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The Best 3D Animation Software to Use in 2024

Best 3D Animation Software

3D animation has become very popular in the marketing industry. It is being used to portray the advertisements uniquely, and this unique way helps to attract people. 3D animations are also used to create construction, product development models, and other fields.

Animated movies are also gaining attention, and people like watching animated movies with friends and families. That’s why the demand for the best 3D animation software is also increasing. It cuts the cost of the human resources used in commercials and movies but only costs a 3D animation designer and software.

However, the market has a huge demand for 3D animation designers. If you are interested in 3D animation design, many software applications are available to help you make 3D animations. The best 3D animation software applications are listed below, and their extraordinary features are described below.

Autodesk Maya

Maya is powerful 3D animation software that can create 3D games, movies, or 3D models. This software application can be executed on Windows, macOS & Linux operating systems. General animation tools and ready-to-use graphics are the features that are very helpful to create animations efficiently and effectively. There are numerous other tools and features of Autodesk Maya to create and enhance the animations easily.

The most helpful & powerful features of Autodesk Maya are as follows:

  • High-level Animation Editing Tools
  • Excellent Controls & Accuracy
  • Ready to use Graphics are available
  • Create technical and extraordinary effects
  • Speed Enhancements with Animation Performance feature

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux & macOS

Price: Premium Package costs 1,545 USD/year with 1 Month Free Trial Version.


Blender is a well-known 3D computer graphics software for creating animated films, visual effects and 3D models. Indeed, Blender is completely free and open-source software for professional graphic designers. This 3D software provides numerous features for designing 3D animations, i.e. rigging, modelling, simulating, rendering and motion tracking.

Moreover, 3D games and interactive applications can be created using Blender, which is why people like using this powerful 3D animation software.

Significant features of Blender that make it better than others are listed below:

  • 13D Modeling
  • UV unwrapping & texturing
  • Raster Graphics Editing
  • Smoke & particle simulation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Powerful camera restoration
  • Customize layout and interface

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, OSX & Steam

Price: Completely Free & Open-source

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a powerful and easy-to-use 3D animation software for the graphic design community. This software can be used to get quick results in 3D animations because of its efficient output. The easy-to-use interface can be helpful for the newbies.

So, this software can be used for different motion graphics, i.e. television, advertisements, etc. Graph view for motion tracking is a handy feature of this unique 3D animation software.

The extraordinary features of Cinema 4D are the following:

  • Lens Distortion Support
  • Graph View for Motion Tracking
  • Develop Concepts without Time Modeling
  • Animation Workflow Enhancements
  • SketchUp Integration
  • Houdini Engine Integration

Operating Systems: Windows & macOS

Price: 1,647 USD/year with a free Trial Version

Source Filmmaker

Source Filmmaker is a video capture and editing application inside the Source game engine. It uses the resources of the game engine Source to create 3D animations. It is a tool for animating, editing and rendering 3D animated videos. This fantastic computer graphics software lets Designers create images, art and posters.

In short, it is a complete package in which you can create posters, art, 3D models, games and 3D animated videos. Clip Editor, Motion Editor and Graph Editor are three primary interfaces for making films using this graphics software.

The most highlighted features and tools of Source Filmmaker are as follows:

  • Manages entire workflow into a single system
  • Renders the power of gaming or intense graphic PC
  • Virtual Movie set with lights and cameras
  • Recording, arranging and editing shots using Clip Editor.
  • Motion Adjustments over time
  • Motion Editing through creating keyframes

Operating Systems: Windows Only.

Price: Completely free to use for a lifetime.


iClone is another valuable and popular 3D animation software application with handy features and tools to create animated graphics. It is a real-time 3D animation and rendering software for the users. It is faster animation software than other 3D animation software applications, which is why it is being used in the industry on a larger scale.

Moreover, this software not only allows you to create 3D animations but also allows you to import ready-made animations and characters from different libraries. The user-friendly production environment is helpful for designers to learn efficiently and work properly without having many interface-related problems.

The significant features of the iClone 3D animation software application are listed below:

  • Character Body & Facial Animation
  • Professional Shots by using industry-standard cameras
  • Real-time visuals
  • Video Compositing
  • Better directing with Lighting, Scene & prop
  • Fantastic Content Resources for Ready-made animations & characters

Operating Systems: Windows Only.

Price: 199 USD per year with a free trial version.


SideFX provided a tremendous 3D animation software application named “Houdini” for designers. This is excellent 3D animation software with powerful features and tools to create and enhance 3D animations. Advertisements and animated films can be created quickly and effectively by using this extraordinary 3D animation software.

In addition, this 3D animation software also allows the procedural creation of animations with multiple iterations to provide a perfect environment for the designers. Destruction and Pyro FX shots can be configured through SOP-based tools. Besides, Houdini’s unique features can create and enhance visual effects.

The primary and most highlighted features of Houdini are as follows:

  • Fire & Smoke simulation with Pyro FX
  • Use Bullet Rigid Body solver to create highly complex simulations of large data sets
  • Fast Cloth and Hair using VELLUM
  • Sand & Snow Effects using GRAINS

Operating System: Windows & macOS

Price: 1,995 USD/year, and there is also a free learning edition for the students and artists who want to learn 3D animations.

All in all, the main goal of DigitalCruch is to provide the best 3D animation software, such as graphic design software. Hopefully, we will find our listed helpful software, and if you think we should add more 3D software to our list, you can write to us.



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