The pandemic has made people rethink how they work. Not having to commute to the office is quite attractive because you get to spend more time at home. Add the fact that there are those who were laid off, and you have more than enough individuals who are looking to start a career as a freelancer. Indeed, freelance professions always look admirable.

Now, the question is, what kind of profession you should pick? Luckily, there are multiple choices to consider. Look at the list below and decide which of these gigs attracts you.

Video Editor

The demand for video editors is growing. Even social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have been pushing their video platforms, meaning that marketers will need to rethink their social media strategy and include more videos. 

YouTube is also more popular than ever. Besides regular content creators, you have streamers on Twitch TV who also desire to expand their income and put out stream highlights in separate videos to monetize them.

You will need real practice first to become a video editor. Install free video editing software and get some videos on your computer to tinker with. Vimeo and YouTube are the two platforms you can use to get videos. Knowing how to download Vimeo videos on Mac or PC will provide you with pretty much-unlimited videos you can use as templates.

Start with the basics and work your way up to become a professional. It may take a while to become good at editing videos, but once you reach that point, there should be more than enough opportunities to work as a freelancer.

Video Editor Freelance

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is another popular option. Brands are looking for social media content creators and brand element designers; writers need covers for their books; streamers want banners and other graphics to stand out from the competition.

If you have a knack for art, becoming a graphic designer should be one of the first ideas you need to explore. 

Besides Fiverr and Upwork, there are designer-specific platforms that you can use to find potential gigs. Not to mention online forums and groups on social media.

Graphic Designer


Copywriting is a difficult profession to pursue. However, if you have a knack for words and believe that you can make it as a copywriter, you should go for it.

The best copywriters make thousands of dollars just for writing a few sentences. Of course, reaching such a point is impossible for the majority of aspiring writers, but, let’s say, solidifying yourself as someone with the right knowledge in a specific niche should still provide a good source of income. 

For example, you could become a copywriter who works on Google Ads copies or a copywriter who composes texts for email marketing. 

PCC and email marketing may not be as popular methods as they were because of social media and SEO, but it is still effective so long as there is someone coming up with persuading copies. And that someone could be you.


Social Media Manager

Managing social media accounts is not as simple as one might think. Besides responding to comments in a timely manner and running ad campaigns, social media managers also need to look for various opportunities to attract new followers, improve engagement rates, and create content or collaborate with someone who can create content for them.

Since brands want to dominate social media as much as possible, they hire professional managers who create campaigns and get the most out of social media. If you were to become knowledgeable in social media craft, finding work as a freelance SM manager should not be an issue.

Social Media Manager

SEO Expert

Search engine optimization plays a prominent role in determining whether a business succeeds. Organic traffic from Google and other search engines is worth more than random visitors from social media and other sources.

However, it is difficult to run a proper SEO campaign without the right tools and knowledge. If there is one trade that is worth pursuing, it has to be search engine optimization. Both small and large brands hire SEO experts to run their campaigns.

SEO Expert


If you are bilingual, why not work as a translator? Agencies hire translators regularly so long as they are fluent in two or more different languages. Of course, working remotely means that most of your work will likely consist of writing rather than live conversations, but that is still a good way to profit from your language skills.

Freelance Translator

Customer Support

While not necessarily freelance work, customer support is still a good way to make money. People are shopping online more than ever because of the pandemic since brick-and-mortar stores are not open in some places. 

Online shops need employees who can respond to and solve customer problems. Answering phone calls and responding to emails, social media messages, and direct texting on a shop’s website will be your primary duties as a customer support employee.

Customer Support

Hopefully, these mentioned professions will assist you in making a career as a freelancer. You can also share your thoughts by commenting below!

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