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Quick Tips to Mask Your IP Address in UK

Tips to Mask Your IP Address in UK

Your IP address is a unique series of decimals and numbers that reflects your device location. It is completely visible to your network provider, so users go through content restraints based on a particular region. For this reason, a virtual private network is the best way to mask your IP address for users in the UK. 

Use UK VPNs – Best Way to Mask IP Address in UK

It is apparent that the UK doesn’t grant complete online freedom to its users. So they might experience content blockage when they are trying to access content matching their interests. Therefore, this promotes the least privacy to the users when they access content across the internet.

In addition, this lack of privacy puts users’ sensitive information in a vulnerable state. An authentic VPN (Virtual private network) seems like a brilliant cure to this problem at hand. There are some of the most reliable Virtual Private Networks available in the United Kingdom that are worth trying today. 

5 Best VPNs for the UK

We have listed the most trusted Virtual private networks to level up your online privacy in the UK. So let’s get right into the best options below,

1. ZenMate

ZenMate brings supreme security that masks your privacy through VPN for the UK. This virtual private network ensures that its user’s data remain discrete and away from hackers. Therefore, it gives you complete liberty to share your personal details without getting monitored.

In addition, all your online activities are seamless with high-proof protection. This leaves you away from all sorts of security threats at the end of the day. Besides, this VPN service serves its users without Geo-restrictions and connection restraints.

Also, ZenMate brings over 81 active servers globally to ensure the best connectivity anywhere you move. So you can use the internet without any boundaries.

ZenMate UK VPN

2. ExpressVPN

This Virtual private network ensures impeccable speed and versatility to its users around the world. ExpressVPN features an extensive number of virtual server locations to connect you to the best when requested. This VPN boasts 10Gbps servers offering the best connectivity speed you won’t find elsewhere.

Additionally, this resource is always ready to pick out the best server location to empower your internet experience. That means this virtual private network authenticates its fastest server depending upon your online activity such as downloading and streaming. Hence, your online presence is discrete, but substantial when it comes to its functioning. 

ExpressVPN for UK IP

3. StrongVPN

You can now rely on a secure and private online connection using StrongVPN in the UK. This virtual private network makes it flawless to mask your IP address without constraints. Also, this service exhibits over 950 servers spread worldwide. So you can always experience uncanny speed and seamless connectivity.

StrongVPN ascertains that your private information remains in end-to-end encryption. So users will no longer have to worry about third-party threats that hinder their online freedom. Lastly, this VPN features WireGuard Protocol that leads your online sessions in terms of performance and threat protection.

4. NordVPN

This best VPN 2022 brings top online security and marvellous connection speed in the UK. NordVPN allows you to change your IP address in a matter of one click. Moreover, this VPN service features 5500 servers extending to 58 server countries. It has over 440 servers in the UK alone for unprecedented connection speed.

NordVPN fuels your online operations with a fast connection and reliable privacy. Besides, users can choose their personal IP for exclusive usability. This service authenticates with the Onion network to bring unbeatable connection security. Users can also choose to hide their VPN connection while travelling to restrictive regions.


5. CyberGhost VPN

Consumers in the UK can now safely mask their IP addresses and buy internet freedom using CyberGhost VPN. The United Kingdom houses one of the largest reservoirs of intelligence data. But CyberGhost VPN makes private internet surfing and downloading exceptionally easy.

Besides, this network features over 640 servers in the United Kingdom for magical connection speed. Also, this VPN brings a user-friendly interface to life on all possible devices. You no longer will face geo-blocking and compromised privacy with this trustworthy VPN.

Use Browser Extensions

It is one of the easiest ways to mask your IP address. Most Virtual private networks offer extensions for browsers like Google Chrome for instance. Most devices feature Chrome as a browser-based. So users can easily find a VPN extension for Chrome to mask their IP address.

Besides, most VPNs do offer free extension services. Therefore, it just takes a few steps to log in to any VPN extension service to privately use the internet.

Ask your ISP to change your IP address

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) decides your online identity which is your IP address. So you can ask your internet service provider to change your IP address. Also, it is crucial to acknowledge that your IP address doesn’t remain constant as it’s not a static IP address.

An IP address can be shifted to a static IP address on a special request. But your ISP can demand extra charges or process renewal in this regard. However, your ISP does recycle its user’s IP address to preserve the availability of the rest. So you can consult with your ISP in that case.

Use the Tor Browser

Here comes another way to mask your IP address when you go online. Users can surf, buy, and search for products across the internet without facing restrictions. The browser software is absolutely free and can be downloaded from most browsers.

Therefore, this software lets you engage in all online activities with sublime privacy and protection. Besides, this browser promotes complete heavy-duty encryption. So you can be sure that your data remains safe and private. 

Tor Browser to Mask IP Address in UK

However, it is important to mention that this browser will not provide the best speed. So downloading or live streaming is compromised when it comes to the Tor browser.


VPNs encourage users’ privacy and safety, and that’s why they are crucial. A reliable virtual private network can mask an IP address that enables discrete online activity at the end of the day. The above-mentioned VPNs and useful tips can aid users to mask their IP addresses without any hassle. 



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