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Cocuk (The Boy) Turkish Series: Story, Cast & Everything You Need to Know

Cocuk Dizi - Cocuk Series

Whether you are a fan of Turkish series or love to watch dramas from different countries, you are always searching for a good TV series. So, if you want a brand new classic Turkish series, you must watch Cocuk. Basically, Cocuk Turkish series is a women’s genre drama series where mothers are going to fight for their children. In this review article, we will share all details from air time to story and cast to our readers.

The Storyline of the Cocuk Turkish Series

The leading lady ‘Akca’ is the daughter of a prostitute mother, but her dreams for her son are high. That’s why she decided to give up her son for adoption. Sule, the daughter-in-law of a rich family adopts Akca’s son and promises to provide him with a bright future. However, things completely change when Sule expects her baby. At that time, the situation becomes tough for the adoptive son ‘Efe’.

On the other hand, Hasan, the biological father of Akca’s son Efe also tries to get his son back from the rich family but Akca doesn’t cooperate with Hasan. According to some drama gurus, Hasan could also be an illicit son of Sule’s mother-in-law, and it could be a secret of the Karasu family.

Cocuk Turkish Drama

In short, the story of the Turkish drama Çocuk revolves around four mothers who are being tested for their children. The lives of these children are also taking trials from them to show their love for their mothers.

Release Date of Çocuk Dizi: Cocuk Turkish series was released on 9 September 2019 at 08:00 pm according to Turkish time on Turkey’s “Star TV” channel.

Number of Seasons: 1

Number of Episodes: 18

Available with Arabic Dubbing: Yes

Year: 2019 – 2020

Lead Cast of Cocuk Turkish Series

If you cannot overcome your curiosity about the cast of Cocuk, then we don’t need to do more wait. Here we are going to reveal the main actors and actresses of Cocuk. Here you will also know which actor plays which character in this latest Turkish series.

Here we go:

Merve Cagiran as Akca Yilmaz

Merve Cagiran - Cocuk Turkish TV Series

As many of us witnessed the acting skills of Merve Cagiran in the renowned Turkish series ‘Ask Laftan Anlamaz’, she came with a different look and character this time. Yes, Merve Cagiran is playing the role of the daughter of a prostitute who was pregnant with Hasan’s son. She was happy and not willing to give a lousy life to her son as her mother gave her.

But the real face of Hasan just turned this scenario. That time she decided to give her son for adoption to a wealthy family. Unfortunately, after five years, the situation changed again. Nothing favored her son this time because foster mother Sule had his own child.

Ismail Hacioglu As Hasan Cetin

Ismail Hacioglu Cocuk

İsmail Hacioglu who got popularity because of his movie ‘Ayla: The Daughter of War’ is playing the role of Hasan Cetin in this Turkish series. Yes, he is the father of Akca’s son Efe. Howbeit, he was fair in love with Akca but got involved in criminal activities. Due to these illegal activities and abusive behavior with Akca, he lost her.

Nazan Kesal As Asiye Karasu

Nazan Kesal - Turkish Drama

Versatile screen and stage actress Nazan Kesal is playing the role of a wealthy lady of the Karasu family. She is the mother of sons of the Karasu family and the mother-in-law of Sule who suggested her to adopt a baby. She is a family-oriented lady who dedicated her life to her two sons Ali and Murat. Besides, her life transforms when she knows about her illicit son Hasan.

Serhat Teoman As Ali Kemal Karasu

Serhat Teoman

Hopefully, many of you are aware of the famous TV, cinema, and theatre actor Serhat Teoman. In this Turkish series, Serhat is starring in the role of the eldest son of the Karasu family. He is also the husband of Sule, who adopted Akca’s son Efe.

Ceyda Ates Toplusoy As Sule Karasu

Ceyda Ates - Actress

Child beauty contest winner Ceyda Ates is starring in the role of Sule in this drama series. Yes, you are right in your anticipation, she is the wife of Ali Kemal and the foster mother of Efe. Withal, she was trying her best to perform the duties of a mother for Efe, but her behavior changed towards Efe when she had her child.

Kenan Acar As Murat Karasu

Kenan Acar-Turkish Actor

‘Elimi Birakma’ famed actor Kenan Acar is playing the character of Murat in Cocuk. If we talk about details, Murat is the immature son of the Karasu family who is unwilling to take any responsibility. He is the youngest son of Asiye Karasu.

Nimet Iyigun As Emine Yilmaz

Nimet Iyigun-Cocuk Turkish Series

Nimet Iyigun gained popularity from her drama ‘Mehmet Salih’. Yes, due to her excellent performance. That’s why the directors of Cocuk cast her for the role of Akca’s mother, who is a prostitute. You should watch the Turkish drama Cocuk through a TV app to explore more about her role.

Okday Korunan As Osman Sahin

Okday Korunan - Turkis Actor

In this Turkish series, famous Turkish actor Okday Korunan plays the driver role. Yes, Osman Sahin is the driver of the Karasu family.

Mehmet Emin Guney As Efe Karasu

Mehmet Emin in Cocuk

How can we forget about the primary child? You would be able to see the child star Mehmet Emin Guney in the character of Efe, who is the son of Akca and foster son of Sule. He is a happy kid of the Karasu family but the birth of Sule’s kid Burak rolled his life into 360 degrees.

Selda Aktuna As Melek Sahin

Selda Aktuna Cocuk Turkish Drama

Selda Aktuna is performing the role of Melek Sahin, the wife of the Karasu family’s driver. She has also worked at the home of Asiye Karasu.

Aylin Aras As Ayse Sahin

Aylin Aras - Cocuk

Beautiful Turkish actress Aylin Aras is in the role of Ayse Sahin in this Turkish drama. She plays the role of Melek and Osman’s daughter, who loves Murat.

Where can you watch the Cocuk series with English subtitles?

DigitalCruch can understand the importance of this question because most international Turkish drama viewers prefer to watch Turkish Series with English Subtitles or dubbing. Though it’s a new series, that’s why dubbing is not available on any platform including Netflix, etc. but you can watch this drama Cocuk with English Subtitles from here.

In short, the primary purpose of writing this detailed review is to provide our readers with a thorough knowledge of the Turkish drama Cocuk. However, if you think we missed any important point here, you are welcome to guide us via commenting below.



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