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12 Best Makeup Editing Apps for Android & iOS 

Best Makeup Editing Apps

Whether you want to get unblemished skin in selfies or are willing to fix up your makeup in photos, the use of makeup editing apps has become crucial. You can transform your average-looking pictures into a bewitching glance of beauty with these beauty applications.

Yes, smartphone users can change lipstick color, improve their figure, contour their face, and apply eye shades with the help of these online makeup tools. 

Therefore, let’s get to the point and talk about some of the best makeup editing apps comprising top-notch features.

List of 12 Best Makeup Editing Apps  

1. Airbrush – The Best Makeup Editing App

  • Pimples and spot fixer
  • Natural and realistic touchups
  • Powerful AI tool with real-time editing & HD traits
  • More frequent updates to improve app quality
  • Social sharing facility
Airbrush App

With the highest observed rating, the Airbrush makeup editor app can infuse some colors and styles in your normal pictures. Even it also includes reshaping and retouching fixtures regarding facial details. Along with that, the radiance adjustor and in-depth color scheme modification can enhance the beauty of pictures.

Besides, the in-app purchasing of tools fluctuates from $1.00 to $89.99, respectively.

Download Airbrush for iOS 

Download Airbrush for Android

2. FaceApp

  • Photorealistic makeup editing
  • Hair volumizing tools
  • Facial feature changes 

It is one of the perfect face editors available on iOS and Android devices. From hairstyles to eye lenses, it is surely a reliable choice that has more than 500 million downloads across different platforms. In addition, 60+ photorealistic attributes and zit-removing tools also make it a good choice for smartphone users. 

The price for in-app purchases could vary from $4.99 to $99.99 per tool. 

Download FaceApp for iOS

Download FaceApp for Android

3. Bestie

  • AI-backed portrait picture editing 
  • Fun stickers and animations
  • Night mode camera pictures
  • Auto-detector fixture
  • Absolute selfie camera with 100+ filters
  • Contains ads while editing
Bestie Selfie App

Many makeup editing apps are free to use, but Bestie could be the most loveable, having 4.5-star ratings at Google Play and App Store. Especially this makeup app has included nose reshaping, eye beautification, and new filters comprising detailed fixture functionality.

You can also create high-resolution GIFs by filming short videos through the Bestie app camera. What’s more? Luckily, this freeware app has a facial recognition feature to fix the wrinkles, blemishes, and acne on the skin.

Download Bestie for iOS

Download Bestie for Android

4. B612 – Makeup Editing Tool for Videos & Photos

  • Stylish and glossy filters
  • Boomerang video customization
  • Realistic and artistic animations
  • Auto-recognition for editing

B612 is a trending makeup photo editor as a unique collaboration of artistic tools, having 500+ million downloads. Especially the makeup lover will definitely enjoy the real-time glomming and spotless skin modification with elementary instruction. Similarly, you can also create amazing and fun colleges along with 500 high-quality music videos in this app.

On the contrary, the face-recognition intelligence features will let the user choose the perfect stickers according to their desires.

Also, the in-app purchase of tools for this beauty camera varies from $0.99 to $29.99 subsequently. 

Download B612 for iOS

Download B612 for Android

5. YouCam Makeup

  • Face exposure editor
  • Enable to try top cosmetics brands with AR
  • 360-degree hair color changing tool
  • Live makeup camera with exciting features
  • Some people report lags in the interface
YouCam Makeup

YouCam makeup selfie editor provides sophisticated artistic traits for the beautification of pictures more conveniently. While the AR artistic makeover features allow the user to escalate the picture quality to the next level. In the meantime, you can also customize the skincare, accessories, hair, and facial expressions with auto-recognizing magnifying features.

Furthermore, this app also includes in-app purchasing criteria varying with features ranging from $0.69 to $29.99.

Download YouCam for iOS

Download YouCam for Android


  • Combo of natural touchups & filters
  • Suitable for all skin tones
  • Dazzling spotless portraits 
  • HD selfies
SODA Makeup Editing App

SODA is a freemium app by SNOW Corporation that has a 4.4-star rating and 10M+ downloads on Google Play. Correspondingly, it has a 4.8-star rating on the App Store. This makeup application could be an ideal choice for smartphone users who want a natural beauty camera with real-time functionalities.

Besides, SODA comes with a price tag of $4.99 to $29.99 for in-app purchases.  

Download SODA for iOS

Download SODA for Android

7. Sweet Face Camera

  • In-depth makeup camera
  • 2800+ animal face stickers
  • Advanced artistic modification with real-time effects
  • Facial details fixture
  • 1-click social media sharing
Sweet Face Camera

The Sweet Face Camera, previously known as ‘Sweet Snap Camera,’ has included all the appropriate tools to do some gloom on dull skin. Here, you can improve the exposure quality along with blemishes, acne, and facial expression fixture details. 

Moreover, this is one of the top-trending makeup editing apps with 100+ million downloads on Google Play and 4M+ global users.

In addition, the in-app purchasing ranges from $1.99 to $39.99, which varies with tools and features.

Download Sweet Face Camera for iOS

Download Sweet Face Camera for Android

8. Pretty Makeup

  • HD and motion stickers
  • Fixture detector in pictures
  • Availability of fashionwear, hairstyles and dyes
  • One-click facial magic option
Pretty Makeup

With 4.8-star ratings on Google Play, Pretty Makeup is over here for the beautification of your photo & selfie. Plus, it retains a bundle of customizable options, including styling of hair and facial expressions. 

Thus, you can easily enhance the in-depth details to fix the pictures’ minor-looking acne and dots with its amazing graphic designing toolsets.

Furthermore, the premium tools can be purchased with a price range of $2.99 to $9.99.

Download Pretty Makeup for iOS

Download Pretty Makeup for Android

9. Perfect365

  • Real-time touchups for glam and natural looks
  • 20 makeup tools by artists
  • Easy sharing & impressive data privacy

Perfect365 has come with numerous beauty customizable features as one of the trending makeup editing apps for iPhone and Android. Along with 100 million users, it has more than 200 styles for pre-style modification of pictures to maintain the high-resolution quality.

Plus, it also includes natural makeup radiant features with a subtle touch selection. Generally, in-app purchasing includes mid-range tools varying from $0.99 to $19.99.

Download Perfect365 for iOS

Download Perfect365 for Android

10. Pixl

  • Facial expression editor
  • Skin details fixture
  • Tan color adjustor
  • Infrequent updates & lack of advanced tools

Pixl is one of the ordinary makeup editing apps for free download, comprising realistic features to enhance the picture quality. Besides, it includes general artistic tools like red-eye fixtures, smile detectors, and acne removers.

Moreover, the user can also modify the irregular body appearance issue with the reshaper tool. In-app purchasing fluctuates from $1.99 to $23.99, including Pixl Pro. 

Unfortunately, this app has not been updated since March 2020 on Google Play, which could be a potential drawback of using it.

Download Pixl for iOS

Download Pixl for Android (Not Available)

11. Face Blemish Remover

  • Best to remove acne, dark circles, pimples, etc.
  • Shiny and smooth skin
  • New stickers
  • Watermarks on images
Face Blemish Remover

The Face Blemish Remover particularly focuses on the minor details of skin and color tons. Simultaneously, the realistic modifying tools will sustain the picture quality and enhance the beautification as well. Besides, various makeup tools for hair and facial expression will fix the in-depth defaults.

If we talk about the drawbacks, it displays watermarks on photos, and the last update was done in October 2022. 

Moreover, the premium tools can be acquired within $1.99 to $7.99 through in-app purchasing.

Download Face Blemish Remover for iOS

Download Face Blemish Remover for Android

12. Facetune AI Photo & Video Editor

  • Smart retouching characteristics for face
  • Face and body reshaper
  • AI photo enhancer & AI selfie camera 
  • Blemish & zits remover
  • A bit expensive when it comes to premium components
  • Watermark disturbance
Facetune AI

Well, Facetune is one of the upgraded series of makeup editing apps for Android and iOS. It’s a personalized makeover for your photos with realistic makeup tools to fix the exposure quality and facial defaults.

On the other hand, it includes purchasable premium tools ranging from $0.99 to $199.99.

Download Facetune AI for iOS

Download Facetune AI for Android

Final Words

Hence, after thorough and legit research, we can confidently say these are our top 12 best makeup editing apps in 2024. In brief, these selected apps have enhanced and realistic features for the beautification of your pictures as a personal revamping.

Conversely, if you have any suggestions regarding any good makeup editing apps, do let us know. We’d love to consider your worthy reviews as well.



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