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The 10 Best Turkish Series with Arabic Dubbing 

Best Arabic Dubbed Turkish Series

Arabic-dubbed Turkish series have gained much acceptance among Arab nations. For more than a decade, Turkish dramas have been regularly aired on local channels in Arab countries with excellent dubbing. The core reasons behind the tilt of Arabic countries towards Turk shows are cultural similarities, exciting plots, and intense chemistry between the characters.

Probably, the majority of our Arab readers are aware of renowned Turkish series, but we are here to answer all of your queries like:

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Top 10 Arabic-Dubbed Turkish Drama Series

So, let’s talk about the top-rated Arabic dubbed Turkish series that you must watch once in life:

السيد الخطأ – Bay Yanlis

السيد الخطأ

Are you finding an answer to your search ‘أحلى مسلسل تركى مدبلج رومانسى كوميدى’ then you must consider watching السيد الخطأ. It is one of the finest romantic comedy series of Can Yaman with Özge Gürel. 

Turk drama Bay Yanlis, which is also known as ‘Mr. Wrong’ is the story of a PR specialist who is unhappy with her life after ending her relationship with her boyfriend. Then Ezgi bumps into a wealthy restaurant owner, Ozgur, who doesn’t have faith in love. You would love watching this rom-com show with incredible Arabic dubbing.

اسمعني – Duy Beni


اسمعني, which is popular with the name Hear Me among English audiences, is an appealing high school Turkish show dubbed in Arabic. Ekim is the main lead who got a scholarship in a private school.

Although her aim in attending this school is to find the culprit of the car accident that hit her friend. But, she found it troublesome to be studied and bullied among well-heeled students.

الطفل – Çocuk


الطفل is an incredible Arabic dubbed family drama from Turkey. With a limited number of episodes, it is an emotional child-centric drama. If we talk about the plot, Ali Kemal is a successful businessman who belongs to a wealthy family and is very much attached to his son Efe. Withal, his life suddenly transforms when he knows that Efe is not his biological son.

Things are not that simple. Though his wife adopted Efe from a poor girl, Akca but, Efe’s father is also the biological son of Ali Kemal’s mother. You can read the complete review of Çocuk, and believe me, it is worth watching the show translated into Arabic.

جسور والجميلة – Cesur ve Güzel 

جسور والجميلة

جسور والجميلة is a worth-seeing thriller show translated into Arabic. The beautiful cast and shooting locations Cesur ve Güzel fascinate the viewers around the globe. Also, if you are a fan of Kivanç Tatlitug and Tuba Büyüküstün, this romantic thriller will definitely grab your attention. 

زهرة الثالوث – Hercai

زهرة الثالوث

زهرة الثالوث is an Arabic dubbed romantic Turkish series that gained worldwide appreciation. Hercai is basically the revenge story where a simple girl, Miran, marries a cold but brave man, Miran Aslanbey. Miran binds himself in this relationship to take revenge on Miran’s family and for his family’s esteem.  

و يبقى الحب – Binbir Gece

و يبقى الحب

و يبقى الحب is a vintage Turkish series available in Arabic starring renowned Turk actors Halit Ergenç and Bergüzar Korel. The story of Binbir Gece is slightly based on Arabian Nights. Sehrazat is a strong lady who works hard to raise her son Kaan. But, her income is not enough for Kaan’s leukemia treatment. When she asked for a loan from her boss, he offered to spend a night with her.

Yes, Halit Ergenç could be seen in the role of her employer, Halit Ergenç, who doesn’t trust women. This is an epic show which could be streamed with quality Arabic dubbing.

المؤسس عثمان – Kuruluş Osman

المؤسس عثمان

To facilitate our readers with queries like مسلسل تركي تاريخي مدبلج, we recommend المؤسس عثمان. Indeed, Kuruluş Osman is a continuation of Diriliş: Ertuğrul and is very popular among Arab audiences. This Arabic-dubbed historical Turkish series depicts the journey of Ottomans and how they successfully framed a Turk state.

Also, it is a top-notch series for viewers who want to watch inspirational dramas with several stories of bravery. 

الأمانة – Emanet


الأمانة is another Arabic dubbed top-rated drama of Kanal 7 featuring Sila Turkoglu and Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan as lead roles. Basically, Seher tries to take custody of her nephew after the death of her sister. But she faces resistance from the paternal uncle of her nephew. 

Yaman Kirimli is a powerful businessman who wants to transfer the legacy of his brother to his nephew. Moreover, Yaman doesn’t have faith in women. It would be interesting to see how Seher will manage to stay with Yusuf (nephew).

الخائن – Sadakatsiz


If you want to watch a Turkish series in Arabic with a unique genre instead of comedy and romance, you shouldn’t skip الخائن. It is the story of a medical practitioner, Asya, who is living a good married life with a son and husband. However, her world is wholly disturbed when it comes to her knowledge that her husband has an extramarital affair. 

Would it be easy for Asya to accept the truth and move on? Or will she plan revenge? It could be an excellent roller-coaster for you.

الأسيرة – Esaret

الأسيرة Arabic dubbed Turkish series

الأسيرة is a classical drama series portraying the anecdote of a stony-hearted businessman, Orhun Demirhanli, who takes revenge on Hira. He basically kidnaps Hira to avenge her sister’s murder. Although Orhun tries to be very hard on Hira, but it will be challenging for him to be cruel.  

This is one of the best revenge-themed shows of Kanal 7, which has been on screens since 2022. It has been dubbed in several languages, including Arabic.

Hopefully, this list of top Turkish series with Arabic dubbing will help our readers find better streaming choices. The majority of these shows are available on YouTube. 

So, happy watching!

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