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From Zero to Steam: A Beginner’s Guide to Understand Steam Gaming

What is Steam Gaming

Gone are the days when gamers used to sit in a dark room and play video games. With digitalization happening across the globe, you have to be equipped with tools and platforms that can help you organize your games and your gaming journeys.

Gaming today is not just a hobby but a passion and profession for some and it’s important that you have a place where you can play with your peers digitally, showcase your successes, and discuss everything that your game has.

Steam is the world’s most well-known digital games platform where you can access thousands of popular games and get the best deals on them. Steam can also act as a social platform where you can play with your friends, chat with them, and share your gaming progress.

What is Steam?

Released in 2003 and developed by Valve Corporation, Steam is an online video game platform. Over the course of 20 years, it has garnered a global user base of more than 25 million players worldwide.

What started with a small library of just 20 games has now become a huge platform with over 10,000 games from both big publishers as well as independent developers.

Steam not only serves as a digital store and content delivery service for games, but it also offers community features to gamers such as user profiles, chatrooms, and forums.


Benefits of Steam Gaming

1. Community Forums

Every game in Steam has a different community hub and you can always visit one to gain insights of what’s happening in the game. You can also share your experiences with the games that you play and review them for other players. Additionally, these hubs can also be used to discuss the features of a particular game and share your progress with your friends. It’s an amazing feature to look at a game from different perspectives.

Steam Community Forum

2. No More CDs

Back in time, gamers used to have a large collection of CDs of games they wanted to own. They had to spend hours in researching, finding, and then buying a particular game.

Not only was this process hectic, but also consumed a lot of time. Moreover, these gamers’ rooms were a total mess with CDs all around their computer tables. With the advent of Steam, gamers no longer needed to buy CDs. They could just buy them at the click of a button and store them online.

While this is definitely beneficial for players because they can save a lot of their time, space, and money now, it is also restorative for our planet. No CDs means no more addition to landfills and pollution.

Free Steam Games

3. Cheaper Games

The digital distribution of games also reduced their prices to a large extent. No CDs means no Blu-ray and this eventually made games much cheaper than they used to be around 20-25 years back.

Additionally, Steam lets its players purchase downloadable content packages to extend their gameplay experience by offering new levels and characters. Several times, Steam also offers discount on different titles and packages during their special sales events, such as the annual “Steam Summer Sales”.

Cheap Steam Games

4. Organized Games and Their Progress

Since games and their online progress can all be stored on one single platform, it becomes a lot easier to organize your games. So, there will be no more CDs or cluttered PC storage with games all over.

With Steam, organizing and managing games in your personal Library tab is a breeze. Moreover, it’s also a lot more simpler to search any game that you own from your library page.

How to Use Steam

  1. Account Registration

The account registration process with Steam is quite seamless. Just visit their website and click on Create an account located at the top right corner of their homepage. Then, enter all your personal details and verify your email ID. And you are good to go!

Join Steam
  1. Add Games to your Library

Once you have verified your email account, you can start purchasing games on Steam. You can either visit their store and purchase the games that you want to or choose to visit individual game pages, check them, and then purchase them by clicking on the Get it now button.

Additionally, it also allows you to add a game to your Steam library that you have purchased outside of Steam. For this, you need to open your library page and then click on Add a game button which will then ask you to browse to the executable file of the game within your hard drive. You can now add this game to your Steam library and enjoy playing it on the platform.

  1. Adjust Settings

It is important for the players to adjust the privacy settings of their games regularly as per their preference.

How to Unblock Steam in a Geo-Restricted Country

While Steam is not entirely blocked in any country across the globe, there are several games on the platform that might be banned in certain countries because of the local laws and regulations.

In such cases, it becomes important for gamers to change their virtual location and trick the internet into believing that they are located in a country that doesn’t restrict a particular game.

This is where it becomes inevitable to get a reliable Steam VPN so you can easily spoof your location and access the games that you want to.

Additionally, a VPN also helps you in numerous other ways such as by reducing pings, getting games at discounted prices, avoiding ISP throttling, ditching your local peak hours of gaming, and more.


Steam is a gaming platform that not only helps you organize your gaming library and progress but also lets you join chat rooms and community hubs of different games. It’s super easy to register your account on Steam and start gaming.

And if you want to improve your overall gaming experience, it’s advisable that you get a premium-quality VPN that can help you reduce pings, access geo-restricted games, avoid ISP throttling, and much more.



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