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10 Awesome Apps to Improve an Entrepreneur’s Productivity

Apps to Improve an Entrepreneur's Productivity

Struggling to kickstart your workweek? It’s common to feel unproductive and unmotivated on Mondays. You may even find that your tried and true coffee fix isn’t doing the trick. Thankfully, there are the best productivity apps, at your fingertips that can save the day. Nowadays, technology not only helps manage your business but can also help manage you.

How to improve an entrepreneur’s productivity?

#1 Trello

Looking for a productivity app to manage your process-based tasks and projects? Look no further than Trello! With Trello’s easy-to-use features and tools, you can create mood boards and color-code your tasks while adding deadlines, checklists, and progress bars to track your progress.

Plus, you can easily analyze your team’s progress and keep their productivity high with real-time messaging, attachment adding, and priority setting. All in all, Trello is a great, affordable tool for optimizing productivity.

Trello Entrepreneur's Productivity App

#2 Nozbe

Nozbe is a highly-effective task management system that follows the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology. This approach is widely used by entrepreneurs as it emphasizes storing tasks externally to free up mental space and then breaking them down into actionable steps. Say goodbye to mental clutter and hello to productivity with Nozbe.


#3 PDF Scanner

There are different apps to boost productivity, including those that allow you to complete your routine tasks faster. An application such as PDF Scanner App iOS is able to instantly digitize various papers. Every entrepreneur needs a PDF scanner app.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time scanning docs and sending them to your employees or business partners. Fortunately, this is easy to fix with the document scanner. This scanning tool digitizes any document and saves it to your iPhone in high resolution. If desired, you can recognize the text in order to use it further for your purposes.

PDF Scanner

#4 Evernote

Have you ever had a promising idea but couldn’t jot it down because you couldn’t find a pen and paper? Or perhaps you rely on your phone for note-taking but your ideas are scattered amongst numerous disorganized notes? Maybe you struggle to stay on top of your to-do list.

With Evernote, you can easily capture your ideas and organize them for future reference. It’s not just limited to text – you can create reminders in the form of photos, videos, and audio clips. Never miss a great idea again with Evernote.


#5 To-Do List

Looking for ways to boost productivity? Ask any successful tech entrepreneur and they’ll likely recommend To-Do List, a top-rated app available for both iPhones and Androids. Not only does it help individuals better manage their own time, but it also facilitates smooth collaboration between team members.

With To-Do List, staying organized is a breeze – you can assign tasks, set deadlines, and initiate group discussions to keep everyone in the loop. Streamline your work and reach your goals with this powerful app.

To-Do List

#6 Expensify

As a startup trying to lay down roots, proper budgeting is crucial to the success of your business. With countless bills to pay, employees relying on you, and hidden expenses around every corner, it can be overwhelming to manage it all.

But fear not, an app like Expensify can simplify the process and give you more time to focus on improving productivity. By organizing your expenses and creating a transactional history database, Expensify can help you stay on top of your finances. With the right utilization of this app, you can free up your schedule and concentrate on the bigger picture of growing your business.


#7 Pocket

A pocket is a wonderful tool that simplifies the way we consume content online. It allows you to save anything that catches your interest while scrolling through your social media feeds or browsing the web.

In short, whether it’s a fascinating blog post, a funny video, or an interesting article, you can store it all in one convenient place to view later. Even better, you can access your pocket from any device and read everything you’ve saved without an internet connection. Say goodbye to frantically searching for that web page you wanted to come back to, and hello to organized, effortless digital content consumption.

Pocket App

#8 Slack

Slack has become a go-to communication tool for small and medium-sized businesses that prioritize real-time collaboration among team members. With Slack, you can seamlessly conduct both formal and informal conversations within a single platform.

While the basic version is free, there are premium benefits available through an upgrade. Plus, with its mobile-friendly platform, you and your team can stay connected on the go while working on ongoing projects.

Slack Productivity Apps

#9 Hive

Hive is one of the favorite applications of entrepreneurs because of its excellent project management features. Especially if you are leading a team then Hive makes collaboration so easy for everyone. Also, it enables the startups to perfectly perform step-by-step tasks. 

So, we think it must be a part of this. However, its use with productivity gadgets can also enhance its benefits. 


#10 JIRA

In today’s fast-paced professional environment, efficiency is key. That’s where JIRA comes in. This powerful project management and issue-tracking tool, developed by Atlassian, is used by organizations around the world to make sure tasks are completed on time and projects are managed with precision.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran, JIRA’s intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it a breeze to use. With features like issue tracking, Agile boards, and customizable workflows, JIRA is the go-to solution for businesses of all sizes looking to increase productivity and ensure accountability. So why not give it a try and see for yourself why JIRA is a cut above the rest?



These are just a few apps to improve an entrepreneur’s productivity. Of course, each individual needs to find the right productivity tools for their own needs. But by having these productive apps available, you can boost your efficiency, save time and money, and reach success faster with less stress. So make sure you use them!



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