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7 Riveting Shows to Watch if You Love Hudutsuz Sevda

Shows Like Hudutsuz Sevda

Finding a drama like Hudutsuz Sevda is the core desire of every Turkish series viewer. Hudutsuz Sevda is a revenge tale of amiable guy Halil İbrahim. He returns to his hometown to marry his chick friend, Yasemin. However, the son of a gangster assassinates his girlfriend. This gang boss is the same man who killed Halil’s father twenty years ago.

Zeynep is the second leading character of this show. She is the daughter of mafia boss Rizvan. Withal, she is not like her brother and father. Yes, Miray Daner, aka Zeynep, makes her mind up to help her girlhood crush, Halil. So, an action show smoothly transitions to a romance serial.

Thus, you can easily understand the audience’s craze for this TV series. That is why we will share one of the best shows like Hudutsuz Sevda, in this article.

7 Best Shows Like Hudutsuz Sevda

You must consider watching these series from Turkey if you enjoyed Hudutsuz Sevda:


Genre: Action, Drama, Crime, Love

Seasons: 4 (2016–2021)


Cukur is an enthralling Turkish show with lots of action and romance elements. Basically, Cukur is a place controlled by a mafioso family, ‘Koçova.’ Although this family is involved in lawless activities but, they follow the principle of not selling and producing drugs in the town.

The fate of the Kocova family changes when Vartolu enters the town with new rules. Yes, he wants to unban the drug production in Cukur. Vartolu attacks the Koçova family and kills their second son, Kahraman. Now, the family has no choice but to call their youngest son, Yamac, to take over the business.

Yamac is a kind-hearted guy away from violence and works as a chemist and musician. He is in love with a pretty girl, Sena. When he appears as the family’s successor, it will be daunting for him to continue his love life with Sena.


Genre: Crime, Action, Romance

Seasons: 2 (2019)


Kuzgun is the son of an honest sheriff whom his fellow cop betrayed. In the late 1980s, these cops captured a drug baron. But Rifat, the friend of Kuzgun’s father, begins working for that narcotrafficker. Rifat also entraps Kuzgun’s father in a drug case.

This situation breaks the honest officer, and he dies soon. Kuzgun is his eldest son, who was caught by bandits at the age of eight. After 20 years, when Kuzgun became an adult, he returned to wreak revenge on Rifat.

On the other hand, Kuzgun meets Dila, who has been Kuzgun’s friend. Both of them start admiring each other, but it is challenging for Kuzgun to prefer Dila over his vengeance. In short, you can say the Kuzgun storyline greatly resembles Hudutsuz Sevda.

Kara Para Ask

Genre: Action, Romance, Drama

Seasons: 2 Seasons (2014–2015)

Kara Para Ask

Kara Para Ask is another similar series to the Hudutsuz Sevda series on Netflix. Starring Engin Akyürek and Tuba Büyüküstün, this action-crime drama is present on Netflix with the name ‘Black Money Love.’ The story is about a policeman, Ömer, who gets the news of his fiancé’s death.

When he reacts to the accident site, he sees his fiancé was with a wealthy man who also died. In contrast, Elif is the daughter of a man associated with the jewelry business. Now, both of them have the same mention of finding the culprits. However, it is not a simple murder case.

It is all about money laundering. Unfortunately, Elif’s father and Omer’s fiancé were involved in this offense. This incident also becomes the beginning of their love story.


Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime

Seasons: 1 (2016–2017)


Sarp is about to graduate from the police academy within a week when his supervising officer, Yusuf, rejects his application. According to Yusuf, Sarp’s father worked for a crook, Celal, which is why he can’t accept Sarp into his force.

This situation disappoints Sarp a lot, and he injures his superior. The Turk court punishes Sarp due to this crime. After being released from jail, Sarp starts working for gangster Celal, but in reality, he is an undercover agent.

On the other hand, Sarp’s fellow Mert, who is in the police force, is an informer of Celal. He delivers all the news to Celal. Every new chapter of Içerde opens with a new mystery, so that it could be a must-watch show.

Cesur ve Güzel

Genre: Crime, Romance, Drama

Seasons: 1 (2016–2017)

Cesur ve Güzel

Are you hooked on Hudutsuz Sevda because of its crime and romance genre? If yes, Cesur ve Güzel is another captivating option on our list. In this dizi, Kivanç Tatlitug, aka Cesur Alemdaroglu, arrives at Boondocks to avenge his father’s murder, Tahsin Korludag.

First, Cesur safeguards Tahsin’s daughter Sühan from a horse-riding accident. Sühan is a pretty lady who is different from his father. After learning Suhan’s identity, Cesur enters Tahsin’s life through Suhan.

However, this fabricated love drama soon turns into an actual courtship. Viewers across the globe loved the chemistry of Tuba Buyukustun and Kivanç Tatlitug in this series.


Genre: Drama, Romance, Revenge

Seasons: 3 (2019–2021)


The Turkish drama industry is full of revenge-themed shows. In this regard, Hercai is a masterpiece. Miran Aslanbey is a young and intelligent businessman on a mission to marry a girl from the Sadoglu family. His grandmother, Azize, raised him to wreak vengeance on Sadoglus.

After starting a business venture with this family, Miran plans to wed Reyyan. Reyyan is a pure lass whom her grandfather always disliked. This girl becomes infatuated with Miran because of her simple nature.

However, this marriage is going to be walking on thorns for Reyyan. It would be interesting to see whether Miran sticks with his revenge scheme or chooses a different path.


Genre: Romance, Thriller

Seasons: 1 (2021)


Burak Deniz is known for his glamorous roles in Turkish dramas, but in Marasli, he looks different. The story is about a veteran whose daughter was shot at a kid’s arena two years ago. Since then, Celal has been trying hard to discover the culprits. Actually, his girl Zelis stopped talking after this incident.

Ultimately, Celal saves a photographer named Mahur and finds that her family has a connection with concert hall shooters. To discover this reality, Celal begins working as Mahur’s bodyguard. Now, he becomes familiar with this family’s dark secrets.

Contrarily, Mahur is a charming and humane girl fascinated by Celal and his daughter. This show is familiar to Hudutsuz Sevda.

Final Words

Hudutsuz Sevda is an action show about mafia bosses and rebel groups that fight against them. Here are several TV series that are similar to it. Likewise, if you want action and thriller with little romance, you can choose Cukur, Içerde, Kuzgun, Maraşli, and Kara Para Ask as alternatives. By the same token, if you need more drama and romance, you can pick Cesur ve Güzel and Hercai.



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