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Best Online Places to Sell Used Phones in Australia in 2022

Sell Used Phones Online Australia

This article shares one of the best places to sell used phones in Australia in 2022 with one of the prices.

In this digitized world, it is the desire of every man and woman to get a smartphone with the most advanced features. However, to get some extra money to complete the budget for a new phone, they also want to sell their old phones.

In this regard, most of them go to mobile shops where retailers offer them cheap quotes, but if you are living in Australia and willing to sell your used phone, then you don’t need to go with costs next to nothing. Yes, in this article, we are going to share the best online places to sell used phones for our Australian readers.

Gumtree  –  Free Place to Sell Used Phones Online

If you are in Melbourne, Sydney or any other city in Australia and willing to sell old phones quickly then Gumtree is the best option. It is also considered an alternative to Craigslist for smartphone users who want to sell old phones in Australia. Listing an ad is usually free at Gumtree but if you want some advanced features like more views etc. then you can also go with paid ad options.

Gumtree Australia

How to Sell Old Phones on Gumtree?

So, if your question is about the complete process of selling at Gumtree, then you just need to follow our instructions:

Step 1: First of all, you will need to open the official website of Gumtree and then create an account there. After account creation, you need to click ad a post option which is appearing on the top of the site with the green button. After pressing the button, you need to write the ad title. You can write the name of your cell phone there.

Step 2: After the title, they will ask for the category, and we would suggest you to go with the ‘Electronics & Computer’ category. Now, it’s time to add some description of your ad and its price. It has been noticed that most buyers like to negotiate the price that’s why it is a better idea to increase the cost a little or write a line in the description that the price is not negotiable. Besides, don’t forget to upload some front and back end pictures of your phone with your ad.

Step 3: After clicking on the publish button, your phone ad would be live in the entire country, and it’s up to you whether you want to get money via cash after a final deal or PayPal. However, such things, you need to finalize with the buyer via face to face meeting.


Because a number of Australians love to shop for both new and old smart devices from eBay, that’s why we can’t ignore this option. Yes, eBay is another reliable place to sell old phones online in Australia. On the contrary, though eBay is considered a trustworthy place to sell phones but keep in mind, it involves many kinds of fees as compared to Gumtree.

eBay - Sell Used Phones in Australia

How to Sell Phones on eBay?

Listing your ad to sell phones is quite easy, and you can explore more from here:

Step 1: First of all, you need to make an ID on eBay, and it is also evident that they will ask for identity confirmation. Then, you can open your store to list your ad.

Step 2: In the next step, eBay will ask you about the payment options, and it is better to go with payment options like PayPal etc. because users on eBay don’t like bank transactions a lot. Moreover, you would also need to select whether you would like to go with bidding or a fixed price.

Step 3: You can add some current images of your phone there. Withal, as we have already explained it involves many charges like store fee, insert fee and final sale fee etc. that you would have to pay before listing and after-sale. However, there is no need to worry a lot because these charges would be according to your product price.

CashAPhone  -  Best Online Place to Sell Old Phones for Cash

If you don’t like to bargain with buyers about the condition of your phone and price at Gumtree and are not willing to pay a number of fees at eBay, then CashAPhone is the right choice for you. Yes, if you are searching where to sell your phone and get cash in the bank without negotiations and other listing headaches, then CashAPhone is the best place to sell your phone and other smart devices.

Luckily, this is an Australian company that works in many countries of Asia, the Middle East and Europe with the aim to provide mobile phones and gadgets to developed countries at affordable prices.

How to Sell Old Phones on CashAPhone?

See the following steps to get answers on how to sell my phone with CashAPhone:

Step 1: At the first stage, after opening the homepage of CashAPhone, you will see a search box with the title ‘Search Your Model Here’. In this box, you just need to write down your phone or any other smart device model number and then click the enter button. After this step, the site will share the estimated value of your phone according to its current condition.

Step 2: If you agree with the price and want to proceed further, then you only need to take a print of your prepaid label. Otherwise, CashAPhone can also send you a prepaid satchel to create trust for the deal. Though the prepaid bag is not much older in the Australian postal sector but it’s very reliable. So, you can send your device without any trust issues.

Step 3: In the last step, after getting confirmation from CashAPhone that they have received your device parcel, the money will be transferred to your bank account. You can also get paid via PayPal, Wire and Cheque etc. Luckily, CashAPhone also initiated to pay the sellers in the form of Bitcoin (cryptocurrency), but you must have a Bitcoin Wallet in this regard.

Facebook Marketplace  – Easy Way to Sell Phones Locally

If it is tough for you to go with the above options and need to follow too many steps like signup etc., then we are sharing another easy way to sell with you. Yes, we are talking about Facebook Marketplace. Though you can sell any kind of product at Facebook Marketplace but if you want to sell your mobile in your nearby area, then it is a great option.

Facebook Marketplace Melbourne

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

It is very convenient to sell used phones at Facebook Marketplace. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Hopefully, most of you have a Facebook account. So, just open your Facebook account and go to the menu and press the Marketplace button there.

Step 2: Now, you need to go with the ‘sell something’ and then select ‘item for sale’.

Step 3: Then, you are open to writing the title, description, price and some photos of your phone in a listing here. With Facebook Marketplace, you can easily customize your locally, and in this way, only people in your area would be able to contact you.

Step 4: However, after selling your used phone, you would also need to mark your listing as ‘sold’. Luckily, Facebook Marketplace is available in all the cities of Australia, and there is no fee for listing here.

Mobile Monster

Mobile Monster is another good option to sell used phones in Australia against cash. They just work similar to CashAPhone, but their inspection is a little strict as compared to CashAPhone. However, the good thing is about Mobile Monster is that if you are living in Melbourne, then you can also personally drop your phone in their office.

Mobile Monster

How to Sell Used Phones on Mobile Monster?

Just look at the following steps:

Step 1: First of all, open the homepage of Mobile Monster and add the model of your device. After entering the model, they will ask you about the condition of your phone and then will offer you a price.

Step 2: If you agree with their price, then you need to drop your device in their Australian post mailbag.

Step 3: After inspection, they will transfer the money into your provided account. However, the price would be changed if they find a difference after an investigation between the shared and current condition of your phone. They also claim to inspect and deliver the price within 24 hours in the seller’s account.

Mazuma  – Good for Trade-in & Recycle Old Phones

Mazuma is another right online place to sell used phones for Australians. Though Mazuma offers low prices against used phones as compared to the above options but it also claims about the fixed quotes. Therefore, you can sell your phones here at guaranteed prices.

Mazuma Sell Used Phones

How to Sell Phones on Mazuma?

To sell smart devices at Mazuma, see these steps:

Step 1: In the first step, you need to search the IMEI number of your phone and the model in the search box. After adding the current condition, they will offer you a price.

Step 2: If you don’t have an issue with the price and want to proceed further then, Mazuma will send you a free post bag. In this post bag, you can parcel your device to Mazuma.

Step 3: After receiving your device, the seller is being paid by Mazuma on the same day.

In brief, the primary purpose of sharing this article with our Australian readers is to make them aware of the best online places to sell used phones in 2022. Hopefully, you would like this effort of DigitalCruch, and if you think we should add more options to this list, then you share your suggestions with us. We always welcome your feedback!



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