After a long time, Fox TV Turkey comes with another appealing dizi called ‘Adim Farah’. Indeed, after the huge success of Sefirin Kizi, viewers can watch their favorite Engin Akyurek in a new dizi. Luckily, gorgeous Demet Ozdemir performs the lead role with Engin Akyurek. 

However, if you want to explore more about Adim Farah or My Name is Farah, you should read this post. In this article, DigitalCruch explains the Adim Farah story, cast, airing time and where you can watch this Turkish series with English subtitles.

Adim Farah Plot

The story of Adim Farah revolves around an Iranian woman ‘Farah’ who escapes from the Iranian security forces because she has some connections with the mafia. In this regard, she initially runs away to escape from Iran to France. But later, she would have to stay in Istanbul after pregnancy.  

Yes, Farah starts working as a cleaner in the capital city of Turkey after having a baby boy, but things change when she becomes aware of her son’s disease. Although she has a medical background, but her son’s weak immune system greatly hurts her.

My Name is Farah Turkish Series

She continues working as a cleaner, and then one day, she eyewitnesses a brutal murder. This murder has done by a powerful mafia, and they want to kill all witnesses. Hereof, mafia people assign this task to Tahir Lekesiz to assassinate all witnesses. 

Now, Tahir meets Farah, but it is a mystery whether he will kill her or not. You can see Engin Akyürek in the character of Tahir Lekesiz and Demet Özdemir in the role of Farah. In short, this Turkish series is full of drama, action and thrill.

Adim Farah Release Date: The first episode of Adim Farah was officially released on 1st March 2023, and the channel is Fox TV. 

Adim Farah Timing: Adim Farah is aired on Fox TV Turkey every Wednesday at 8 pm.

Main Cast of Adim Farah Turkish TV Series

Adim Farah, which is an adaptation of the Spanish show ‘La chica que limpia’ or ‘The Cleaning Lady’ owns a powerful cast. Here we are talking about the central characters of Adim Farah.

Here we go:

Engin Akyurek as Tahir Lekesiz

Engin Akyurek is an excellent Turkish actor who has been recently seen in a series of Disney+ named ‘Kaçis’ or ‘Run Away’. Probably, the majority of Turkish drama viewers think Sefirin Kizi was the last project of Engin, but in reality, it was Kaçis. 

Withal, if we talk about his role in Adim Farah, he belongs to a powerful mafia group in Istanbul. He basically got the task to kill cleaning lady Farah, but the illness of Farah’s son Kerimsah forces him to change his mind. He tries to arrange a donor to improve his medical condition. 

Tahir Lekesiz Adim Farah

Demet Ozdemir as Farah Ersadi

Demet Ozdemir is a beautiful Turkish actress with excellent acting skills. She is not only famous because of her performances in TV series, but she is outstanding when it comes to Turkish movies. Indeed, she has performed in Turkish films, including Love Tactics and Turkish Dance School. 

However, in Adim Farah, Demet is playing the role of cleaning lady Farach, who belongs to Iran. Yes, she escaped from security forces but had to stay in Istanbul after pregnancy. She studied medicine, but after giving birth to her son Kerimsah, she started working as a cleaner in the capital of Istanbul. But the illness of his son is a big challenge in her life.

Unluckily, one day she witnesses the murder of a man. This murder is associated with the powerful mafia of Istanbul, and they try to cover it. In this regard, Tahir Lekesiz has to remove the cleaning lady.  

Demet Ozdemir in Adim Farah

Derya Pınar Ak as Gönül

Cute-looking Derya Pinar is one of the youngest artists that are acting in Adim Farah. You have probably seen Derya as the daughter of Hande Dogandemir in Annemizi Saklarken. Fortunately, fans get another chance to see this pretty girl again as Gönül in Adim Farah. She is working as a babysitter for Farah’s son Kerimsah. 

Derya Pınar as Gönül

Rastin Paknahad as Kerimsah

Rastin Paknahad is the youngest and most adorable part of My Name is Farah. This little boy is performing the role of Farah’s son Kerimsah. You will be amazed to know that Rastin basically belongs to Iran but was born in Turkey. Yes, his father, who is originally from Iran and settled in Turkey years ago, is also a director and writer. 

Kerimsah Adim Farah Series

Oktay Çubuk as Kaan Akinci

Oktay Çubuk is a rising Turkish star who got famous from the movie ‘When I’m Done Dying’. His striking experience from series including Aşk Ağlatır, Baba, Ah Nerede and Sol Yanım will also support him in performing the role of Kaan. 

For sure, Kaan is a different character compared to his last roles. This character is in a weak state of mind but pretends to be a strong man in front of others. You can see him as the son of Vera Akinci and Ali Galip Akinci in Adim Farah dizi.

Oktay Çubuk as Kaan

Firat Tanis as Mehmet Kosaner

Firat Tanis is portraying the character of Mehmet Kosaner in this new drama on Fox TV. He is basically a police superintendent who is trying to solve the mystery of a murder case that Farah has witnessed. As an honest policeman, Mehmet works hard to reveal the truth and punish the culprits of murder. 

Firat Tanis

Senan Kara as Vera Akinci

Senan Kara is an attractive Turkish actress who could be seen in the role of Vera Akinci in My Name is Farah. She is the mother of Kaan Akinci and the wife of Ali Galip Akinci. Unfortunately, she knows about the criminal activities of her husband and struggles a lot to safeguard his son Kaan from the black world of her husband. 

Senan Kara

Ali Sürmeli as Orhan Kosaner

Ali Sürmeli is a legendary Turkish actor who has worked in several movies and TV series. You can watch him in the character of Orhan Kosaner in Adim Farah. He has served in the police and is known as an honorable man. In addition, he is the father of superintendent Firat Tanis and Gönül.

Ali Sürmeli as Orhan Kosaner

Mustafa Avkiran as Ali Galip Akinci

It is the time to talk about the most powerful man, or you can call him the mafia boss. Yes, it is Ali Galip Akinci who is behind this murder. He runs a dark world, and his criminal activities badly affect his family, especially his son. 

Mustafa Avkiran

Where to Watch Adim Farah with English Subtitles?

It is an interesting question that most of our readers ask. We would recommend you watch Adim Farah with English subtitles by using these platforms:

OnDizi – If you want to watch Adim Farah on a website similar to YouTube interface and without signup and ads then simply consider OnDizi.

ExpressDizi The best and free place to watch Turkish series without annoying popup ads. In case, this site is not working in your area, you can use any of these VPN for Chrome or download VPN app for smartphone.

Promix TV This could be a good place to watch Adim Farah but plays many popup ads.

Is Adim Farah Available on Disney Plus?

Yes, Adim Farah is available on Disney Plus with English subtitles. Disney+ & Hulu recently added this FOX TV show to their Turkish drama library. So, now, you can smoothly find ‘My Name is Farah’ on Disney+.

Is Adim Farah available on Netflix?

The answer is simply ‘no’. Adim Farah is not available on Netflix because it is a project of Fox TV, and Netflix usually streams Netflix Originals nowadays. 

Hopefully, this review of Adim Farah will allow you to know everything about the story and cast of this fantastic Turkish show.

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