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Rust: The Most Important Things To Do First

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A survival game such as Rust will give you a tough day if you lack basic beginner tips before hopping in. Many things can result in your death, asides from being attacked by other players or hostile animals. Moreover, the most important thing in the game is your ability to craft basic items and tools.

You should also craft some weapons to help you guard against any hostiles. We’ve compiled some tips that will guide you on your first day on the game. Furthermore, we recommend some of the best-undetected Rust hacks available to aid you.

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Rust: The important things to do on the first day

1. Your server choice matters

Selecting which server you want to play the game with is the first step you must take as you begin your journey in Rust. This might sound insignificant, but the server you choose goes a long way in determining your game.

Since you’re just starting, you should go for a not-so-popular server as they are less populated and beginner-friendly. It is common to find advanced players of Rust in those popular servers, and you’re no match for them. Some servers you should consider hopping on are Vanilla, Paradise, MinDecay, and NoRaid.

2. Collect items for crafting

You’ll spawn into Rust with a torch and a stone – you don’t expect to be able to do much with this. Therefore, you must start collecting as many resources as possible. Wood and stone are some basic items you should focus on gathering aside from edibles.

You’ll need wood to make your first base before learning to build stronger bases with stones. A combination of wood and stone will make your first pickaxe which will aid you in farming. Also, don’t forget that you’ll need those precious wood to make other items in your base, such as storage boxes, doors, base foundations, etc.

Rust Survival Game

3. Craft yourself a sleeping bag

When players respawn on Rust, they do so at the beach. You don’t want to start imagining how long it will take you to walk down to your base in the forest. However, you can avoid this by crafting yourself a sleeping bag.

Apart from the comfort this item should give you, you can always spawn at the location of your sleeping bag. As important as a sleeping bag is, it takes as little as 30 clothes to make one. All you need is fibre gotten from the hemp plant, so do well to gather them whenever you can.

4. Craft your first tools

You can only do very little with your stone. Therefore, you must start crafting your first basic tools as soon as you have gathered enough resources. The first tools you should consider making for yourself are the Pickaxe and the Hatchet.

This doesn’t cost much as all you need to make them are stones and wood. These tools will make it a lot easier and faster to mine the basic resources you need in the game. They’ll help you in farming and serve as your first weapons if you’re chanced upon any hostiles. Don’t forget; you can also use them for hunting animals for meat.

5. Build yourself a home

You can be counted for dead if you’re roaming Rust without a base. The first thing that should come to mind when building a base is the location of the base. Where you’re building your base should be far from other players but close to basic resources and cover. This makes the forest the best location for building your first base.

You lack the necessary skills to build a sophisticated base for now, so wood is your only option. A wooden base isn’t the strongest base you can get, but it will save your ass and the items you’re able to gather. Importantly, your base should have up to two doors for safety reasons.


The first day in a bloody survival game such as Rust has never been a picnic experience. Some players on more populated servers may end up being killed before they even have the chance of crafting their first tools.

Thankfully, you have vital information to give you the required tough skin against the dangers of Rust. Put in some effort to practice the above tips, and we can assure you so much fun on the landscape of Rust. 



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