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What is the Rarest Item in CS:GO?

Rarest CSGO Skin

Esports is small, but it generated billions of dollars in recent years. It is expected to grow even bigger in the forthcoming years. Among others, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is one of the most prominent electronic sports. This multiplayer first-person shooting game was released in 2012 and quickly became famous globally. 

One of the most exciting parts of playing CS:GO is the possibility of getting skins. They occur at random, and if you are lucky enough, you will have one of the most prized items in the game. While skins are only for aesthetics, a lot of players aim to get some of the rarest skins in CS:GO, including those DigitalCruch will be talking about in this article.

StatTrak M4A4 Howl 

If you are looking for the CS:GO most expensive skin, then this is one thing that you should be familiar with. Anyone who plays CS:GO and an avid fan of skins will know the M4A4 Howl. 

Part of its appeal is its interesting backstory. Initially, it was submitted as an art and rejected by Valve as a skin. The skin has an image of a wolf, which was inspired by a work in DeviantArt. The original creator of the artwork learned about his work being commercially used in CS:GO. He then filed a copyright notice. Valve was left with two choices – redesign the skin or remove it from the game. They got rid of the existing skin in cases then they redesigned it into something that looks similar but without infringing any copyright. 

With the rarity of the original version of the skin, it drove the trade-in value. No wonder, it costs tens of thousands of dollars. Just recently, a version of this skin has been sold for $100,000, which was without a doubt the most expensive skin ever sold! 

StatTrak M4A4 Howl

Dragon Lore (AWP) – Rarest Item in CS:GO

When talking about the rarest and most valuable skins of all time, the Dragon Lore AWP is one worth mentioning. Today, it is no longer available in the game, so the only way to have it is to trade-in or buy from the original owner. 

The original Dragon Lore can cost about $1,500. Although, there were reports of how it has been sold for an even more expensive price. There is a version of this skin that is worth over $61,000. It has a unique set of stickers, which make the skin more expensive.  

The Dragon Lore AWP skin is housed in a Cobblestone case. These cases are dropped randomly during professional games in an active map pool. It was removed from the active map pool, which makes it harder to obtain these days, and this is also exactly the reason why it is amongst the rarest CS:GO skins. 

Dragon Lore (AWP)

StatTrak AK-47 Case Hardened With 4 Titan Holo Stickers

The rarity of this skin is attributed to the fact that it is a combination of two items. It has the Titan Holo Sticker from Katowice 2014. More so, it has StratTrak AK-47 Case Hardened. It generates a random pattern every time it is obtained, which is also one of the reasons why it is interesting. 

Its price will vary, although, it will be as much as $30,000. Simpler versions of the skin can be sold at $200. If it has four of the limited edition stickers, then it will be more expensive, with the price anticipated to reach as much as $46,000. 

StatTrak AK-47 Case

Souvenir Dual Berettas Cobalt Quartz – Factory New

This skin may not look special, but it is one of the rarest you will ever find in CS:GO. The main purpose of this cosmetic item is to commemorate the 2014 EMS One Katowice CS:GO Championship. The cases that contain this skin were available only during the championship game between NiP and Virtus Pro, and that explains its rarity. 

Today, there is no other way to have this skin from playing CS:GO. The only way by which you can get your hand into this item is by buying it from someone who already has one. As you can imagine, it will be expensive! The usual price of these dualies can be as cheap as $.20. On the other hand, the souvenir versions can go as much as $200. 

Souvenir Dual Berettas

Souvenir Tec-9 Nuclear Threat – Factory New

Like the other skins mentioned above, this item is difficult to obtain, making it expensive. The drop happened only during Nuke professional games. This map is not as commonly played as the others in the Active Duty Map Pool, so it is understandable that this is almost impossible to find today. Yeah! the popularity of esports is more than the conventional games reveal a lot about the significance of esports. That’s why esports tools especially rare CS:GO skins are still hard to find.

What makes it even rare is that it is not enough that you obtain a case that comes with Tec-9 Nuclear Threat. The float value of the latter will range from .06 to .8. However, for the skin to be considered Factory New, the float value should be .07. This means that even when you already have Tec-9 Nuclear Threat, the chance that it is brand new is only 1.35%. 

Souvenir Tec-9 Nuclear Threat

Glock-18 Fade – Factory New

This is one of the best and rarest Glock skin that you can get from playing CS:GO. You can get this skin only as Factory New or Minimal Wear. This makes sure that it is more valuable and the selling value will be high. 

The rarity of this attributed to the fact that it is dropped only from The Assault Collection. Unfortunately, the latter was unavailable since 2014. This means that there is no way that you can obtain it today from playing the game and the only way you can get your hand into it is through trade-in. 

Glock-18 Fade Rarest Item in CS:GO

This article talked about some of the most valuable skins you will find when playing CS:GO. While it is hard to chance upon any of them, we would say that the rarest is the StratTrak M4A4 Howl. No wonder, it was recently sold for $100,000! Lucky are those who have the skins mentioned above because of their exceptional value! 



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