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Promix TV: Free Site to Watch Turkish Series with Subtitles

Promix TV

Promix TV is a popular website among English and Spanish-speaking Turkish series viewers. Probably, the majority of such Dizi fans like to find this site through Google and other search engines, but it is hard to find. Yes, it is known as ‘serial4u’ for now. 

So, this guide will provide you with exact details and links to watch your favourite shows with Spanish and English subtitles for free.

Watch Turkish Series on Promix TV with English Subs

Promix TV holds a complete tab or category with the name of Turkish series where you can explore a vast database of Turkish drama series with English subtitles. You will find here historical fiction and romance series from Kurulus Osman to Sen Cal Kapimi with English subtitles. 

Although it allows you to stream episodes through 1 to 8 servers and provides download options, but popup ads are annoying. Yes, when you click on Promix TV, it leads you to different sites. If you are browsing this website through your mobile phone, it will be disturbing, and you will think you have lost the actual page when a popup ad opens. 

Promix TV Turkish Series English Subs

In this situation, you should press the back button of your smartphone, and you will reaccess the correct page. If it doesn’t happen immediately, you should press the back button until you find the Promix TV. By the way, we suggest you watch your favourite shows with subs using a desktop device. It will be easier to close popup ad tabs on a laptop or PC than on a smartphone.

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Watch Turkish Series with Spanish Subtitles

Turkish TV series fans from Spain can also watch their favourite shows with Spanish subs through Promix TV. In this regard, you must click on the 4th tab from the row ‘Espanol Subtitle’. A small collection of series is also available here.

Turkish Series with Spanish Subtitles


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