After a long tiring week of hustle, finally, it is Saturday night. You are with your family watching a movie or TV series with hot popcorn as a snack when suddenly, an interruption occurred on Amazon’s FireStick. Indeed, the worst nightmare on a weekend of relaxation and fun. 

Given that this may happen anytime let this article be your guide on fixing these problems in a snap. Better to stay tuned or else get annoyed your whole life!

Find Out What Causes The Problem

The first step to achieving a solution when using streaming devices is identifying the problem and its causes. The frequent issue when it comes to gadgets like the Amazon FireStick is buffering. 

As it may have been due to several circumstances, the first step is always to find out the root cause of buffering on your device. Knowing what pulls the trigger will help you come up with an informed decision on the following troubleshooting steps to take.

Quick Fix #1: Ensure Sufficient Power Source

Insufficient source of power is one of the most common reasons resulting in Amazon FireStick’s streaming issues. The problem usually happens when the television’s USB port and other available ports are utilized instead of a wall socket.

To make it simple, this refers to the power adapter and connecting cables.

When in this situation, Firestick will continuously buffer or freeze. In comparison with the recommended power levels, the power output of these open ports is insufficient, while a wall socket produces a steady and adequate power supply.

To resolve the issue, use authenticated power assets, specifically power cable and power adapter; the rest of the USB cable types are not recommendable. Moreover, a regular inspection of these two is a must to guarantee that they are in a good state. In a nutshell, it is best to remember that the USB port and any other open ports do not serve the purpose of power source; hence, the wall socket does.

FireStick Sufficient Power Source

Quick Fix #2: Scrutinize Your Internet Connection

It is common knowledge that internet issues like speed or connectivity can affect your streaming with Amazon FireStick. Furthermore, changes in router or modem settings are a possible cause. If replaced, there are also instances that the new hardware will not match with your streaming device. Other related factors such as alteration or degradation in your internet speed may also contribute to the same outcome.

Interference is avoidable by ensuring that your network receives enough speed or connectivity based on your subscription. Conducting a speed test through desktop or mobile is the easiest way to do so. However, if you are aware that it is due to your internet plan coverage, disconnecting other linked devices will help to free up the bandwidth.

FireStick Internet Connection

Quick Fix #3: Remove Unwanted Applications

Unfortunately, regardless if they are helpful or not, the default applications are undeletable. Furthermore, there are applications as well that you might have accidentally installed; or those you do not need anymore. Both of them are consuming high bandwidth, which directly affects your watching experience negatively.  

Luckily, some ways will get you out of trouble. For default applications, you can decrease data usage through offloading. Even if not removed entirely, this practice will free up space in your Amazon FireStick device. Moreover, you may proceed to uninstall unnecessary applications through these simple steps. First, click the home button in your FireStick remote, then go to Settings, click on the Applications tab, choose the Manage Installed Applications option, select the app you want to remove, and tap on the Uninstall button. Please note that you need to clear the cache before deleting an application to ensure that temporary files will not remain stored since they will consume space.

Moreover, the deletion process is only applicable for your FireStick device, and the app will remain visible on your cloud account. To remove, go to the app and click the three horizontal line button on your remote. Specific options will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen. Look for Remove from Cloud and click on it to proceed.

Apps On Fire TV Stick

Quick Fix #4: Clear Cache in Your Device

Cache refers to the stored temporary files for every downloaded application in your FireStick device. Unconsciously, they consume a tremendous amount of storage as they pile up collectively. Thus, these additional files deteriorate the performance of your streaming device.

The solution to this problem is acquirable through the use of a Data Monitoring Tool. This tool will help you stay on track when data is employed in different operations, such as streaming, uploading, and downloading. Once the bandwidth is open, your FireStick device will automatically speed up like brand new. As a result, you will not miss a massive amount of unnecessary data-consuming files. 

Clear Cache

Quick Fix #5: Disable Ineffectual Features

The capability of Amazon’s FireStick device is quite overwhelming to the extent that we maximize its features as possible. Doing so is fine until it results in streaming issues that defeat the primary purpose of owning this device. Although some of these features are active by default, you still have the power to disable them. Restraining unuseful features will narrow bandwidth usage, which will pave the way for the main functionalities of the FireStick.               

One of the best examples is the app notification which keeps on popping that may annoy you at the same time. It affects your weekend habit as the streaming device will start to freeze or buffer.

To begin, choose Settings on your home screen, then select Notifications. Right after, look for Preferences followed by Notification Settings. Find the Do Not Interrupt option, then toggle it off to disable pop-up notifications. If there are important updates that you need to receive from specific applications, this option is customizable using the same path mentioned. You need to toggle off individually for each one of them.

Regardless of how advanced the technology in the present condition is, it is still not perfect like we all wish. As you discover great functionalities in a streaming device, better prepare for the worst ones at the same time. 

Disable Features FireStick

Luckily, there are available solutions to these problems. In addition, the internet can provide helpful recommendations coming from experts who have analyzed the device and users who have the first-hand experience using the device. Better to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of Amazon FireStick to avoid inconveniences in watching your favourite movies online. As you reach this part, rest assured that you will experience an ultimate movie or TV series streaming like never before.

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