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The Best Duplicate File Finders for Mac: Streamlining Your Digital Space

Best Duplicate File Finders for Mac

Like data recovery with Disk Drill or other data recovery tools, file duplication in Mac should not be such a big deal. It is normal to have duplicate files even on Windows computers and even Apple devices. However, it comes with its pros and cons depending on the situation it puts you in and the size of your storage.

Duplicate files can be a good thing when you lose a copy for whatever reason. However, if you are running out of storage and your device is clogged by duplicates, you will need only the best duplicate file finder for Mac to salvage your Mac from slowing down. 

There are both free and paid software options that can quickly and efficiently locate duplicate files on your mac. Most of these solutions are built to find the duplicates, and remove them. However, getting the most effective software options for finding duplicate files on Mac can be a nightmare especially if you are using them for the first time. That is why we have prepared this guide to make your journey more memorable.

Mac Duplicate File Finder Free

1. CleverFiles Duplicates Finder 

Packed with amazing features, CleverFiles Duplicates Finder  is an amazing duplicate finder that users find very intuitive and easy to use. It sticks to its job and offers amazing monitoring to the Windows registry. 

This duplicate file finder has an in-built selection assistant that helps you to customize search. It therefore gives users sufficient control over the folders to include in the search criteria. As a tool that excels in finding and deleting duplicate photos on a Mac, it makes your device safe from clutter. You also get guaranteed quick loading as the software controls the starting elements of the device it works on. 

CleverFiles Duplicates Finder


  • Extremely user-friendly yet visually appealing GUI (graphical user interface), perfect for newcomers
  • Effortlessly perform scanning and deletion in just a click
  • Customizable exclusion lists for tailored usage
  • Among the most budget-friendly paid applications featured on this list


  • No free trial

2. Wise Duplicate Finder

This is another duplicate finder tool that helps you free up space on the PC. It has a backup and restore procedure that makes it more secure to use. Besides, it has proven to be more effective with several deep scan settings.

Wise Duplicate Finder


  • Preview option available
  • Simple navigation
  • Reliable and safe to use
  • Multilingual support
  • Deep scanning and cleaning
  • Backup and restore functions available


  • No scan logs
  • File preview not available 

3. Easy Duplicate Finder

    If you need to speed up your PC, this tool will track and delete duplicate files on demand. It works on HDD, SSD and cloud and uses advanced SHA256 algorithm to find duplicates. The strategy ensures a 100% accuracy and success without interfering with the speed of your scan. 

    The tool has several features that make the duplicate finding process a good experience to users. Besides, it allows you to choose the next appropriate action with your duplicate files whether you need to rename, delete, or even group them. 

    Easy Duplicate Finder


    • Accurate results
    • Support for web format
    • 100% results
    • Interactive interface


    • The scanning may be slow at times 

    4. SearchMyFiles

    SearchMyFiles comes in a simple packaging offering free duplicate location to users. It’s a web-based solution that requires no installation. It comes with a plethora of search options including support for regular search on top of scans for duplicates with zero virtual footprint, making it a preference for techies. 

    It also comes with a variety of simple file sharing choices. This makes it easier for users to restrict search based on preferences such as time the file was opened, file size, last modified etc. Plus, the solution is free!



    • Comes with many search options
    • Advanced filters
    • No installation required
    • Perfect functionality in high DPI mode
    • Accurate search results 


    • The interface is outdated
    • Larger files and folders take longer time to scan 

    5. dupeGuru

    dupeGuru is another tool in our list of top duplicate file finders. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux. It comes with an advanced algorithm that effortlessly locates files based on metadata, file name, content, date of creation, tags etc. it also has a special music mode that specially targets duplicate music files and is absolutely free!



    • Multiple languages supported
    • Preview for identical duplicates available
    • Picture mode support
    • Efficient scan results 


    • It comes with limited features
    • User-interface not appealing 

    6. AllDup

    AllDup works in Mac and Windows and can locate duplicate files, images, and audio. It deletes duplicates instantly to restore your storage space. Users can also use it to search with multiple parameters making it more efficient.



    • It has a built-in file viewer
    • It can copy, move, or delete duplicates
    • It has a fast file search algorithm


    • The scans may be slow at times
    • The interface is complicated, and outdated

    7. Duplicate Cleaner Pro

    Duplicate Cleaner Pro is an excellent tool for Windows 11 that comes with features for comparing photographs that have been cropped, rotated or even resized. An excellent free duplicate file finder that also helps you find duplicate photos, Duplicate Cleaner Pro can also be used to examine and compare files before they are deleted. The user interface is simple and strong. And, the tool supports Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10. 

    Duplicate Cleaner Pro


    • User interface is user-friendly
    • Free of ads
    • Delivers highly efficient results
    • File preview offered
    • Selection assistant available
    • Comes with advanced filter options
    • It can locate duplicate inside Zip archives


    • Large files and folder take longer to scan
    • User interface is crowded 

    8. Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder

    This is yet another excellent PC optimizer that comes in both paid and free versions. It uses byte-level comparison to compare different files and locate duplicates. Supports Google Drive and external disks. What makes it more amazing however is the ability to scan files and send reports to your email. 

    Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder


    • User-friendly interface
    • Supports all file types
    • Side-by-side picture comparison
    • Multiple scanning modes supported


    • Free version has limited features

    9. Duplicate Files Fixer

    This is an efficient duplicate file finder with the ability to locate any file type on Windows. The tool supports recovery on external drives too and will create backups for your files just in case an error occurs. It has a 15-day trial version.

    Duplicate Files Fixer


    • It is easy to use
    • Comes with a selection assistant
    • It scans hidden files and folders


    • Free version has limited features

    10. Duplicate File Detective

    This is yet another tool that does an outstanding job finding duplicate files in Windows computers. It is also best for organizing your photo library. The user interface is similar to that of Microsoft Office and users find it easier to search for duplicates using its powerful search algorithm and settings. 

    Duplicate File Detective


    • It supports preview
    • Can be used to monitor multiple networks 
    • Technical support offered
    • Files can be exported to XSL, HTML, CSV etc.
    • It offers a two-week trial


    • It is very expensive 


    Whether you are looking for a macros duplicate file finder or just a regular duplicate locator, choosing from this list should now be very easy.  However, if you lost files, then you will need a more purposeful tool like Disk Drill for data recovery. Good luck!



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