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Best Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses

Best Inventory Management Software

Are you not able to bear the expenses of employees for inventory management? Or an owner of a small or medium-sized company, it is becoming tough for you to handle your inventory with a low budget? If yes, then you need to pick one of the most trusted and best inventory management software.

Indeed, inventory management is one of the most basic and critical needs of every small business, especially when they are unable to hire staff for doing inventory management with traditional means. Smart business owners are shifting towards the digital world and getting Inventory management software services for better and smooth growth of a business. Most of people prefer to buy their own inventory management software for their organizations.

However, it is better to get a monthly or yearly subscription to Inventory Management Software services for small businesses, especially in the initial phase of the company. Many online service providers are providing their Inventory Management software services for the business but the best choice is most important for a better future.

In this regard, DigitalCruch is going to share the 5 best inventory management software services for small businesses with their detailed description and features list.


Cin7 Inventory Management Software Service is one of the best services for businesses all over the World. They are providing the smartest and most accurate ways to grow your businesses with their advanced online system for the management of business inventory.

Cin7 is not providing any ordinary inventory management services, but they are offering cloud-based inventory management services for the fastest functionalities of the software.

Likewise, accounting integrations and batch traceability are the features which make this software more highlighted for the business owners to choose it for their smooth and quick growth of businesses. However, if you do high-volume purchases from multiple suppliers at the same time on a monthly basis, you may need a Punchout Catalog to integrate your e-Procurement system. 


The major and most useful features of Cin7 Inventory Management Software services are listed below.

  • Third-Party Logistic Services
  • Retail POS
  • Accounting Services
  • Smart Buyer Reordering
  • Retail POS
  • Data Mining and Real-Time Tracking
  • Batch Traceability
  • Custom Dashboard with multiple inventory sync
  • Support for Web-Based, Android & iOS Operating Systems
  • Best suits for Small, Medium Businesses and Enterprises

Zoho Inventory

Zoho is an online suite of different software services for users with the best quality features and tools. This management system is on the list of best inventory management software services for every kind of business. Not only for small businesses but this is also considered the best solution for medium and large-scale companies too.

This inventory management software system provides you with the environment to run your business more efficiently and effectively by increasing sales, managing orders, end-to-end tracking and many other features offered by Zoho inventory management software. They also provide their android & iOS applications for business owners to handle their businesses through their mobile phones.

Additionally, there is a free version of Zoho Inventory available with some limited features for the users to use for primary advantages.

Zoho Inventory

The easy-to-use Zoho Inventory Management software contains many features and tools, but the most attractive features of this software are the following.

  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking
  • Manage and track all Inventory Records
  • Integrate eCommerce platforms and shopping carts
  • Flexible Inventory Dashboard
  • Low Stock Notifications
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Accounting Services
  • Data Import/Export Service


Ordoro is an effective Inventory Management Software system which is not only an Inventory system but a complete package for your business to grow smoothly and efficiently. It also provides shipping and other advantageous services for your transactions.

Mainly, Ordoro is packed with features to automate the business works to give a constant pace to the growth of your business. Multichannel order management features make it easy for business owners to handle their businesses from one platform. Similarly, the user-friendly interface of this inventory management software system is easy to use for the users, and they can learn it quickly.

Ordoro Inventory

This amazing inventory management software includes the following highlighted features to attract customers.

  • Automatic Tracking of customers
  • Amazon, eBay integrations
  • Customer Management
  • Free training and support
  • Inventory control sales channels
  • Vendor Portal for vendors
  • Pre-filled International custom forms
  • Barcode scanning feature


Sellbrite is one of the best inventory management systems for business owners to handle their inventory and customers effectively. It provides the easiest and most efficient ways for businesses to sell their products and maintain their records in the world’s largest online marketplace. For the satisfaction of potential customers, it provides a 30-day free trial version to the customers without credit card requirements.

Moreover, users can get valuable insights from this inventory management software system to make crucial decisions for the dynamic growth of the business. No doubt, this software also provides centralized inventory control and continuous inventory sync. Business owners can use this useful software to grow their business dramatically.

Sellbrite Inventory

The significant features of this inventory management system are as follows.

  • Bulk Listing
  • Listing templates and recipes
  • Centralized Inventory Control
  • FBA Inventory
  • Continuous Inventory Sync
  • Ship multi-channel orders
  • Sales & Inventory Reports
  • Price Sync
  • Reliable customer support services
  • 30 days free trial version
  • Easy to use & User-friendly Interface


Orderhive is another useful and advantageous inventory management system for small & medium businesses. It automates and streamlines your order workflow through its amazing features and tools. This software is providing its services to more than 5,500 companies all over the World. This software helps you to get your sales orders, buy shipping labels and accept payments.

Luckily, you can integrate almost everything with Orderhive for the necessity of your business. You can grow and maintain your company efficiently and effectively with the automated e-commerce operations of Orderhive. Ecommerce automation, order management, warehouse management, analytics and reporting help you to manage your business efficiently. Through useful insights, you can make better decisions for the betterment of your business.

Orderhive Inventory

The most useful features of Orderhive are as follows.

  • Shipping management
  • Ecommerce automation
  • Purchase Management
  • Invoicing
  • Receive & Send Payments
  • Returns Management
  • Real-time access to reports and analytics
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management

Though a variety of inventory management software are available in the market, but we share one of the most used and well-rated ones with our readers. If you think we should include more quality software in our list, then you can comment below or write to us!



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