It’s always fun to embrace new hair colors in your favorite Selfies. This helps you become more creative and open to new suggestions when styling hair. In this article, DigitalCruch will discuss the 10 Best Free Apps to Change Hair Color for Android. So you can edit your pictures without hassle.

List of Best Free Apps to Change Hair Color for Android

YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup shapes your photos to your best liking with this incredible virtual editing app on android. This application has over 100 million downloads. In this application, users can simply select dedicated dying hair colors and achieve a realistic touch in photos.

Besides, this one of the best photo apps to change hair color brings about a hair salon-like simulation, which adds to the realistic editing experience. The app also contains hairstyling and haircut options where users can try out exciting hairstyles. So now, you can revamp your photos without doing much.

YouCam Makeup


Are you looking for a vibrant hair and face editing app? Well, MakeupPlus features real-time precise hair adjustments for your most important pictures. This hair color-changing app has crossed 50 million downloads. The app also brings lively hair color palettes. By the way, you can also consider it one of the most reliable makeup editing apps.

In addition, the app also brings various crazy hair color trends so you can keep up with the latest styling trends. This app to change hair color in photos takes inspiration from the leading makeup artists from the glam industry. So there are various editing options to bring about your signature style. 

MakeupPlus Free Apps to Change Hair Color for Android

Facetune Editor

Facetune Editor is another one of the best free apps to change hair color and adds a glimpse of liveliness to your photos using the Facetune editor app. This application is very popular among Android users, with over 50 million downloads. In addition, this fabulous application lets you highlight and dye your hair in photos with great convenience.

It is worth noting that this editor comes with hair-thickening and thinning functionality. So you now have complete control over your photos using this app to change hair color in online photos. 

Facetune Editor

Hair Zapp

This incredible hair makeover app enables you to style your hair instantaneously. You just have to launch the app and open the camera to click the picture. Now, you can select multiple exciting hairstyles with the same picture that you can adjust to your liking.

Besides, this app supports high-quality image processing, so your pictures come close to life. Lastly, the app has crossed 1 million downloads, and it’s gradually becoming the user’s favorite.

Hair Zapp

Fabby Look: Hair Color Changer

If you are looking to switch your hair color with exciting color options, then this app is for you. Well, the app boasts all trendy and exciting color options that you can virtually apply to your hair. The app has an impressive live try functionality that will let you choose your hair color before clicking a picture.

Also, the application has over 5 million downloads, allowing you to share your photos across all social media networks. 

Fabby Look Hair Color Changer

Hair Color Changer: Change You

This hair editor app incorporates bundles of hair editing options to support a complete hair makeover experience. Users can now select the desired color for hair from a long array of fascinating colors. Besides, the app also includes hair smoothness and intensity controls.

In addition to that, the application introduces erasing, brushing, and color adjustment functionalities. The app has a growing audience of over 5 million downloads and promotes a seamless hair editing experience.

Hair Color Changer Change you

Style My Hair: Discover Your N

This hair makeover app is your instant source of inspiration when it comes to hair styling and trying new colors. In addition, this application’s 3D hair color technology makes it simple to try new exciting hair colors. There are many provocative instant color shades that you will absolutely love.

Therefore, switch your hair color with different enticing shades and unravel your true style. This L’Oréal Professionnel’s 3D hair color app will also help you navigate the real-time L’Oreal hair salon. 

Style My Hair Discover Your N

Hair Color Changer Real

Experience the best hair makeover in this simple intriguing app with over 10 million downloads. This app works on simple principles while bringing the best hair editing to the palm of your hand. Users just have to take a picture and apply the desired hair color.

Besides, the app also enables erasing and drawing capability simultaneously. Just edit your hair in the photo and share the best results with your friends and family.

Hair Color Changer Real

Hair Color by Appwallet Technologies

Try this promising hair editing app that comes with loads of customizations to bring out your best hairstyle. There are over 300+ hair colors available right within this app, along with a hair color booth. The hair color app has attractive hairstyling options that users can try to experiment with new looks.

Furthermore, you will also find extensive accessories that will complement your overall look. So try this fabulous app and adopt the best hair color for yourself!  

Hair Color by Appwallet Technologies

Hair Saloon

Take up your dream hair salon in this incredible world of Spa salon simulation game. This game has crossed over 100 million hits, and it’s a popular trend on the android app store. Besides, this hair salon simulation game allows users to style their customers with a range of available tools.

There is every possible object available that is related to a modern hair salon. The game also lets you select a model face to experiment with new hair styling and dying, for instance. 

Hair Saloon


Hair is the first thing that people notice about you. So it is important to groom your hair that compliments your personality at the end of the day. In the above-mentioned free apps to change hair color, you can try various hair color options and haircuts to get the most out of your personality.

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