Are you worried because of a speech assignment that you need to complete shortly? Do you feel a little bit scared when you need to make a speech in public? Are you afraid to screw it up? 

All those people staring at you…No wonder, it can be very stressful. 

However, there’s great news. You can master the art of writing a great speech. It’s not rocket science. 

In fact,  it’s quite OK to feel stressed while preparing a speech. Most people feel that way. With a proven system in place writing your speech can be easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Luckily, in this blog post, we’re going to share with you 7 proven steps of making an incredibly good entertaining speech. 

write entertainment speech

Are you ready? Great! Let’s get straight to the meat. 

Tip #1 – Get Inspiration  

First of all, you need to warm up your creative muscles. For this, you need inspiration

Where can you get it? There are distinct means. You can have your favourite meal or go spend time with your beloved one. However, in this article let’s stick to academic-related sources of inspiration. 

Look for samples of other great entertainment speeches. Don’t just look through them. Focus on what makes them so incredible. Analyze their strong and weak points. Make notes. 

Tip #2 – Make Sure You Completely Understand Your Assignment 

Before you start creating your speech, make sure you understand your assignment perfectly well. The last thing that you want is to end up with a speech that won’t be relevant to your tutor’s initial instructions. 

That’s why you need to read the assignment several times. The best way of doing this is to read it aloud. If you have any doubts about the instructions, never hesitate to ask your tutor to clarify all the unclear points. 

Tip #3 – Do a Thorough Research on Your Topic 

To come up with a great speech, you need to do detailed research. It’s a super important step. If you skip it or do it not thoroughly, you face the risk of ending with a crappy speech. So, treat it very seriously. Here are 5 tips on how you can do your in-depth research:

  • Brainstorm the ideas and write them down. 
  • Use scholarly search engines to conduct your research. 
  • Go to Amazon and check the most rated books on the topic you need to write about. Check their contents. You can get tons of insights. 
  • Use Google to get even more ideas. Don’t use Google as a source to quote in your speech. Use it only to get more ideas on the topic you need. 
  • On top of that, you can also go to YouTube and check 5 best speeches ever. 

Tip #4 – Get Down to Writing  

Now, when you are well-armed with everything you need to create a great speech, get down to writing it. Here’s one of the most valuable hacks that you need to implement at this stage. 

Focus: Focus on writing only. 

Avoid Distractions: Kill all the distractors like social media apps, messengers, switch off your phone. Get into a quiet place where nobody will disturb you.

Start writing: Write, write, write. Don’t think about anything else. Just let your creative juices flow. 

You’ll be wowed how fast you’ll be able to finish your writing if no one distracts you. 

Tip #5 – Make Your Speech Emotional – Connect with Your Audience

If you want to make your speech engaging, inject emotions into it. Tell a story. Not just a story. Tell a good story. What’s a good story? A great story should be engaging. There should be conflict, drama, and resolution. 

Also, you need to address the challenges and pain of your audience. Make them feel you understand them and their pain and sympathize with them. 

Tip #6 – Edit Your Speech and Polish It to Perfection 

Once you complete your speech it’s time to make it shine. Read it aloud several times. Are there any spots that sound not so smooth? Rewrite or eliminate them. Remember your speech should be easy to understand. 

Eliminate all the fancy words and jargon. Make sure the sentences are simple and short. Double-check the word choice, grammar, spelling, etc. 

Tip #7 – Turn to Expert Speech Writers for Help 

Creating a speech is not that complicated as you can see. However, it’s time-consuming. What should you do if you feel you are short of time? One of the best solutions is to hire professional speech writers for assistance, for example, at 

In this way, you’ll get more spare time for things and people that matter to you. You give them instructions and pay. Their service will take care of the rest.

Hopefully, this blog post of DigitalCruch will help you make your speech amazing, entertaining, and engaging. 

If you have anything else to share on the topic, feel free to write it in the comments below. 

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