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7 Best IPTV Players for Windows, iOS, and Android TV in 2024

best iptv players

In this high-tech life, the trend of watching satellite and cable TV has become old-fashioned, and people prefer to watch their favorite sports, TV series, and movies on their desktops and handy devices. In the provision of live streaming of TV shows, movies, and sports, IPTV plays a significant and yes, by connecting the internet and IPTV apps, you can stream all of your favorite stuff live on your iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices.

However, if you are still not familiar with IPTV players, then we should try it as soon as possible. We would also suggest that IPTV users turn on any good VPN while streaming their favorite shows on IPTV to watch them without being noticed by the government and other authorities. It’s just safety because the use of IPTV players has legal concerns in many countries, but with the use of an excellent VPN service, you can stream them without any tension. In this article, we are going to share one of the most reliable and best IPTV players with our readers. Here we go:

BlueView TV  —  Best IPTV Player

Whether you use desktop devices with Windows or Mac operating systems or prefer to watch with your smartphone or tablets with iOS and Android systems, BlueView TV is the perfect IPTV player for you. Yes, you can install this IPTV player on all of your devices with great ease. Its subscription charges are also very affordable for all users.

See major features of BlueView TV IPTV Player here:

  • It offers its users a buffering-free experience to its users. No doubt, while streaming you will notice about 95% less buffering as compared to other IPTV players.
  • To check its channels and streaming quality, you can go with its 3-day free trial offer.
  • With unlimited channels, it only charges very reasonable subscription charges from its users.
  • It is applicable for iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android.
BlueView TV - Best IPTV

VLC Media Player — Free IPTV Player

Mayhap, many of you already have this application on your Windows and Mac devices. However, if you don’t have this application, then you do no need to worry because it is easy to install for all operating systems including Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android. According to IPTV service providers, VLC Media Player is one of the most user-friendly IPTV players. You only need to do its settings with your IPTV service, and in this regard, several videos are available on YouTube, which would assist you. Keep in mind, it doesn’t offer channels itself. Probably, you would have to connect it with your IPTV provider.

See its core features here:

  • It is easy to set up this player for IPTV to stream your favorite shows.
  • This is free, and the open-source platform is easy to play with several formats.
  • It has the ability to work with a variety of streaming protocols.
  • It doesn’t offer channels, and you need to connect with the IPTV service.
VLC - Free IPTV Player

Perfect Player

With great ease of setup and installation, Perfect Player is another great IPTV player that is available for almost all operating systems including Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android. Moreover, with unique features, it also allows its users to customize the picture quality like pixels, etc.

See the main features of Perfect Player here:

  • Several codecs and protocols are available.
  • It supports both formats JTV and XMLTV.
  • Unluckily, it doesn’t contain channels, and you need to use it with an IPTV box.
Perfect Player IPTV


If you are willing to stream your NFL live matches and TV series in 4K HD quality, then Kodi should be your first preference. With add-on features, Kodi streams numerous channels and movies on demand according to its subscription plan. However, we would suggest our readers cross-check the legal status of add-ons before turning them on.

Explore more features of Kodi IPTV Player here:

  • Available for Windows, Raspberry Pi, macOS, Android Linux, etc.
  • Great anti-freezing features while streaming channels.
  • Need to verify the addon’s legal status before subscribing to channels.
Kodi - Best IPTV

UKTVNow — IPTV Player for the UK

Though it streams near about 160+ TV channels but UKTVNow could be a great choice if you are a resident of the UK or willing to watch UK channels. Similarly, the picture quality of this IPTV player is also very reliable, according to viewers. However, it would provide you with the best results if you are using 4K HD devices in this regard.

See major features of UKTVNow here:

  • Easy to stream with Android devices.
  • Good picture quality.
  • Need to connect with the IPTV box to stream live channels, and most of the channels are from the United Kingdom.


If you are looking to stream your shows of different IPTV subscriptions via a single IPTV player, then GSE Smart IPTV should be your first preference. It offers great support to iOS and Android devices.

See its features here:

  • It offers support for both JSON and M3U formats.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface and is easy to set up with an IPTV box.
  • You need to connect it with IPTV subscribed channels, but it doesn’t offer channels.
  • Not available for Windows and macOS.

Smart IPTV

Another great option to stream your IPTV box channels is Smart IPTV. Though it asks for one-time charges but it’s a great player to invest. It supports several devices including desktops, android TVs, and small gadgets. However, it shows issues with the iOS platform, but according to application providers, they will be resolved soon.

Explore more features of this IPTV player here:

  • It provides multi-device support.
  • User-friendly interface with easy installation and setup quality.
  • It offers excellent support for Amazon TV, Firestick TV, and Windows.
  • Not good for Apple devices.
Smart IPTV

All in all, in this article, we tried our best to share one of the best IPTV players. Again, we would mention here the use of a VPN with the use of an IPTV player. Withal, if you think we should add more IPTV players here according to your experiences, then you are welcome to send your feedback to us. You can also share your views by commenting below!



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