Who has gotten a new phone lately? Did you crack it or did the latest model get released? Every once in a while our phones will find themselves due for an upgrade. Getting a sleek new shiny phone can be just as exciting as it can be a drag because now you have to start all over again. 

It can be a pain going through the setup. Sure, the phone may come with the default and common apps. You might have also stayed on top of things by synching apps or importing contacts; however, you will have to pull together everything else. In those first hours after getting your phone, you spend the time trying to remember, install, and customize apps.

It’s important to make sure you install all the necessary apps on your brand new smartphone each time you get one. This will get you back into the groove of things with your handy sidekick all geared up and ready to go. Here are X apps to install on a brand new smartphone.


Start with security. It’s crucial to have one of the best VPNs to protect your new phone. Digital security is becoming more critical as not only technological advancements but digital crime progress and advances along with it. While smartphones and technology overall make life happily more convenient, at the same time it makes private information like data and accounts, more accessible. 

Common crimes such as identity theft, scams, and fraud are all on the rise. Such crimes are challenging to process for authorities. This is why it is essential to have a VPN. VPNs encrypt data and hide IP addresses, basically concealing your online identity so you can confidently browse the internet. In other words, it makes it harder for internet criminals to target you.

VPN for Smartphone

Data privacy is a large area of concern for most users. There are numerous messages about data and privacy policies for apps and services when installing or applying.

A VPN helps to ensure safe, secure, and anonymous activity. Some of the perks that come with a VPN include accessing the content in any place, data privacy from government and service providers, cost savings when online shopping, and adaptability.

A Photo or Video Editor

A photo or video editor is integral for anyone involved with social media or working as a creative. While different social apps may come with their own filters and editors, the generalization does not exactly lean towards bespoke. Installing a well-functioning editor can allow you to quickly cut a reel, design a collage, and more.

Find an editor that is compatible with your phone and meets your needs. You can edit on the go or even connect compatible devices physically or wirelessly. Certain editors even allow you to share your content directly to the desired platform.

Photo Editing

Cloud Storage

How many photos do you have on your phone? Considering that every year people take more photos than all of the previous years combined from the onset of photography, storage is a nonstarter. 

Although the cloud is still a vast uncertain place, it simplifies storing and sharing anything from documents to pictures. Smartphones come with limited storage and even if you add a micros SD card, the storage is still limited.  

Cloud storage takes off those restrictions as most cloud storage providers offer 1TB free and additional storage through plans that may be customized for business use. Having backup storage is one of the best solutions. 1TB is a load of storage! For the regular smartphone user, this is more than plenty.

Streaming Services

Who doesn’t enjoy watching their favorite shows and jamming to their favorite music from anywhere and everywhere? Streaming is taking over. Whether it’s video or music, if it’s in some digital format, more than likely, it’s being streamed. 

Content is king and the competition is fierce, but that just means all the more choices. Streaming services make it easier to access TV series, movies to watch at leisure. You can organize and create playlists with the songs that create the music soundtrack of your life. There are a variety of services and platforms including well-known streaming titans. 

Streaming Apps

One or more will certainly pick your fancy if you haven’t already subscribed for a free or a package deal. Synch your devices so you can stream your favourite shows, catch up on the latest news and listen to your favourite artists. For the entertainment and music lovers, this does not even come as a second thought.

A Mobile PDF Viewer, Document Editor, and Scanner

Today phones are used just as equally or even more than traditional desktops, tablets, and all-in-ones. For the business person on the go, the creative entrepreneur, or the innovative educator having business tools is important. To do business on the go, it is essential to have the proper and approved apps to ensure smooth and efficient processes and operations.

Ease of function with mobile business tools can support effective communication, meeting objectives, and managing tasks. Install apps that allow for things such as viewing and editing PDFs, authentication, scanning documents, and filling and signing documents. Live on the go and make work less complicated.

A Meditation App

Social, personal, and professional. All three are important aspects of life. Having mentioned apps for professional and social life it would be remiss to exclude personal apps that can help support a whole balanced life. An important key here is remembering mental health.

Having a meditation app will help you take time out of your day for yourself. Create a headspace that allows your thoughts to flow freely and to centre yourself. Utilize apps that will take you through breathing exercises, sleeping meditations, and how-tos. Go through guided meditations to provide calm throughout the day and alleviate feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

Whenever you buy a new phone, getting through those initial adjustments can be tedious. Find those apps you can personalize your phone with, so your device can not only be fun but functional. Which apps are you starting with?

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