Whether you are a concerned parent or an employer who wants to track the whereabouts of employees, spy apps can make this task easier for you. Keep in mind, though, using spyware to track someone’s activity requires your recipient’s consent. Otherwise, you may have to face legal issues.

There are several iPhone spy apps available in the market for iOS devices, but most of them fail to deliver what they promise. Worse, many of these apps come with high price tags. So, you might want to ensure that you are paying for the right app that actually works. To save your time, we have found the top three spy apps for iPhone.

What iPhone Spy Apps Do?

Before revealing the best iPhone spy apps, let’s explore how they work. Most users think those spy apps are designed to snoop on other people’s messages and additional important information. And it is partly true. iPhone spy apps can do much more than that. Yes, they allow you to track the exact location of the monitored person, check their browsing history, and even access their instant messenger chats. This doesn’t mean you have to be tech-savvy to use these apps; in fact, the entire process is automated, and most of the features work without your interference.

iPhone spy apps work in the background and record every possible action that happens on the monitored device and then transfer that information to your web-based account. Once you logged in to your profile, you can access all the data perfectly organized in your dashboard.

How Can You Check Your iPhone Spy App Data?

Step 1: You have to buy a subscription to an iPhone spy app. Before buying, you can visit their official website to ensure the device compatibility and offered features.

Step 2: You will need the iCloud credentials (iCloud email address and password) of the monitored device to set up the spyware. Once it is set up, the spy app will start monitoring phone activity. All spy apps depend on iCloud backup as they collect information logs right from the iCloud.

Step 3: After the logs are uploaded, you can log in to your account to access the data. Here you would analyze the categorized activities and can access data by clicking on a particular feature. Also, you can control the spy app right from your control panel. Here you can manage your account settings, check your subscription details, and chat with a customer support assistant.

Top 3 Spy Apps for Your iOS Devices

1. Xnspy

Xnspy iPhone Spy Apps


  • Call logs: You can monitor all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls on the monitored iPhone. You can also get call details, including the date, time, and call duration for each call. Xnspy gives you full access to the supervised person’s phonebook. You can also add particular contacts to your Xnspy Watchlist to get a notification via a registered email whenever the monitored person tries to contact them.
  • Text messages: Xnspy lets you read all incoming and outgoing messages. You can access all iMessages that have been sent or received on the target iPhone. Furthermore, the Watchlist Words feature enables you to define words and phrases to get an instant alert when these words are used in messages.
  • WhatsApp Spy: You can read all WhatsApp chats secretly through your control panel.
  • View Photos: With Xnspy, you can view all photos that are stored on the monitored device.
  • GPS Tracker: You can track GPS location and access a list of all the recently visited places by the target person.
  • Monitor web browsing: Xnspy gives you remote access to the monitored iPhone device. Moreover, you can read emails, access web browsing history, and all bookmarks saved on the device.
  • iCloud backup alert: Xnspy notifies you whenever a new iCloud backup is processed.
  • Other features: Xnspy offers free updates, a web-based control panel, and a 100% undetectable mode.


Xnspy is compatible with all devices running iOS between 6.X and 12.3.2.


You can buy Xnspy’s subscription (Basic and Premium) at a reasonable price. For each plan, you can pick one of the three pricing options: Monthly, quarterly, or yearly. With the Basic subscription, you can get all the regular spying features. Its Premium version offers all the advanced functionalities. For the Basic Xnspy subscription, you will be billed $29.99/month, $41.99/quarter, or $59.99/year. The Premium Edition will cost you $35.99 per month, $59.99 per quarter, or $89.99 per year.

Subscription PlanXnspy


What Customers Say!

Vijay K. The most amazing feature is the instant notifications, as I don’t have to scroll through all the stuff of my kid’s phone. I have added specific words and phrases, and Xnspy alerts me whenever he uses those words in texts or emails instantly. The app offers all the claimed features, and it did the job very well. Overall, I am satisfied with the app and signing off this review with 5 stars.

2. Flexispy

flexispy iPhone Spying Apps


  • Call monitoring: With this iPhone spy app, you can record, intercept, and listen to live phone calls. Furthermore, you can access all iPhone contacts.
  • Track device locations: You can track the whereabouts of the monitored person through GPS tracking. Also, you can access the location history of the device.
  • Read IM chats: You can spy on popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, and Tinder.
  • Monitor online activities: You can access your internet browsing history and all the saved bookmarks along with the date and time details.
  • Remote Camera: Flexispy offers remote controls to activate the iPhone camera to take a photo or record a video.
  • View Photos: You can view all media files that are stored on the monitored device.


Flexispy is functional with all iOS versions up to 9.1. For iOS 9.2 to 11.4.1, it supports tethered mode only.


Flexispy is relatively more expensive than other iPhone spy apps. It offers two subscription plans: Premium and Extreme. Its Premium version provides all the regular spying features for $68 per month, $99 per quarter or $149 a year. On the other hand, the Extreme version is available for the most demanding detectives with advanced features for $199 per quarter or $349 per year.

Subscription PlanFlexispy


What Customers Say!

Jacek P.  –  Flexispy lets me record all the calls and read all the text messages. It’s an extraordinary technology, in fact, it’s too cheap in my opinion. As a licensed private investigator, this is one of my main tools, and probably the most efficient one. It was a bit quirky to use at first, but once I got the hang of it, it gave me all the information I needed.

3. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy - iPhone Spy App


  • Call tracking: You can view call logs even if the call history has been deleted. When you connect the device to the internet, the iPhone spy app uploads data to your control panel so that you never miss anything important. TheTruthSpy can record all the calls so you can listen to these files anytime through your control panel.
  • SMS tracking: You can view all sent/received iMessages.
  • WhatsApp Spy: You can access all the chats, calls, and shared media files on WhatsApp.
  • GPS Tracker: This app gives you all the information about the location of the monitored iPhone device in real time.
  • Monitor internet activities: TheTruthSpy enables you to keep tabs on all the online movements of the monitored person.
  • Multimedia files: You can view photos and videos saved on the target iPhone remotely.
  • Remote controls: TheTruthSpy enables you to send remote commands to activate the camera or microphone of the target iPhone device remotely.


This iPhone spy app can work smoothly with all devices running iOS 4.X up to 10.X.


TheTruthSpy isn’t the cheapest spy app. It offers its services in three different subscription plans. For a one-month subscription, TheTruthSpy charges its customer $21.99, $25.99, and $30.99 for the Standard, Premium, and Gold plans respectively. Other pricing details are given in the following table.

Subscription PlanTheTruthSpy


What Customers Say!

Allen Jonson — In just a few minutes, I was successful setting up monitoring on the iPhone and the iPad my son of my daughter. I can now monitor their conversations on Whatsapp, Facebook and travel safely from my office via my mobile.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, these three iPhone spy apps are so far the best in terms of reliability, efficiency, and performance. In terms of compatibility, only Xnspy and Flexispy work with the latest iOS. These top-rated iPhone spy apps offer several subscription plans based on provided features along with different pricing options.

For the essential monthly subscription, there is a slight difference between the prices of Xnspy and TheTruthSpy, while the standard Flexispy plan is expensive. For the premium subscription, TheTruthSpy is more costly than the other two apps. All in all, it can be seen that Xnspy offers the most reasonable pricing plans. Its long-term plans can save you money.

All these apps offer a user-friendly interface. But, if you are looking for an easy-to-use spy app, then Xnspy is the best choice. These best iPhone spy apps offer a mixture of standard and advanced features, including SMS tracking, call monitoring and location tracking. Flexispy offers quite as many features as TheTruthSpy, but Xnspy being the most affordable app provides the most advanced features.

Remember: As we have mentioned above, you will need the legal consent of the person to spy on their digital devices. Therefore, you must use spy apps with caution.

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