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Social Media Marketing: How to do it, Types, Tools & Tips?

Social Media Marketing

As 57.6% of the entire world’s population uses social media as of now, businesses are using it to their own advantage to market their products and services globally. Unlike traditional advertising mediums, social media marketing is quite effective and economical as it has many advantages to small as well as large-scale businesses.

Using social media marketing, businesses can increase brand awareness, elevate website clicks, and help rank on search engines. However, it’s important to note that in order to achieve this, brands need to have a substantial number of followers. For this purpose, they either use organic strategies or growth tools like Instagram growth services.   

No matter what, social media marketing has proven to be really effective for businesses. You might be wondering how you, as a business, can also incorporate social media marketing strategies to leverage all its benefits. Keep reading this article to know the details!

What is Social Media Marketing

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

You can’t just hop on social media platforms and do whatever you feel like without having any goals and strategies. Therefore, we have jotted down below some tips to help you create an effective social media strategy.

Have Clear Social Media Marketing Goals

It’s essential that your business’s primary marketing objectives align with your social media goals, otherwise all your resources will go to waste. Your social media goals should be SMART to make sure it’s easy to attain them.

For example, if your business aim is to grow your brand, your social media goal can be to increase awareness, and you can track this by analyzing the number of followers and shares.

Know Your Audience

Your social media analytics can tell you about your audience. You should be aware of their demographics like age, location, interests, and more. Knowing about your audience will allow you to curate content accordingly, so they engage and interact more with your brand.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Look at Your Competitors

If you’re about to create your social media accounts, you can first look at your competitors’ accounts. This can help you see what they are doing (and what not). You can also assess your opportunities to get ahead of the competition on social media.

Publish Quality Content and Stay Consistent

When creating content, of course, you will keep your audience’s interests in mind. In addition to this, your content should align with your brand values while ensuring you don’t compromise on quality.

Staying consistent can help your page grow over time, and this way, you can provide more content for your followers to interact with.

Track Your Social Media Metrics and Re-evaluate Your Strategies

What’s the use of implementing your social media strategies without tracking and evaluating them? Your metrics can change over time, therefore, it’s essential to reassess your strategies every week and make sure they align with your goals.

Implementing, tracking, re-evaluating, and re-adjusting your strategies will be more effective for your brand. This will be more like a never-ending cycle.

Types of Social Media Marketing

Although there are several types of social media marketing that you can use to your own benefit, we have mentioned the most common ones.

Types of Social Media Marketing

Photo Ads

Photo ads are ideal to increase brand awareness because you can showcase your product right in front of your audience, and they are also easier to create than videos.

However, you should create top-notch quality photos to catch the eye of your audience for better performance. You should also add a call-to-action like “click here” or “download now” to guide the users.

Video Ads

Videos help to capture the attention of the users and at the same time, deliver a compelling message to your audience. Shorter videos (less than a minute) do better than long videos, therefore, you should create short high-quality videos.

Stories Ads  

Stories ads allow your product to be in full focus, and most people tend to click on a website’s link through stories. Whether it’s a photo or video on the story, it can be beneficial for you to increase website clicks and conversion rates.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing tools facilitate a business to handle its social media presence in a better and more effective way. They allow you to publish content, track the metrics of your posts, interact with your audience, and more.

A social media marketing tool can also help you automatically publish content. Content Gems, ContentStudio, and Drum Up will be your best bet if you want to create posts in a cinch.

Additional Tips for Your Social Media Marketing

In order to make your brand grow and engage your audience with your business, you can implement these tips.

Use hashtags. Hashtags make your posts more discoverable as it’s easier to find all the relevant content in one place, so make sure to use appropriate hashtags.

Connect with influencers. Influencers already have a following who trust them, therefore, collaborating with influencers can increase your sales and list of customers.  

Use a newsjacking approach. Look for reasons to spread the word. It’s essential to be aware of the newsjacking definition, a strategic approach that involves capitalizing on current events or trending topics to enhance the visibility and impact of your social media marketing efforts.

Address problems quickly. To make your customers loyal to your brand, you should never leave negative feedback or DMs with queries unanswered.

Hold contests. Contests or giveaways are great social media marketing strategies that can help you expand your audience and reach your goals.



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