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12 Best Free Educational Apps for Students [2023]

Best Free Educational Apps

The fast speed of the technological revolution has transformed each segment of our lives, and it would be wrong if we would say it didn’t change our way of study. Nowadays, to succeed in studies, it becomes old-fashioned to sit in the library and read books all day. The students of this era have more approaches to gain knowledge, and the use of the best free educational apps is one of them.

No doubt, the implementation of digital technology in educational settings aimed at making studying more effective and letting students understand that learning information can be a fun and exciting experience. Since almost all students have mobile phones, the bigger mistake would be not to use them for educational purposes. That’s why it is the primary preference of many students to pick a suitable and the best free educational app to get help regarding studies. 

School and college students have a tough time: they need to handle a lot of responsibilities, do the mountains of tasks and manage to carve out time to get some rest. In the same token, if you’re a student and it is becoming challenging for you to write several assignments at a time, then you can also get writing help. Probably you’ve heard or even used the academic writing services where people hire professional writers to do their homework. To find such a service, you need to remember the request, “I want to pay for essays online.” Enter it in the search engine and find a reliable service.

However, DigitalCruch doesn’t endorse going with academic services when free educational apps on your mobile phone are assisting you in your study goals. Let’s explore the most useful free best study apps for high school students that can transform the perception of studying.

edX – Best Educational App to Access Top Universities’ Courses

  • University level high-quality content is available
  • More than 2000 free courses
  • Convenient navigation & use
  • Usually verified courses are paid
edX Free Courses

If you’ve been dreaming about taking a course in one of the leading educational institutions and couldn’t find the money for it? Then, edX is your best solution with the availability of more than 2000 free courses. Indeed, it is one of the best free educational apps for students where they can learn a variety of subjects including engineering, business, computer sciences and much more.

EdX collaborates with world-famous universities and colleges, for instance, Berkeley University, The University of Queensland, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Boston University, and so on. Withal, if we talk about its negative aspects, then it’s been seen that verified courses are paid, and ratings are also not satisfactory for many courses.

Duolingo – Best Free Educational App to Learn Languages

  • The best source to learn new languages without subscriptions
  • All features are free
  • Courses are user-friendly
  • The web version is better than the application
Duolingo Free Educational Apps

With more than 200 million users around the globe, Duolingo is the best free app to learn new languages. Users may learn more than 30 languages online. Teachers in many countries use Duolingo in their lessons. The advantage of this platform is the individualized approach to learning. The technology adapts to your learning preferences to make studying more effective. Learn new words, translate them, and improve your speaking skills quickly — install Duolingo and realize that learning a new language can be fun.

Though it is the best application to learn languages, especially for the study purpose of students, yes it still has some drawbacks. Its web version is much better than the smartphone application. Similarly, it’s also been noticed that it presents unnatural sentences and discordant voice notes due to courses that are inconvenient for learners.

Mathway – Best to Solve Mathematical Problems

  • A beneficial application to understand mathematics
  • Smart and safe application
  • Offer numerous examples for the ease of students
  • The user interface for smartphones is not enough good
  • Paid subscription offers more features as compared to its free version
Mathway App

Do you have difficulties with mathematics? If yes then Mathway will help you to forget about them. This app is your tutor. The only difference from the real tutor is that the app is free. Mathway solved millions of math problems, so it will surely find the solution to your task. Enter the details or take a photo and get a detailed explanation and answer in a moment. The app encompasses a lot of disciplines, including statistics, algebra, trigonometry, linear algebra, chemistry, and so on.

However, if we talk about its cons, then it doesn’t offer many features and support to solve different questions until you subscribe to their $99.99/year or $19.99/month package.


  • Versatile information available about space missions
  • Tons of information is added regularly
  • Information is available in all three formations including text, videos & images
  • Podcasts are also available
  • Some people complain about the fewer stuff related stars
Nasa App

With more than 1800 3D images, the solar system features, videos on-demand and lots of information about planets, solar system and galaxies Nasa is one of the best applications that students must have. Moreover, you can also get the latest Nasa podcasts, view the Earth interact map and can access several other features about the launch and landing of Nasa missions with the help of this application. It is not only compatible with Android & iOS systems, but you can also use it on your smart TV and gadgets.

Though it is a fantastic application for students, but many people also complain that there is not enough information about the stars.


  • A very convenient tool for formatting & citations
  • The display of ads for free users is disturbing
  • Limited grammar checker tools for citations

Are your papers poor-graded because of the inconsistencies in formatting and bibliography? Download EasyBib because this tool is the best and the fastest way to create a bibliography and cite sources correctly. EasyBib supports APA, MLA, and Chicago formatting styles. With EasyBib, you don’t have to waste a lot of time composing the citation on your own and checking its correctness.

Unluckily, if you are using the free version of EasyBib, then you would also have to compromise with too many videos and display ads which is a little annoying for many students.

Google Classroom

  • Speeds up the assignment submission & marking process
  • Easy & quick way to communication
  • Free to use for schools & universities
  • Reduces the use of paper
  • Integration problems especially when students go with personalizing customization
  • Due to the unavailability of the calendar, it is tough to know the deadlines with Google Classroom
Google Classroom Free Educational Apps

Even though Google Classroom doesn’t include any educational courses out of the box, you can still use it as a great distance learning tool. The fact is that this application is used by many teachers to create tests, surveys, send various messages, and help students find out their grades. Thanks to special classrooms, teachers can share knowledge and multiple articles with students. Overall this is an excellent free application that simplifies the learning and data exchange process.

However, among the drawbacks of using Google Classroom unavailability of Calendar, the permission of use with the exact user Gmail account and editing issues are the prominent ones.

Khan Academy

  • Numerous videos of distinct subjects are available with the solution for free of cost
  • Easy to access this platform
  • Very helpful to solve mathematics problems according to your grade
  • Less Creative
Khan Academy

Khan Academy contains many interesting instructional videos and free courses for students. The main thing is that all videos are short and as informative as possible. Another plus is that teachers show real examples on a particular board so users can receive visualized information. It is worth noting that several language versions are declared, as well as the ability to track progress when performing specific exercises.

This is a good free tool to improve your knowledge in a particular field and get the best grades in a college or university. On the other hand, if we look at some low aspects of Khan Academy, then it doesn’t address the creative study needs. Mostly it is not the right tool if you want to alter the conventional study system.

SoloLearn – Best to Learn Programming Frameworks

  • A free and open-source
  • Uses outstanding teaching methods to teach different programming languages
  • The interface is not much updated
  • Ads display with the free version
  • Needs a premium version to get rid of ads
SoloLearn Free Educational Apps for Coding

SoloLearn is the perfect free educational app for students who want to learn coding languages and have an interest in programming. This software product was created by enthusiasts who wanted to provide the simplest game form of learning. Consider this your free guide to the world of programming. The application supports many popular programming languages, frameworks, and other features to get you started.

After passing all the tests and practical tasks, you will be able to create your own mobile application. There are many interactive tasks for programmers and the ability to use a code editor. Thanks to the broad community, you can ask questions and get quick answers.

Photomath – One of the Best Free Educational Apps for Maths

  • Easy to solve math problems without the internet
  • Solve handwritten mathematics problems & different equations
  • It reduces the in-depth studies among students
  • The installation process could be a little hectic

If you do not like math tasks, equations, or integrals, you can get quick help thanks to Photomath. It is a universal application that will help you solve any math problems. Just write a certain equation in the address bar or take a picture of your notebook. A special algorithm analyzes the conditions of the math task and helps you visualize the result.

The main advantage of the application is the speed of analysis and mathematical calculations. It’s worth noting that you don’t even need to connect to the Internet. Interactive graphs and a scientific calculator are available to every user for free. This is a good option if you have any difficulties in the learning process. At any rate, students should take it as a temptation to solve problems all the time because their own effort is also required.


  • Provides 360-degree science-related videos & images
  • Easy to understand science concepts with this app

Science360 is also a very reliable and useful study app for students. This application is handy for students who want to get help with science subjects. Especially with the presentation of several high-resolution images, it becomes straightforward to understand science concepts with Science360.

However, it is only compatible with tablets, primarily works with only Android & iOS operating systems which is a big con of using this application.


  • The best app to keep aware the parents regarding their children academic performance
  • Quick to convey teachers’ messages to students anywhere anytime
  • The misunderstandings could arise due to the tone of the message
  • Can compromise the privacy of both students & teachers
Remind App

Remind is one of the most popular free tools to help students get information on a specific topic. It is a vast school community with teachers, parents, and students. Each user can get a unique class code to share photos, teaching materials, and various links. With instant messaging, you can get help from friends, teachers, and your parents. Another plus is the ability to create an online class where teachers can share information and homework with students.

Howbeit, teachers shouldn’t overload the inbox of students with the help of this application. Similarly, the use of this app also needs much carefulness because the tone of the message could be misinterpreted.


  • Very helpful for test preparations
  • Uses different methods to help students in the learning process
  • It is a free tool
  • Students misuse it for cheating purpose
  • Several incorrect answers are also available that could be misleading
  • Ads can distract students

Quizlet is an original application that has several learning modes. You can use flashcards to quickly memorize information and use the game form to take practice tests. To the grace of this fun and straightforward application, you can improve your knowledge in many areas and spend less time than in the classic training format. Many teachers advise this app to students.

Though it offers many features but yes, students also use Quizlet for cheating. In many cases, it’s also been found that ads also distract the students while using this application.

The Afterwards

Either you are using paid or free educational apps, they always try to assist you in the learning process. They could be related to a discipline, the ability to exchange information with teachers or other students. You can use your smartphone or tablet as a powerful educational tool. But, you do not need to download all these applications, just figure out which educational app could help you in your studies right now.

In short, use them reasonably, and you can improve your grades and also simplify the process of acquiring new knowledge and don’t forget to share your views about the best educational apps by commenting below!



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