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Can Lasta Wellness App Help in Weight Gain – An App Review

Lasta Wellness App

Do you want to improve your daily routine towards a healthy lifestyle? If you’re looking for an app that promotes behavioral adjustment while keeping long-term health goals in mind, you are in the right place. Lasta Wellness App helps you lead a healthy lifestyle with expert meal and routine planning. The app works on Habit Reforming, targeting desired weight loss which enables you to care for a fit and beautiful body and much more.  

To answer all your questions and learn more about the app, we share how it works, its unique features, costs, and more in this article.

What is This Wellness App?

It’s a fitness and wellness app assistant that works on the premise of helping users live a better life, efficiently reaching their weight target through building sustainable daily habits. It prides itself on incorporating scientifically backed weight management methods such as:

  • Personal meal planning
  • Intermittent fasting professional plans
  • Wellness Education
  • Habit-building psychology

With just a few quick taps, users can go right to the core to monitor their progress, commitments, and daily goals, plus receive regular updates on their progress.

What is Wellness App

How Does It Work?

Lasta app tailors goals and commitments based on your feedback; in the first step, it takes an online quiz to understand your weight, height, goals, etc., to curate a customized plan. It calculates whether you are overweight and how much you need to work on your diet and exercise.  

With time, the app learns from you, helps you review all your activities, and can recommend future activities. The app works with you interactively and encourages following professional advice from experts on their panel. It can show you holistic perspectives on weight reduction with interactive trackers to achieve a healthier lifestyle and lasting goals. 

What are the Benefits of Using This Wellness App?

After finishing the initial feedback online quiz and being provided a meal and exercise plan, you can purchase a subscription plan suited to your routine and budget. It can vary between a single month, regular monthly sub, or a year-long subscription saving you more. Let’s look at some useful features that this app provides.

Benefits of Using Wellness App

Diet Choices

One of the most significant features is its expert and community-driven meal plan based on your target goal needs. The app interactively plans meals that contain delicious and healthy food that doesn’t corner you back to your cravings. This methodology helps you establish a fun and healthy eating habit while maintaining essential nutrients.

Money Saving

No more food wastes as all planned meals ensure they are according to your tastes and needs saving you in the long run. More meal options are added regularly with full recipes so you learn to make them cleanly and intuitively. 

Personalized Weight Management Plans

Tailored to your choices and needs, the app helps you stay on your transformation goal through community and expert guidance. The best part about personalized meals is that these can help you sleep, diet, work and exercise better. 

Comprehensive Programs

Experts have meticulously studied fasting, eating, and exercise habits, helping them curate a comprehensive program targeting individual customers with the best outcomes. They provide daily content for motivation and as a reminder while always available for personal email communication so you can stay accountable to your goals.

Latest Features

The latest features added to maximize cooperation efficiency such as:

  • Daily stories and blogs help you learn more with fantastic courses in the Mind tab.
  • Various fasting methods a user can choose from, which are based on intermittent fasting hours.
  • Periodic tips and motivations daily.
  • Personalized goals tracking.
  • 4,000 and more recipes are available.
  • Mental health aid with CBT activities and material.

What Makes it Different From Other Apps?

Being a revolutionary app, it helps and encourages users to stay on track with constant support, great resources, and regular accountability. It helps you easily connect with dieticians to help you understand your goals and manage them in real time. The holistic approach and tangible monitoring system are what make it the best. 

Finally, the interactive and intuitive UI and regular updates are the cherry on top.

Wellness App Benefits

How Much Does It Cost?

Users can download the app from their respective Google Play or App Store for free. But to use the premium features, you can utilize the following plans.

  • $39.99 for one month.
  • $54.99 for three months, making it $18.33 per month.
  • $74.99 for six months, costing just $12.49 each month.

The following features are available only with these premium subscriptions.

  • You can choose meal preferences based on your diet, such as vegetarian, paleo, or keto. Special diets are available for diabetics and breastfeeding moms.
  • Massive library of recipes.
  • Many courses for weight loss focus on habit-building.
Lasta Wellness App Download

What Do Users Say About App?

The reviews have been overall positive for the app, and users have been enjoying what the app has to offer.

  • User Salma_D, who is using such an app for the first time, gave 5 stars as he thinks “it’s surprisingly easy to use” and “I found some recipes a little too complex in terms of the number of ingredients and time it takes to prepare, but it’s probably because I entered an hour to spend on cooking.”
  • Jacoby T. is excited to share his review saying, “I’m excited to share that the app I’ve been using has an awe-inspiring design and a ton of features.”

Following are its ratings on different storefronts:

  • Google Play Store – 4.8 stars from 659 reviews.
  • Apple App Store – 4.8 stars from 5,000+ ratings.
  • Site Jabber – 4.65 stars from 76 reviews.

Final Thoughts – Is the App Right For You?

As you can see from their features, it stands out from the other apps in tailored plans and expert advice, which are easily achievable. Their motivation and community interaction are pretty strong. Finally, the user reviews from different stores share thousands of users have benefited from their unique products and features.



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