You can’t deny that you have never dreamed of home automation at one point. Especially after watching the fully modernized mansion of Tony Stark. Fortunately, modern technological advancements have delivered these devices right to our doorsteps. Yes, technology makes it happen with some best smart home devices. So, raise your home’s IQ with these 10 cutting-edge smart hubs of 2020, running the gamut from Wi-Fi locks to Robo-vacuum cleaners to intuitive doorbells. The future of intelligent living is here.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

If you are looking to purchase smart speakers for your condo, you won’t find anything better than Amazon Echo. Yes, Amazon Echo is one of the best smart home devices, which is essentially a hands-free speaker that you control with your voice. Its Dolby-powered technology delivers on audio as well, with clear 360° audio and outstanding bass deep bass for crystal clear 360° audio.

Ask Alexa to make you happy with a prank, read you the news, the weather outside, or a “how-to” question with clear audio commands. When paired with your music streaming service, Alexa can play you your favourite songs or set up a playlist for you. You might be thinking why you absolutely need the Amazon Echo Dot while you are already supervising your smart home devices via smartphone?

With Amazon Echo set up as your central smart hub, you can literally control everything from turning off the lights at night to unlocking at the door when you arrive home. It also has a four-microphone array which can hear you over things such as loud music or the cooker hood going full pelt in the kitchen. Possessing over 50,000 skills, you can keep discovering new skills that will help you with everyday tasks.

Amazon Echo Dot

Philips Hue Hub

Don’t you hate coming home to pitch darkness, fumbling blindly for the lights, with your hands full of grocery? This is why you need to switch to smart HD lights. They make sure you are never left in the lurch since they can be activated via your voice commands to Alexa. Even better, if you roughly know what time you will be back home, you can set the timer to have the lights switched on before you reach home. Moreover, you can dim or brighten the lights via voice commands instead of having to walk up to the switches or set a timer to have the lights turn off automatically after you sleep.

The best part: Philips hue bulbs are great for creating moods and scenes for spaces, as well as setting lighting schedules. This is really convenient to use handy when you are willing to unwind or relax or set the mood for a party.

Philips Hue

Google Nest Hub Max

If you are willing to see either your smart speaker got your instructions in the right manner, then Google Nest Hub is the option to see them. Though Amazon has also launched Echo Show but Google Nest Hub Max will totally transform your experience of turning audio into visualization. It also has a camera on the top, and many households take it as a security concern. However, Google is trying its best to overcome such security issues by providing them with 100% privacy.

Google Next Hub Max

Ring Video Doorbell

As someone who’s always on the go, you would really appreciate the Ring Video Doorbell. It pairs easily with your wi-fi to allow you to answer the door remotely. Its built-in microphone lets you communicate with visitors via the built-in microphone. The smart doorbell sends you an alert as soon as someone rings your doorbell or it detects motion. This comes in handy when it comes to detecting unexpected activity or keeping tabs on deliveries.

The best thing about the Ring doorbell is that it streams video in 720HD, letting you see who’s outside your door clearly. Even when it gets dark outside, you can enjoy crystal clear vision with infra-red vision. If you travel a lot or leave your house unattended quite often, you can quickly check in on your home with the remote access ability.

Ring Video Doorbell

Nest Thermostat

After leaving the house, did you forget to turn off the thermostat? If yes then, Nest Thermostat is one of the most amazing devices that lets you control your home temperature via a voice assistant or your phone. Simply uttering a command such as “Alexa, turn down the heat”, would turn down the thermostat, helping you save energy and money splurged on electricity bills. Simply fire up the app and adjust the settings to the right temperatures.

On your way back home, you can turn up the heat remotely, so that you don’t come home to a bleak, frigidly cold space. According to an expert of Toronto Condo Team which deals in sale and rent for condos in Toronto, “what we like best about this cool new thermostat is that its easy-to-read display shows a leaf icon when you set your temperature on an energy-efficient setting. For condos especially, it can mean relief sign for residents.”

Nest Thermostat - Smart hub

Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller

Do you usually ask your neighbours or friends to water your plants when you are away? And doesn’t the news of a sudden heatwave back at home give you a mini heart attack? Well, with Eve’s clever tap attachment, you never have to worry about your plants back at home. With it in place, you can schedule the tap to turn on at a specific time every day and for a pre-defined duration. Similarly, you can control the duration whenever you want, no matter where you are, directly with your phone app. This discreet works smoothly to make sure you come home to a flawless garden.

Eve Aqua

August Smart Lock Pro

Do you want a smart lock that connects your phone via Bluetooth? Or letting you assign and revoke virtual keys to anyone? Or at any time, be it your housekeeper or your neighbour, from wherever you are, at no extra charge? Well, the August smart lock pro is your answer. Not to mention, it is a breeze to install, even for an amateur. No need to replace the lock mechanism itself. Yes, the device just fits over the internal thumb latch of your existing deadlock, so you can continue to use your physical key as well. Not only can you access the lock from anywhere, but you can also connect to Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa.

Smart Lock Pro

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

Whether you live in a spacious single-family home or a tiny condo, cleaning your home can feel like a drag. What if you can clean your floors with the swish of a wand or more realistically, through voice command with a Wi-Fi cp iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum. Oh, and the best part; you don’t need to be home to oversee the cleaning. You can schedule your vacuum beforehand, and it will alert you when the job is done.

The robot cleaner recharges automatically and can work for up to 75 hours straight tirelessly. It features a 3-stage cleaning system, the high-functioning filter captures a vast majority of dust, pollen, and allergens. You can easily control the vacuum with your voice since it is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

iRobot Roomba 960

Sleep Number’s 360 Smart Bed

Technology has given us many ways to track our sleep. Yes, it assists smartwatches to fitness trackers and wrist bands, but what can measure your quality of sleep better than your mattress itself? There is where Sleep Number smart bed comes into play. With biometric sensors, this mattress not only tells you how you slept last night. It also tries to learn how to improve your sleep quality by viewing your health metrics and sleep trends. Don’t be alarmed at its price tag though. It may be a hefty investment, but it is an effective and comfortable way to help you sleep better.

360 Smart Bed

The Wemo Mini Smart Plug

This smart plug permits you to control your household appliances from your tablet or smartphone. By connecting to your existing home WiFi network, the device gives you charge of all electronics at your home, such as fans, heaters, lamps, and much more. In this regard, you have to plug all of your electric connection with your smart plug. Worried that you might have left the lights on at home? Tap into your phone, fire up the free Wemo app, and simply switch them off remotely, no matter where you are.

Mini Smart Plug

In short, DigitalCruch tried its best to provide you with some of the best smart home devices to improve your living experience. However, if you think we should add more options here, then you are welcome to come with your suggestions by contacting us. We would like to add fantastic smart home devices on our list. You can also share your experiences about smart home devices by commenting below!

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