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Top Amazon Seller Software Which Might Interest You

Top Amazon Seller Software

If you’re an Amazon seller, you know that while many different software options are available for running your business, not all of them are right for everyone. You may find yourself needing a more robust solution than what the Amazon Seller app has to offer. But at the same time might not need something as complicated as Magento or Shopify. The list below offers some top solutions that have been popular with sellers on the platform.

Top Amazon Seller Software

Sellics – Best Amazon Seller Software


Part of what makes Sellics Software so useful is that it offers services beyond Amazon. While more advanced vendors can purchase competitive research and product reviews with this software, first-time users can use it to manage their listings. You can use Sellics Software to add products, titles, descriptions, and keywords. You can even use it to generate profit reports so that you know when you’ll earn a profit from Amazon.

Sellers who are familiar with Google Analytics will feel right at home in the Seller Central tab. Rather than relying on the Search Console, you can see how many people have seen your listing by tracking impressions, visits, lead generations/conversions, CTRs, and average time on the page. There’s also a Sales section where you check all of your sales from the last day/week or view trends over a longer period. Amazon FBA is also integrated, giving vendors a quick look at their sales and fees.

Feedback Genius 

Feedback Genius

Many vendors also use Amazon to buy items that they resell. The Feedback Genius app makes it possible to view feedback for every purchase, notification, and review so you can identify your top-performing products and listings. Feedback Genius also provides a dashboard with detailed information like the number of unfulfilled orders or sales which didn’t leave feedback. Finally, the software allows you to flag orders in case of a problem or dispute.

The Feedback Genius app can also help you follow up with customers to ask for product reviews. While this app can be beneficial in improving your feedback. However, it’s important not to take advantage of customers by demanding a product review before sending the purchased item or offering a discount if they leave a review. 

Feedback Five Star – A Reliable Amazon Seller Software

Feedback Five Star

Feedback Five Star is another seller App that gathers all of your product comments into one place, so you can keep track of customer reviews on any device at any time. Rather than sifting through all your feedback to locate the reviews you want, Feedback Five Star makes it simple to view top positive and negative comments and respond accordingly. 

With that said, it is best to research all your available options before deciding on which software will make your work easier and which is the most cost-effective. According to Infinite FBA’s website, be it Feedback Five Star or Jungle Scout, you can always find a discount code for the software you plan to use. While there are many feedback Apps, Feedback Five Star also helps you track customer emails, create a list of feedback requirements, and communicate with customers faster. This service has been designed as lightweight software.

Therefore, it doesn’t require you to download software on your computer. You can also use it even if you don’t plan on leaving feedback.

Profit Bandit Pro 

Profit Bandit Pro

Sellers have long relied on Amazon’s Seller app for managing their business. Today, however, the multi-channel vendor needs a complete solution for Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. Profit Bandit Pro is a seller software that allows you to manage your Amazon listings alongside your other selling channels such as eBay and Shopify. The Seller app is capable of helping you manage your listings.

Withal, it doesn’t give you the tools to create new ones or edit existing ones in bulk. Profit Bandit solves that problem by offering vendors a completely integrated solution to track revenue and grow their business. 

Scoutify Pro

Scoutify Amazon Seller Software

Scoutify is software that allows vendors to manage and optimize their business. This tool also offers some additional useful features, such as sales analysis, re-pricing, listing optimization, keyword rank tracking, etc.

The App has also developed a separate tool that allows vendors to integrate their Amazon listings with eBay. Scoutify Pro integrates Amazon’s data with eBay so that you can compare your listings with your products on eBay. This makes it easy for you to ensure your listings are optimized and tuned the way they should be.

Here are few more reliable options:

Profitle Premium 

Sellers who don’t need more powerful software have learned to rely on the Seller app for all their selling needs. It’s free and easy to use. However, many vendors find that the Seller app isn’t optimal for managing inventory levels or keeping tabs on current prices and sales. Profitle Premium allows vendors to manage their inventory by uploading orders, syncing orders with Google Sheets or Excel. 

In addition, it also provides vendors with the most up-to-date pricing and places it in real-time on their website. Best of all, this software is free for vendors who enrol for the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Amazon Seller App

Vendors who want a completely Amazon-focused solution should check out the Seller app for PC and Mac, which allows them to manage inventory, offers, pricing, listings, orders, reviews, and communicate with customers. This App is designed to keep track of everything without taking too much space or requiring extensive training to use it effectively. 

The program makes it possible to work on the website simultaneously as you’re performing other tasks and allows vendors to perform updates promptly. Seller app also provides powerful inventory management tools to give vendors all of the information they need in one place.

Selling Manager by Amazon

Amazon Selling Manager is an application that’s specifically designed for retailers. It provides all of the tools necessary to research, plan and list products, and track sales, inventory, and offers. The program even offers suggestions based upon your competition to make changes to your product listings which will allow them to stand out from the rest.

As an added bonus, it also makes it easy for you to contact support representatives with FBA or retailer-specific issues for further assistance. The Selling Manager provides you with a full overview of your sales and profits. Indeed, you can easily create growth plans.


Amazon FBA, Feedback Genius, Seller app, and the Selling Manager are all great tools to help retailers manage their inventory, listings, offers, pricing, and more. These programs have been designed specifically with Amazon in mind. So, you can do it all from the same place without having to use multiple platforms or take up a lot of space on your computer. 



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