.


5. Orange County

This movie focused on what happens after the rejection of a student’s college application and the length some students can go to get into their dream school. It teaches diversification, encouraging students to apply to more than one college and never get all their hopes in one college.

Orange County

6. The History Boys

This movie teaches us the enormous amount of dedication it takes students to prepare for college entrance exams. The movie will make you laugh while encouraging you to study.

The History Boys

7. Accepted

This movie is about a group of high school graduates that formed their own college after being rejected by other schools. The movie teaches us never to give up even after getting rejected from college.


8. Real Women Have Curves

This movie is about a young lady who finds it difficult to write a personal statement portion of her college application. Many students have a hard time writing their admission essays, as the process is challenging. However, with extensive research and proper outline, you can write an authentic application essay as she did in this movie.

Real Women Have Curves

9. The Social Network

This movie teaches us about student entrepreneurship and computer programming. It is about a student who transformed a genius idea into something that the entire world is using today.

The Social Network

10. Good Will Hunting

This movie is about a janitor with a secret gift for mathematics. The movie teaches us that education can come from anywhere, and you can learn many things in the classroom that life cannot teach you.

Good Will Hunting


Many students encounter many challenges when seeking college admissions. The movies listed above can inspire you to make the most of your process and write authentic admission essays that can secure you an admission into your dream college.

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