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MBaaS: Why to Use Mobile Backend As A Service 2022

Mobile Backend As A Service 2021

Whether you are a mobile application developer or belong to the software industry, you have heard the term ‘Mobile Backend As A Service’ or MBaaS. However, if you are still confused about what is MBaaS, what exactly mobile backend as a service does or is MBaaS is worth using in 2022, then you must read this article. Yes, in this article, DigitalCruch is going to discuss every aspect of mobile backend as a service. 

What Is Mobile Backend As A Service (MBaaS)?

First of all, it is crucial to know what is a mobile backend as a service in simple words. For the ease of our readers, we would like to share its straightforward definition. Indeed, mobile applications are made up of two components one is the front end, and the second is the server-side or back end. Basically, MBaaS refers to the approach that deals with the back end which performs jobs like data management of mobile applications etc.

In other words, mobile backend as a service or MBaaS is a cloud computing infrastructure that connects the mobile applications with databases, servers and further storage which are required to conduct their operations. With the support of software developer’s kits (SDK) and application programming interfaces (APIs) mobile applications MBaaS conjoins the backend belongings in the cloud instead of taking help from mobile middleware.

Why MBaaS

Why Mobile Backend As A Service is Worth Using in 2022?

Are you looking for answers to questions like ‘Why I Need MBaaS’? Or ‘Is It Worth Using Mobile Backend As A Service in 2022’? If yes then, we are going to share the reasons why you need MBaaS in 2022.

Have a look:

Saves Time

No doubt, time is money. And with the use of MBaaS, you can shorten the development cycle of your backend development project. Indeed, within less period of time, you can get fast results without worrying about the architecture to run your app, its compatibility with distinct operating systems and get the benefit of the latest marketing trends.

Saves Money

As compared to the use of custom backend services, MBaaS is affordable. Yes, as MBaaS is scalable and service providers only charge for the used items. That’s why it is cheaper than the cost which you pay to mobile application developers. The average backend developer charges more than 100K per year in the United States.

But if you go with a mobile backend as a service provider, then you can definitely save lots of money. For sure, affordable charges is a prime reason to use MBaaS in 2022.

Enhances Your Focus on Frontend Development

Usually, it’s have been seen that companies invest much time and preference for the backend development of their mobile applications. Due to this, they give less time and attention to improving their frontend operations.

In other words, as clients don’t see anything unusual at frontend. That’s why they think the company is not making any effort to improve the application. However, with the use of MBaaS, companies and their development departments would have more time to focus on frontend functions.

Enhances Your Attention towards Core Business Operations

No doubt, it is time to emphasize your core business operations with the use of MBaaS. Yes, when you go with any backend service option, then your MBaaS provider has to take care of everything related to the backend issues of your mobile applications. In this way, you would have enough time and energy to achieve your core goals by addressing your core operations.

Likewise, if you are running an online food application and your primary purpose is the provision of tasty and healthy food to clients on time, then the use of MBaaS would definitely help you. You don’t need to worry anything about the security, uptime and other operations of your application because MBaaS providers would handle such things.

Ensures Easy Integration & Security

With push notifications, easy social media networking and database management MBaaS allows you easy and user-friendly integration. Similarly, the provision of 100% security and data safety is also an essential part of MBaaS integration. With the availability of this feature, you really no need to take the headache of cybersecurity of your mobile application.

Right Option for SMB’s

In the same token, if you are running a small or medium-sized business and don’t have enough budget for backend developers, then MBaaS should be your preference. At first, the use of mobile applications would enhance your credibility among clients. Secondly, if you pick a mobile backend as a service from a reliable provider, then you can proceed with a reasonable budget as well.

When to Use Mobile Backend As A Service (MBaaS)?

Several situations and factors encourage you to use MBaaS. Here, we are going to share when you should go for a mobile backend as a service.

  • Security has become vital in the web or app development industry. If you are worried about cybersecurity or data breach issues related to your mobile application, then you should go with MBaaS. Surely, MBaaS doesn’t leave any loophole in the development of applications with its multifactor security.
  • Alike, when you have less time for application development, and you want to speed up the development process, then MBaaS should be your preference.
  • You can also use MBaaS when you need to enhance the deployment process and when you need persistent demeanour for various frontend platforms.
  • The use of MBaaS is also suitable for situations where you need to engage the clients via all customer platforms.

The Best MBaaS Providers in 2022

Though there are several free and paid MBaaS providers available in the market, we would share only the trustworthy mobile backend as a service provider with you.

Back4App: Either you need to develop a backend for social media applications or e-commerce ones, Back4App is one of the most credible MBaaS providers in 2022. It uses an open-source framework where download features, dedicated servers, self and cloud hosting are also available with a variety of other features.

Firebase: If you are looking for a versatile MBaaS provider with the option of a free plan, then Firebase should be your preference. Cloud hosting, real-time databases, ML kit and security features are the fascinating things that you would find in this service. Also, this platform is owned by Google.

Kumulos: Kumulos is also a worth using MBaaS provider that you can use in 2022. It doesn’t offer a massive choice of client SDKs but is also easy to integrate and access their RESTful APIs. Luckily, you can also get a free trial if you want to check their services in advance.

Parse: It is another one of the best MBaaS providers, which is working as an open-source framework since 2016. Although it is also a great MBaaS provider, it lacks many features like cloud hosting and dedicated servers etc.

Backendless: If you are looking for a cloud-based MBaaS platform with features like relational data, file service, user management and push notifications etc. then Backendless is a good option. With fixed limits, you can also pick a free trial option to verify the service of Backendless.

In short, the main purpose of sharing this article with readers is to enhance their knowledge about MBaaS. However, if you think we should include more benefits or reasons for using MBaaS then don’t forget to comment below!



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