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Top 5 Benefits of Dual Band Mobile Ham Radios

Benefits of Dual Band Mobile Radio

Amateur radio is the use of radio frequency spectrum that is used for non-commercial message exchange, wireless experimentation, emergency communication, etc. Amateur radio is also known as ham radio. People can use ham radios to talk to others sitting over a small or large distance using cell phones, etc. Dual-band, mobile ham radio is different and more versatile than other ham radios. Yes, this dual ham radio allows you to monitor two different frequencies simultaneously.

Moreover, you can also communicate with the car’s driver next to you in case of an emergency. There are a lot of benefits of using dual-band mobile ham radios instead of other ham radios. The primary and most valuable benefits of using dual-band mobile ham radios are listed below, and a detailed description is provided.

Monitor Two Frequencies Simultaneously

Dual-band ham radios offer to monitor two frequencies simultaneously, which is not featured by any other ham radio. Other ham radios can only track one frequency simultaneously because those devices cannot monitor more than one radio frequency.

Radiofrequency monitoring can be seen in any ham radio, but double-band mobile ham radios allow people to track two frequencies at the same time, which is one of the most valuable features of dual-band mobile ham radios.

Similarly, people can communicate and follow two frequencies simultaneously without breaking the connection of any wavelength, a fantastic functionality of dual-band mobile ham radios.

Monitor Two Frequencies with Dual Band Mobile Ham Radios

NOAA Weather Alerts

Most of the dual-band mobile ham radios feature the functionality of NOAA weather radio alerts. Those dual-band mobile ham radios that feature this functionality broadcast the weather 24/7. Emergency weather alerts will be broadcast in an emergency bulletin. Different weather emergency messages could be sent in emergency bulletins such as “Tornado Watch”, “Flood Watch”, and many other signals.

This feature is only available on dual-band mobile ham radios, which have the NOAA weather radios alert feature. There are a lot of benefits to using these alerts to help others in bad weather.

NOAA Weather Alerts

Compatible with all Vehicles

Mayhap many of you have faced problems because of communication issues with the next rider while driving, especially in urgent situations. Yes, In an emergency, people can talk to the driver of the other car’s driver using dual-band mobile ham radios. Dual-band mobile ham radio feature that these ham radios are compatible with all kinds of vehicles and can be installed in all cars.

It can create a lot of ease for the drivers to talk to other drivers blocking the roads. It can help people to communicate their emergency to other car drivers and get a path from them by explaining the urgency through dual band ham radios. These ham radios are more helpful for communicating than other ham radios for safe driving.

Dual Band Mobile Ham Radios Benefits

High-Frequency Range

Different dual-band ham mobile radios are available in the market. The frequency range is significant for radio frequency monitoring through ham radios. Dual-band mobile ham radios primarily provide high-frequency fields. Dual-band ham radios have Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF).

In addition, using both frequency ranges helps the owners to open more communication possibilities. The frequency of ham radios is mostly in megahertz. UHF is preferred for buildings and areas with obstacles, and VHF is preferred for open areas. However, both dual-band ham radios are available in the market for a high-frequency range, and people can buy any of them according to their needs and the area where they will use them.

Dual Band Mobile Ham Radios frequency

Portable Ham Radios

Portability is paramount in most cases, just like in vehicles, as discussed above. Dual-band mobile ham radios are portable, which are very helpful for accessible communication between people. These dual-band ham radios can be installed in any small space for functional communication between two people. These ham radios can also be installed easily in vehicles, homes, offices, etc. Portability is beneficial, so a person can also take those devices by setting them up on motorbikes, etc.   

Portable Ham Radios

The Best Dual Band Mobile HAM Radios in 2024

After reading about the benefits of dual-band mobile ham radios, most of our readers would like to know about the best dual-band mobile ham radios. Therefore, in selecting the right ham radio, DigitalCruch also shares the 3 best dual-band mobile ham radios based on their positive reviews with its readers.

Kenwood TM-V71A 

With a high performance of 440 MHZ and a range of 2 meters, Kenwood TM-V71A is considered one of the best dual-band mobile ham radios in the market. If we talk about power output, it is also 50 watts, and it also offers an Echolink memory feature. Whether you are a beginner at using dual-band mobile ham radios or an experienced person, it could be an excellent choice. 

Yaesu FT-7900R 

On the other hand, if you are looking for an advanced dual ham radio, the Yaesu FT-7900R would be the right option. It has an output of 40 watts on 430 MHZ and offers advanced features like LCD, NOAA weather alert, and hypermemory resistor. However, with several exciting benefits, there is also one drawback that you will see in terms of overheating. Yes, it becomes overheated on some occasions. 

AnyTone AT-778UV

Similarly, if you are looking for a dual ham radio with a reasonable budget, then AnyTone AT-778UV should be your preference. Yes, compared to other devices, its price is $129, and its frequency range is from 400 MHZ to 480 MHZ. It is durable, and you can set its LDC at 180 degrees. However, its interface is not very user-friendly.

In short, this article provided a detailed guideline to readers about the benefits of using dual-band mobile ham radios. Moreover, we also shared three radio options for ease of double ham radio buyers. Withal, if you want to share your experiences with us, you are welcome to comment below!



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