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How to Soundproof A Room Cheaply: 7 Smart Ideas

how to soundproof room cheaply

Indeed, smart home gadgets and home automation have made our lives very comfortable nowadays, but still many of us suffer because of intrusive noise pollution. Yes, it is also a reality of our smart living that noise pollution is increasing day by day. Your aloud neighbours, traffic voices and even music love of your younger siblings could be a reason for this noise pollution. Therefore, if you are looking for smart methods on how to soundproof your room cheaply or willing to get ideas to soundproof your home, then you should read this article thoroughly.

Identify the Entrance Location of the Sound

However, before starting the soundproofing process, you must be aware of the exact location of the sound. Yes, you should identify that from where noise is entering into your room. Likewise, it could be windows, walls or even floor. In this way, you would able to decide wisely, which cheap ideas to soundproof your room would work effectively.

After proper identification, you can choose specific soundproofing methods. For example, if the sound is coming from the windows, then furniture replacement, window coverings, and air seals would be enough to make your room soundless.

Smart Ideas on How to Soundproof A Room Cheaply

After knowing from where the sound is coming, you can choose relevant ideas on how to soundproof a room cheaply from our list. Here we go:

Reposition Furniture Strategically

Luckily, to reposition your furniture strategically to make your room soundproof, you don’t need money. Yes, you only need to use the furniture that you already own, and with some effort, you can replace it. Rearrangement of furniture wouldn’t only overcome the noise but also absorb the outside noise and vibrations. Withal, you should be aware of which furniture piece would work in soundproofing, and it is better to use heavy mass pieces. You can also see our suggestions in this regard:

Full-Wall Bookshelves —Placing full-wall bookshelves against walls where noise is coming would be a great idea. It wouldn’t cover the noise entrance area, but the presence of books on the shelves will also absorb the sound because they are sources of sound-consuming mass.

Dressers and Wardrobes—Due to their dense mass, dressers and wardrobes can also help make your room soundproof. However, they should be installed in the right places.

Tables—On the other hand, if the main entrance of sound is your floor rather than walls, then tables are the best choice. Heavy tables can especially assist you in stopping echoing.

soundproof with furniture

Use Thick Carpets & Rugs for Floor

If you live on the ground floor, then maybe the floor is not the source of noise in your room. But if you live in an apartment or even on the second or third floor of a double or triple-story house, then the floor matters a lot. Actually, the pipes, neighbours’ TVs, and elevators make your home noisy.

That’s why using thick carpets or even using both rugs and carpets gives great comfort to stop unwanted noises. Yes, the synthetic fibre and wool which is used to make rugs and carpets have the qualities to absorb sound.

On the contrary, if you are already using carpet but it is not thick enough, you can also use foam under the carpet, which is available in the market at very affordable rates. Luckily, carpets wouldn’t only make your room soundless but also help to make the room below it less noisy.

cheap carpets soundproof a room

Use of Blankets

Another cheap or almost free way to soundproof a room is the use of old blankets. Hopefully, many of you have quilts that you don’t use. You just need to hang these blankets in the front of doors and windows. The heavier they are, the more noise they will stop. However, it is essential to share with our readers that the instalment or hanging of blankets shouldn’t look messy, and you can decoratively use them. You can also use them instead of curtains.


Use of DIY Soundproof Curtains

On the other hand, if you are not willing to use the blankets, then you should use soundproof curtains. Yes, a variety of soundproof curtains are available in the market and are not very expensive. Howbeit, if you don’t want to invest in soundproof curtains, then you can make them at home with great ease. The secret behind the soundproof curtains is its multilayer. Therefore, you can make your multilayer curtain at home with 2 or 3 old sets of curtains. Moreover, it would be best if you didn’t forget you still have the opportunity to hang blankets as soundproof curtains.

cheap soundproof Curtains

Install Weather Stripping for Doors & Windows

Many construction experts noticed that air space inside doors and windows is often the primary source of home noise. That’s why it is suggested to install weather stripping for doors and windows. First of all, it is important to clarify that weather stripping is very inexpensive, and you can install it at your home without any professional help.

This slim rubber tapping will not only stop outside sound from entering your room but also protect you from severe weather effects and insect attacks. It is not weather stripping, but you can consider it an airtight, waterproof, and soundproof magical stripping.

Weather Stripping to soundproof a room

Use of Window Blockers

Though several kinds of window blockers are available in the market that work very well against the sound but you can also make window blockers at home. You only need a wooden board and rug that fits into your window and install it in the right manner. This window blocker will assist you in absorbing outside noise and vibrations. On the other contrary, you can also mount an old blanket on your window and fix it properly with nails if you don’t have enough budget.

window blockers - cheap soundproofing

Use of Soundproofing Panels

In this steady life, most people think soundproofing panels a perfect solution to soundproof a room or house. They are not very expensive and are easy to install against walls. However, if you think you can’t afford them, then you should make DIY acoustic panels at home with some effort.

cheap soundproofing panels

All in all, the core purpose of sharing this article with readers is to inform them of the cheapest soundproofing ideas. However, if you have used other methods to soundproof your room inexpensively, you can share via comments. We would also love to add more worth-reading ideas for cheap soundproofing here.



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