The Turkish cinema industry has a strong and influential position in the history of films. Turkey surely contributed a big role through its movies to raise voices for social, political, and cultural issues. That is why Turkish movies are popular all around the globe. However, it is challenging to find Turkish movies with English subtitles compared to TV shows.

Therefore, the majority of people are always behind the queries like ‘Where to watch Turkish movies with English subtitles?’, ‘Turkish movies with English subs on Netflix,’ ‘Where to find historical Turkish films,’ ‘Sites to watch all Turkish movies online,’ and much more. 

Thus, to answer all of these questions, DigitalCruch shares one of the best sites and apps to stream Turkish movies with English subtitles for free.

Let’s explore them.

Promix TV

Promix TV is renowned because it streams Turkish series with Spanish and English subtitles, but luckily, it also has a category called ‘Turkish Movies.’ Although the library of films on Promix TV is not that vast but yes, you can easily find some of the famous Turkish filmler here.

Promix TV Turkish Movies with English Subtitles

Some good Turkish movies available here are:

There is no doubt Promix TV is a free website to stream Turkish content, but lots of popup ads and the quality of videos would be annoying for audiences. 

AR Dirilis Ertugrul

If you are an admirer of historical Turkish films and are willing to watch them with English subtitles for free, AR Dirilis Ertugrul could be your destination. You can simply click on the ‘Movie’ tab and discover a variety of films worth watching from Turkey. 

Historical Turkish Movies in English

Here is the list of historical fiction filmler that you can get on AR Dirilis Ertugrul:

Undoubtedly, it is a fine place to watch historical Turkish movies with English subtitles. Fewer advertisements also make your streaming experience smooth. 


OK.RU, which is also known as Odnoklassniki, is a Russia-based social networking platform. Compared to YouTube and Dailymotion, it is seamless to stream top-notch Turkish series with English subtitles online. Especially if you want to discover old classic films from Turkey, it is the best and most free site.

OK RU Turkish Movies

List of exceptional Turkish movies to stream on OK.RU:

A few of the movies are not available with English translation, but yes, the majority of them could be found with Arabic and Spanish subs easily. 


Netflix is paid but one of the best places to watch Turkish movies with excellent translations. Mainly, it owns a vast library of movies from Turkey. The majority of these Turkish movies are Netflix Originals. Furthermore, you can’t see films here with English dubbing and subs, but Netflix is also known to provide German, French, and Arabic subtitles for its Turkish content.

Turkish Films Netflix

Here are the top Turkish filmler to access on Netflix:

  • Do Not Disturb
  • Oh Belinda
  • Doom of Love
  • Paper Lives
  • My Father’s Violin
  • Cici
  • Godspeed & Much More


With an option to watch offline and download the video, YouTube is another free application to watch movies from Turkey with English subtitles. So, you can approach these movies within a few clicks only, and in some cases, you can also enable the caption option to get English subtitles.

Turkish Movies on YouTube

Acclaimed movies that you can find on YouTube are:

  • Sadece Sen
  • Cute Dangerous
  • Ask Me Your Name
  • Deliler & much more

WatchTurks TV

WatchTurks TV is a premium platform to watch Turkish series and movies with English subtitles. Its Bronze package costs you $7 per week to approach Turk films and dramas. Similarly, the monthly price of its Silver plan is $19 for unlimited users and devices. 

You will have to contact the team to know which movies are available on this paid platform before making a subscription. If you go with our advice, Netflix is better than WatchTurks if you can afford a paid streaming service.  

Movies on WatchTurks TV


If you are looking for an alternative to YouTube to watch your favorite Turk movies in English and other languages, Dailymotion could be a good choice. Withal, it is a little challenging to perform the searches on Dailymotion, but yes, it is still a considerable choice. 



FilmBox+ is a European entertainment service that comes with video-on-demand and television facilities. This service also presents itself as the home of films, so you can definitely choose to stream one of your desired película Turca.

Withal, you would be able to find these series and movies on ‘Dizi’ or ‘The Timeless Dizi Channel (TDC),’ which is available on FilmBox+.

FlimBox Movies

BiliBili TV

BiliBili TV is a China-based video streaming and sharing platform which is renowned with the name ‘B Site.’ With minimal copyright problems, it could be a reliable place to watch Turkish Movies with English subtitles and dubbing. Fortunately, this site presents a number of scary Turkish films in comedy, romantic, and historical genres.

Bilibili Turkish Movies in English

A list of acclaimed movies available on BiliBili TV are:

  • Second Chances
  • Fairy Tale
  • Demon
  • Water & Fire

Prime Video

It is also a considerable paid option on our list. Yes, Prime Video streams a good number of Turkish films in English. Some good movies to watch on Prime Video are Av Mevsimi, Reis, and The Cut. 

Turkish Movies on Prime Video

Indeed, it is arduous to access a free place to watch Turkish movies with quality English subtitles and a big database. Withal, we still tried to provide one of the best sources to our readers.

However, if you know about better websites and apps to stream Turkish movies online, our comment section is open for you. Also, you can share your recommendations by contacting us.

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