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7 Best SEO Tools to Rank #1 On Google

Best SEO Tools

Website owners cannot do without search engine optimization if they want to see their webspace ranking high on Google. SEO has become enormously popular in the last decades. No wonder marketers invented SEO tools to automate this complex process partly.

Here, we will guide you through the best SEO platforms that will help you reach your business goals faster and more effectively. Read on and choose your SEO companion. 

Why Choose SEO Software

SEO tools provide an in-depth analysis of your website by monitoring and tracking its key SEO components such as keywords, backlinks, website speed, traffic, etc. Some large all-in-one SEO platforms embrace all essential aspects, while the smaller ones focus on specific points.

SEO tools speed up the optimization process and improve its quality. Depending on their functions, SEO software can:

  • do some monotonous and overwhelming job for you as well as automate essential routines;
  • keep you out of common SEO mistakes;
  • give you the overall picture of your business performance.

Any SEO platform only complements your digital marketing strategy. However, you should focus more on other SEO aspects, too. Educate yourself as an SEO expert and find more details on off-page SEO.

Paid and free, comprehensive and targeted – SEO tools are diverse. That is why it may be hard to choose the right one for your business. We are here to present the 7 most useful SEO software that you can implement in your optimization campaign. 

7 Best SEO Tools in 2021

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is undoubtedly a must-use for marketers and website owners of all levels. Moreover, nothing prevents you from using it: it is free SEO software. No wonder that it ranks at number one in any list of free SEO apps that you can get for peanuts or just free.

You can track your overall website performance with a bunch of various metrics in Google Analytics. Discover the most fruitful sources of your traffic, track your visitors’ behaviour, and use this information to improve your website. 

Google Analytics

2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of those all-in-one SEO tools that allow you to analyze and monitor various crucial points for your digital marketing strategy. Among other things, here is what you can do with this service:

  • analyze the domain to find new solutions for your marketing approach;
  • discover leading SEO pages and learn from their experience what users love to see and read;
  • generate new effective keywords;
  • improve your backlink profile.

You will learn what an authoritative webspace is about and how to awake interest in your content. With such a wide range of useful options, this multipurpose service can assist webmasters of all levels – both newbies and market leaders. 


3. Ahrefs

One of the most popular SEO platforms on the web, Ahrefs offers a set of tools that are similar to Ubersuggest. Not only an all-in-one toolbox but also user-friendly navigation, an informative blog, and a recognizable design make this service stand out.

Explore keywords and analyze industry leaders and their content with the help of Ahrefs. Moreover, this service can help you optimize your own website and track your SEO progress with a Rack Checker.

In addition to paid options, Ahrefs offers a range of free tools that can be helpful in different SEO tactics: backlink and broken link checker, keyword tools for YouTube, Bing, and Amazon, and many more.


4. MozBar

MozBar makes all essential and useful SEO tools handy. It is an SEO plugin for those who appreciate quickness and comfort. Now, you will see everything you need to know about a website right in front of your eyes.

You do not need to open another tab in your browser and take routine actions again and again. MozBar offers a full report on the page you are currently visiting. There, you can learn about the elements and attributes of the page as well as link data.

The plugin is available for Chrome and Firefox. Both Windows and Mac users can add MozBar to their SEO arsenal and enjoy the benefits of the convenient and easy-to-use tool to automate the website analysis.


5. Answer the Public

Your audience dictates the direction of your website growth, including content, media, design, etc. It is crucial to know what your potential readers are looking for and give them solutions and answers.

That is what Answer the Public aims at. Insert your keyword and get the list of questions people have concerning your topic. It is a great way to fill your website with fresh content that resonates with your public, an inexhaustible source of new ideas.

Answer The Public

6. SEOptimer

Not sure whether you make efforts in the right direction? It is time to analyze your web page and see the gaps in your search engine optimization progress. SEOptimer is just the right choice for that.

It is a simple and nice SEO tool that provides a comprehensive audit for your website. You can download a PDF report and see your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, you get recommendations on how to improve your rankings.

SEOptimer Best SEO Tools

7. Adsy

For those who are looking for a USA SEO company dedicated to backlinks, Adsy may become a perfect choice. It is a link building agency that offers solutions for businesses of all industries. Qualified experts know what a quality backlink looks like, and this understanding became the fundamental principle of the service.

Adsy saves your time and effort on searching and outreaching authoritative websites for placing your backlinks. Convenient filters help you find the best websites of your niche, write quality one-of-a-kind content, and earn natural dofollow backlinks.


Boost Your Rankings with SEO Automation Tools

SEO platforms are designed to assist marketers and website owners on their way to website promotion and growth. Anyways, you are the one who controls and conducts the lion’s share of the search engine optimization process. Let these best SEO tools become a part of your constant dedication to optimization. That will make your website attract new visitors and potential customers, and your business prosper.



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