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The 11 Best Gadgets for Digital Nomads

Best Gadgets for Digital Nomads

If your dream is to travel as you please and still put in a day at the ‘office’, then the digital nomad lifestyle is for you. However, without the right gadgets to ensure you can work productively and consistently wherever you go, you won’t be able to live up to the challenges of working on the move. Using a tech survival kit for digital nomads will help ensure you always put your best foot forward- even if that other foot is on the beach!

The Tech-Related Challenges of Remote Work

Working remotely can be challenging enough. It becomes even more so when you’re travelling and relocating on a daily basis. Some of these unique challenges include:

  • Lack of ability to charge safely on the run
  • Bad connectivity (or worse, no connectivity)
  • Expensive roaming data charges, or no cell signal at all
  • Lack of access to replacement electronics
  • Unforgiving climate conditions
  • Power cuts or rationing in some locations

You get the idea. However, if you are well prepared and have the right tools for the job, you can address these challenges easily. The trick lies in balancing the portability and practicality of your kit- but that’s why we’re here to help. A location-independent lifestyle needn’t be hard if you put a little time and thought into your planning, so why not try this essential kit for digital nomads yourself?

1. Noise Cancellation Headphones

When it’s time to work, it’s time to work. Unlike in an office environment, however, you can’t assume the people around you will also be down with the quiet you need to concentrate. You need a set of high-quality noise-cancelling headphones. Whether it’s to get you through flights and beach workouts or to help you stay professional on that Zoom call, it will make a world of difference.

Noise Cancellation Headphones

2. Secure Baggage

Having a ton of fancy gadgets isn’t going to help if they immediately get obliterated by the rigours of travel. It pays to invest in your cases, laptop bags, and other gadget-focused luggage, too. Look for a durable and vigorous case, something like a clamshell backpack, to ensure your goodies stay safe on the road. Think of carry-on dimensions and storage capacity when making your choice.

Secure Baggage

3. Portable Desk

We bet you didn’t even know this one was open to you! Working while lying on the beach may look good for a social shot or two, but a solid working environment will pay endless dividends. There are a surprising number of fully collapsible and ultra-light laptop stands and portable desks on the market, and it is well worth snagging one for yourself.

Portable Desk

4. Unlocked Mobile

Having a phone you can use anywhere in the world is an absolute must. No matter what your brand or OS preferences are, it is critical that you seek out an unlocked phone. It can even help in a weather crisis. This also means you can rotate through a range of prepaid sims, including ones local to your destination, which will help you keep your data costs under control.

Unlocked Mobile

5. Solar Charger

Having a portable solar charger on hand to help you when there are no plugs nearby can be a lifesaver. Whether you’re working away from an accessible power point, or the local you’re working from has power interruptions, it’s a great way to ensure your workday goes on, no matter what.

Solar Charger

6. USB Wifi Booster

Make your life easier, and ensure you don’t have to skip out on the perfect spot to enjoy because the wifi doesn’t reach that far. If you opt for a USB-style device, it will be slimline enough to toss in your bag and head out to work but will ensure you always have a quality signal to rely on.

USB Wifi Booster

7. Water Resistant HDD

Storage is going to be at a premium- and more importantly, you need to know your backups are safe no matter what. Rather than using a standard backup drive, splurge on one with shock protection and waterproofing to ensure it’s as risk-free as possible.

Water Resistant HDD

8. Compact Mouse and Keyboard

Trackpads get annoying to use very quickly when you are working. Using a compact and small, but dependable, mouse and keyboard set will help you stay comfortable and broaden the accessibility of your devices. Make them lightweight and reliable, and preferably with rechargeable batteries, too.

Compact Mouse and Keyboard

9. Unlocked Wifi Hotspot

As well as running a local phone sim, using an unlocked 4G sim for the area you’re in can be a nice way to reduce fees and ensure the internet on-the-run in every location. Sharing from a phone works, but it can get old, fast. Travelling with a 4F mobile hotspot allows you to have one consistent and higher-quality connection no matter where you are, and is a fantastic investment for any digital nomad.

Unlocked Wifi Hotspot

10. A Solid Multi-Port USB Hub

Your laptop never has enough ports. Ever. And modern design trends seem to be leaning toward less, not more. Expand your on-road capabilities exponentially by adding a stable and high-quality hub to the mix to make sure you always have enough space to work your way. Bonus points if it has additional goodies like charging ports, SD and Micro SD ports, HDMI, and Ethernet for added functionality.

A Solid Multi-Port USB Hub

11. A Travel Adapter

All the gadgets in the world won’t help if you can’t plug them in! Rather than picking up a few cheap adapters for every country you visit, invest in a quality multi-country adapter you can take everywhere with you. Look for surge protection and a USB with standard plugs. Make sure you pay attention to the voltage of your devices and the standard wall voltage where you are travelling so there are no expensive oopses!

A Travel Adapter

Pair these beauties with a solid and dependable laptop that’s rugged as well as light, and you have the perfect recipe for success as a digital nomad. Which of these helpful gadgets do you find the best? Is there something you’ve found to be a lifesaver that we left off the list? Be sure to let us know!



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