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Turkish123 | Watch Turkish Series with English Subtitles Free

Turkish123 to Watch Turkish Series

Turkish123 is one of the best websites to watch Turkish Series with English subtitles for free. Majority of Turkish drama viewers like browsing with keywords like ‘Turkish123’, ‘Turkish 123’, ‘123 Turkish’, ‘’, ‘Turkish123 Hercai’, Turkish123 Emanet’, ‘Turkish123 Sen Cal Kapimi’ etc. to watch their favorite shows live. 

However, proceeding with the correct URL to watch Turkish Series with English subtitles through Turkish123 becomes complicated. So, this guide will tell you how to smoothly move with the right link to watch Turkish serials with English subtitles.

What is Turkish123?

With a green and user-friendly homepage interface, Turkish123 is ideal for watching all your favorite Turkish shows with English subtitles. In this regard, it provides a nifty search box on the homepage. So, you can enter the name of your desired Turkish dizi and stream it for free without any particular registration.

Correspondingly, if you are unsure which Turkish series you should watch, it is better to click on the ‘Series’ tab on the top header after the ‘Home’ button. When you land on this page, you see an extensive library of Turkish drama series in HD quality. Now, you can simply click on any of the shows, which will land you on the streaming page.

Turkish 123

However, whenever you click Turkish123, it opens a popup ad page. Although it is easy to close such tabs, especially if you are using a PC but don’t forget to close these pages with a smartphone as well. 

Turkish123 Turkish Series Eng Sub

Is Turkish123 Safe? 

Yes, Turkish123 is entirely safe to watch Turkish series with English subtitles. There is no doubt this site opens unwanted popup ads, but it is a common practice. The websites that stream Turkish shows for free usually generate income from such ads. These ads are not harmful. You just simply need to close these tabs. 

How Many Times Does Turkish123 Show Popup Ads?

This site claims that it typically opens popup ads on the first 2 clicks. Withal, it has seen this site display such ads if you click on a video after a few minutes. However, these ads don’t compromise the security of your device if you don’t click on them. 

Are Old Turkish Series Available on Turkish123?

The best thing about watching Turkish series on Turkish123 is its old library. Indeed, viewers can stream series from 2007 to the current year. Here are the links to some classic but old Turkish series available on this platform:

  • And much more. 
Old Turkish Series on Turkish123

Is Turkish123 App Available?

No, there is no official application of Turkish123 available for smartphone users. That is why you should also avoid downloading any application with a similar name. 

Is Turkish123 Legal?

Like other Turkish series streaming platforms, Turkish123 doesn’t own any legal status to play TV series from Turkey with English Subs. However, Turkish production channels never launched any complaints against such sites. Probably, these sites make Turkish series more popular globally. 

Turkish123 Alternatives?

Here is one of the best alternatives to Turkish 123:


ExpressDizi is one of the favorite platforms of international fans of Turkish dizi. People like this platform because it streams all recent Turkish shows with good translations and doesn’t appear in popup ads. However, if we discuss the drawback, finding old dramas on ExpressDizi is arduous.

Turkish123 Alternatives ExpressDizi

Promix TV

It is another renowned website to stream Dizi with English subtitles. You can seamlessly find an enormous catalog of Turkish drama serials on this website. It doesn’t only present English subs, but you can also get Spanish subtitles on this platform. Howbeit, this site has a limited stock of Turkish TV series.


Disney Plus/ Netflix

If you want an ad-free experience while watching your favorite series from Turkey, you can also consider applications like Netflix or Disney Plus. You can also see our list of Turkish series available on Disney Plus here. Correspondingly, Netflix also has a good range of Turkish movies and series for its international views with English dubs and subs.  

Disney Plus Netflix


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