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How to Use People Search Engines to Find Info About Anyone

How to Use People Search Engines

Nowadays, searching for people has become much easier than it was before. Thanks to the internet, that made it just a few clicks tasks. However, many of them are not aware of how to use People Search Engines to find anyone.

Social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn play a significant role in finding information about someone. People often use them to get the information they want to know about someone, like friends, relatives, neighbors, and more.

But the problem occurs when the person you wanted to search about isn’t on these social media sites. Then what should you do? Is there any other good option to go with?

Of course, there is another option that I also use most often, and that is the People Search Engine, which allows you to check on someone’s profile and find people by last name easily. Today, in this post, we will show you how you can search for someone using these People Search Engines.

But before moving any further into the post, let us know what people’s search engine is.

What is a People Search Engine?

As the name suggests, a People Search Engine gives a person the ability to find someone’s name, address, phone number, public database, and many more things.

You can even look if someone has a criminal background or has been charged for being in such activities. Finding anyone using the People Search Engine is very easy. All you have to do is enter the name, phone number, or email address of the person, and you will get all the details of the person you are looking for. 

Why Use Peoples Search Engines?

Maybe you need to find someone you met a long ago, and now you can’t recall his/her name. And that’s where People Search Engines come in.

It allows you to make people comfortable to search for anyone by giving a bit of information about that person, which is a basic need for any finder.

What if you are looking to buy a property and want to make sure that the seller you are contacting has a good record and a trusted one? You can use People Search Engines to run a background check on the seller and hence be sure of his or her record. 

What Kind of Information is Provided?

These search engines are specially designed for finding information about some people. And apart from just names and addresses. They can provide loads of other information about that person. 

You can even spy on your newly settled neighbors and check if they have any criminal records or backgrounds from when they came here.

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Current mailing address
  • Phone numbers
  • Resumes and employment history
  • Divorces and marriages
  • Deaths and other civil records
  • Relatives names
  • Social media accounts
  • Sexual offenders
  • Mugshot and criminal records
  • Videos and pictures
  • …and much more!

Are these Sites free to use?

Since these Search engines provide loads of information about an individual, which can cost you a bit high.

But if you need some basic info like a personal search, then there are many search engines listed on Google that provide you information free of cost. You can utilize them wisely to find what you want.

How to Find Someone Using People Search Engines?

There are many free People Search Engines available online to find basic information about someone. However, the best ones that I have seen so far that give accurate results are Radaris and CityZor. 

Find Anyone Online

1. Now, you can open any of the search engines in your browser. After landing on the people search engine, you need to give some basic info about the person you are looking for.

  • A person’s full name – you can write a person’s full name, giving you an extensive list of results that will become a mess. So try to be more specific with additional information like an address or just location.
  • Current or previous location – Most of the time, these little pieces of information narrow your results.
  • Address – (You can use it to perform address lookup)
  • Phone Number – (reverse phone lookup is conducted to get info about that number)

These are some of the information which you have to provide any of these listed above. (Needed information can vary from site to site)

2. A list of profiles may show up in the results. You can filter the profiles by pin codes/area codes. 

3. When you find the right profile, click on it, and you will get more results like address, phone number, relatives name, criminal records, etc. 

Where does data come from?

Basically, data comes from public records and online profiles. However, People Search Engines use the reverse phone number lookup and reverse address lookup technique. 

Which goes through several databases online and gives you matching results.

All information comes from:

  • Public Records
  • Public Profiles
  • Court Records
  • Marriage Records

Final Words

In short, if you are looking to find out info about anyone that you met on the way, a colleague, classmate, neighbor, someone you are going to hire, etc., you can use People Search Engines. Although they give essential details, they are enough to understand the person.

If you face any problem and need help searching for information on people, you can comment here or can share your feedback. We will be happy to help you out. 



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