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Sefirin Kizi (Ambassador’s Daughter) Plot, Cast & Everything

Sefirin Kizi

Turkish series Sefirin Kizi is another masterpiece of Star TV that is getting much attention from Turkish drama series fans. There is no doubt that fans of Engin Akyürek were desperately waiting for his upcoming TV series, and he didn’t disappoint them and came up with a fascinating series. Yes, in this review, we are going to share everything about the Sefirin Kizi plot, cast, etc., that our readers want to know about this series.

Sefirin Kizi Plot

The storyline of Sefirin Kizi (La Hija Del Embajador) revolves around two main characters ‘Nare’ and ‘Sancar.’ Nare is the daughter of an ambassador, and Sancar is the son of a sharecrop farmer. Both of them have loved each other since childhood and have a dream of marrying each other.

Finally, they marry each other, but on the wedding night, it comes to the knowledge of Sancar that Nare is a victim of rape. On the insist of Sancar, she says that she has been harassed and raped at home by someone. After discussing the truth with Sancar, Nare decides to leave his life and disappears.

On the other hand, most of the people think Nare has died. After 8 years, Sancar decides to move on in his life, but Nare appears again at his wedding ceremony with a girl named Melek. She tells people that Melek is the daughter of Sancar. All in all, it’s full of emotions and Turkish suspense series that you must watch this year. No doubt, more surprises will come in this series of Engin Akyürek.

Total Seasons: 2

Total Number of Episodes: 52

Sefirin Kizi Plot

Release Date of Sefirin Kizi Dizi: Sefirin Kizi was released on 16 December 2019 on Star TV Turkey.

Sefirin Kizi Timing: This show Sefirin Kizi was aired each Monday at 08:00 pm on Star TV.

Sefirin Kizi Season 2

The second season of Sefirin Kizi, or La Hija Del Embajador, is a roller coaster. Yes, it is full of action, emotions, and drama. In Sefirin Kizi’s season 2, two great friends, Gediz and Sancar, become the biggest rivals of each other. Sancar forces Nare to live in his mansion, and Gediz fights him to release Nare. Actually, Nare and Sancar are battling each other for the custody of their little girl, Melek.

By the same token, Gediz shares his feelings with Nare, and we will see how Nare deals with this situation. It would be worth watching either Nare accepts the love from Gediz or gives another chance to Sancar when his wife is living with him. People didn’t only love to watch this Turkish series with English subs but Spanish TV also aired with the name La Hija Del Embajador.

Sefirin Kizi Season 2 Release Date: The release date of the second season of Sefirin Kizi is 8th September 2020.

Sefirin Kizi Season 2 Timing: The Sefirin Kizi Season 2 was aired each Monday at 08:00 pm on Star TV Turkey.

Genre: Emotional, Romance, Love Story

Main Cast of Sefirin Kizi TV Series

Hopefully, you would like to know about the main cast of Sefirin Kizi and who is playing the lead roles with your favorite actor, Engin Akyürek. That’s why DigitalCruch will share all the details about who plays a role in Sefirin Kizi dizi.

By the way, Sefirin Kizi is also breaking the popularity pools in Spain and is famous as La Hija Del Embajador there. So, we can also call it the La Hija Del Embajador cast in Spanish.

Here we go:

Engin Akyürek As Sancar Efeoglu

After Kara Para Aşk, fans were desperate to watch the new Turkish series of Engin Akyürek, and finally, he cut this suspense with Sefirin Kizi. In this Turkish series, he is playing the role of a farmer who works in the olive groves of the mayor. Sancar loves Nare a lot even after knowing her rape news, but Nare doesn’t trust her and leaves her after the first night of the wedding.

This thing hurts Sancar a lot, and to overcome his pain, he tries his best to make money and becomes a rich man in the town. When he decides to move on in his life, Nare comes again into his life with their daughter, Melek. Sancar can’t stop himself from loving his pretty daughter Melek.

Sancar Sefirin Kizi

Neslihan Atagül As Nare Çelebi

Though we only mentioned Sefirin Kizi, a piece of good news for Engin Akyürek but, in actuality, it is also an exciting story for millions of fans of Neslihan Atagül. Yes, in this new series, Neslihan Atagül is playing the role of Nare. Basically, Nare is the daughter of an ambassador who travels to different countries, and when she comes to Muğla, she falls in love with Sancar and finally marries him.

However, after telling him the secret of her rape, she leaves him without any trace. Nevertheless, she comes again on the screen with her 8-year-old daughter. Mayhap, she has been killed by her rapist and now wants to give custody of her daughter Melek to his father Sancer. In short, she is playing the role of a strong lady and mother.

Nare Sefirin Kizi

Tuba Büyüküstün As Mavi

Talented Turkish actress Tuba Büyüküstün, who has also paired with Engin Akyürek in Kara Para Aşk, played the role of Mavi in Sefirin Kizi season 2. Yes, after the eviction of Neslihan Atagül from Sefirin Kizi, Tuba joined this show. It is also important to share that Neslihan quit Sefirin Kizi because of health reasons.

Indeed, Tuba Büyüküstün played the role of Mavi against Engin Akyürek in Sefirin Kizi. Fans loved this latest drama of Tuba Büyüküstün. Especially her role as Mavi gave a great boost to this Turkish series after dropped out of Neslihan. By the way, Tuba didn’t prolong Neslihan’s character, but she came up with a new role. So, hopefully, you would love to watch her in this Turkish dizi.

Tuba Buyukustun Latest Drama

Uraz Kaygılaroğlu As Gediz Işikli

Uraz is playing the role of Gediz in Sefirin Kizi. Actually, he is the son of the mayor where Sancar father was working as a sharecropper. Later, Gediz became his business partner of Sancar. However, he falls in love with Nare when she returns to Sancar’s life with daughter Melek. The Gediz is a little complicated, and you need to watch the entire series to explore his actual intentions.

Gediz Işikli

Tulin Yazkan As Menekse Efeoglu

Pretty Turkish actress Tulin who is known for Bodrum Masali, is playing the role of Sancar’s wife in this Turkish drama. Yes, the night Nare returned to Sancar’s life, he married Tulin. She acts like a very generous wife and even a good stepmother, but her role would be cruel in upcoming episodes with Sancar’s daughter Melek.

Tulin Yazkan As Menekse Efeoglu

Beren Gencalp As Melek Çelebi

She is the cutest actress in Sefirin Kizi, and you would love her. Yes, Beren is playing the role of Melek Çelebi. Beren is the daughter of Nare and Sancar, and due to hardships in her mother’s life, she has become mature compared to the kids of her age.

Since childhood, Melek wants to meet with her father, and finally, at the age of 8, her mother makes her familiar with her father. She is an intelligent kid, and you would love her character.

Melek in Sefirin Kizi

Doğukan Polat As Yahya

Doğukan Polat is playing the role of Sancar’s brother in this series, and yes, his name is Yahya. He loves to play football and has cars. He lives with his brother and his wife Elvan.

doğukan polat sefirin kızı

Hivda Zizan Alp As Elvan Efeoglu

Turkish actress Hivda is playing the role of Elvan in Sefirin Kizi. She is the sister-in-law of Sancar and the wife of Yahya. She was willing to marry someone else but couldn’t escape from destiny. Yes, she marries Yahya and has complicated relations with her mother-in-law.

Hivda Zizan Alp

Gonca Cilasun As Halise Efeoglu

Gonca is starring in the role of Sancar’s mother in this Turkish series. Though her entire life revolves around her kids but she is not a soft-hearted lady. She hates Nare, and you would find her an outspoken lady in Sefirin Kizi.

Halise Efeoglu

Erdal Kuçukkomurcu As Guven Çelebi

Yes, we are introducing you to the man of the series whose name is used in drama. Probably, you are correct, he is Sefir, or you may call him ambassador in English. Great Turkish theatre actor Erdal is playing the role of Sefir Guven in Sefirin Kizi. He is the father of Nare and grandfather of Melek. Though Guven is an ambassador but gambling is his weakness. Similarly, due to his professional status, he is also very arrogant.

Guven Çelebi

Erhan Alpay As Akin Vardarli

Erhan has been chosen for a negative in Sefirin Kizi. He is the son of a close friend of Ambassador Guven and lives in the same house where Guven lives with her daughter Nare. Probably, he could be a rapist of Nare.

Erhan Alpay Sefirin Kizi

Ozlem Cakar Yalçınkaya As Refika Isikli

You would see Ozlem in the role of Mrs Refika. She is the wife of the mayor where Sancar’s father was working. In the same token, she is also the mother of Gediz, who is also the business partner of Sancar.

Ozlem Cakar Yalçınkaya

Esra Kızıldoğan Uygur As Muge Lisli

Esra is performing the character of the Mayor’s daughter and eldest sister of Gediz. She didn’t marry because she lost love when she was in her twenties. By profession, she is a psychologist and loves her work. Though she loves her job but baking is also her hobby. She loves to bake baklava pastries for her lost love.


Cemre Öktem As Zehra Efeoglu

Zehra is another beautiful soul of Sefirin Kizi. She is basically the younger sister of Sancar and a disabled girl. However, her disability is not her weakness, and she is the bright face of the Efeoğlu Mansion. This pretty girl owns a secret. Yes, she loves his brother’s friend Kavruk Ömer.

Zehra Efeoglu Sefirin Kizi

Edip Tepeli As Kavruk Ömer

Kavruk Omer is a dervish man who is not only a friend of Sancar but also takes care of many works at Efeoğlu Mansion. He is also a poet and a folk singer. You would love his character in Sefirin Kizi.

Kavruk Ömer in Sefirin Kizi

At last, Sefirin Kizi is another traffic Turkish TV series you must watch this year. Whether you are a fan of classic romantic stories or Turkish actors, it’s worth watching a series that will unfold several secrets in upcoming episodes. You can share your views about this series by commenting below!



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