Due to advancement of technology, every organization is moving towards digitalization to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of work done each day. Medical is the field in which we need to focus more on patients’ convenience, so the medical organizations are also moving towards digitalization. Digitalization helps the medical organizations to reduce the time of data entry and increase the efficiency of updating and maintaining records.

Likewise, there are many options for medical billing software available for the ease and effectiveness of medical organizations. Medical billing software cost is less than the cost of work done by human power, and that software are more reliable for no errors and less time to complete the work related to billing, etc. There are numerous options for choosing medical billing software, but there are some flaws in many software applications. For the best choice, DigitalCruch is going to present one of the best options for medical billing with all important details.

Kareo – Best Medical Billing Software

For the best independent medical practices, Kareo is one of the best medical billing software applications. This is web-based medical billing software which provides the best features for medical organizations to maintain their medical and financial records quickly and effectively. This software is user-friendly and also flexible for the ease of the users. Free customer support is available for the ease and effectiveness of users.

Kareo Medical Billing Software

There are amazing features of this best billing software are the primary reasons behind the success of this medical billing software application. Following are the major and most useful features of this medical billing software.

Increase Efficiency — It increases the efficiency by helping the users through the “to-do” list with highlighted tasks to be done

Billing analytics — Up to date and customizable financial health snapshots are available for the reliability of patients during the month

Advanced Reporting — The reporting system of this application helps the organization to maintain the financial records of the month

A standard monthly subscription fee of each module is $300 per physician, and the cost is reduced by 50% for each additional module added by the user.


As evident by the name of the software, this is another one of the best medical billing software for the health organizations which provides impressive features to help the users in maintaining the financial and other records of the medical organization. This medical billing software focused on the ease of users instead of making it complicated for the users. Billing reports, superbills and different other features are available in this outstanding medical billing software application. Record of client charges and payments are made accessible through digitalization of the system.

TherapyNotes Medical Billing Software

The major and significant features of this fantastic medical billing software are enlisted below with a brief description.

Easy Electronic Insurance Billing — This software helps you to manage each step of the insurance process all in one place

Client Payment Tracking — You can track all the payments by the client quickly and effectively by using this software

Statements & Billing Reports — You can easily create and maintain billing reports through this medical billing software system

Solo plan for this software costs $49 per month for one user.


ChiroTouch is a smart medical billing software for health organizations to maintain records and organize billing reports. This software is helpful because it automatically posts payments and submits claims, and the user can also track the client payments easily. You can also view multiple reports at the same time in the window, which helps to take an overview of the reports.

ChiroTouch Medical Billing Software

The most useful features of this medical billing software are as follows.

Electronic Health Records — The user can easily maintain the health records of the patients to see the progress of patients’ health electronically

Billing Records — Billing records can also be updated and maintained through payment tracking feature as well

Patient Scheduling — Patient scheduling is one of the best features which help the user to schedule the patients more effectively through the digital medium

ChiroTouch software prices start from $259 per month, and this software system does not offer a free trial version to the users.

Practice Fusion

There is another name among the list of best medical billing applications named as Practice Fusion. This is industry-leading medical billing software with automated eligibility checks, time-saving billing & trained billing support for the users. You can simplify your invoice by using this extraordinary medical billing software. You can easily create superbills by using this medical software.

Practice Fusion

The amazing features of this medical billing software are enlisted below.

Verifies Eligibility Automatically — This software checks the eligibility of the customer for insurance automatically without any human assistance

Create Superbills Easily — Users can easily create Superbills and reduce double entry and increase accuracy

Online Patient Scheduling — Users can easily schedule the patients through this reliable and effective digital medium

The Practice Fusion Medical Billing Software costs $99 from the customers, which is quite affordable and inexpensive.

NextGen HealthCare

NextGen HealthCare Medical Billing Software is the software that fits the best for any size of medical organizations. The users can practice management through this medical billing software. Easy and simple to use medical billing software is considered as one of the best solutions for health organizations. You can manage your health organization from anywhere because of cloud-based NextGen servers. This is one of the most cost-effective and easy to use solutions for customers.

NextGen HealthCare

The best and most significant features of this amazing medical billing software application are listed below with a description.

Managed Cloud Services — Cloud-based system is helpful for the customers to use the system from anywhere without any inconsistency

Health Records — Health records of the patients can be maintained adequately by using this medical billing application

Easy Scheduling — User can easily schedule the patients in a day to avoid extra effort by using NextGen HealthCare Medical Billing app

The free trial version of this medical billing software is available, and you can contact NextGen team to get details of the subscription fee of this software.

If you are using any billing software for a pharmaceutical firm or clinic, you are also welcomed to share your experience by commenting below!

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