Does it make you anxious when your teenage kids spend too much time on their smartphones, especially iPhones? Or, it is disturbing you why your spouse is investing too much time on his cellphone? And not giving enough attention to the family? If yes, then before concluding any judgement, you need to verify your instincts. In this regard, technology is ready to help you with best spying ways to track someone’s iPhone without them knowing.

Withal, to track someone’s iPhone, you don’t need to install any application on their phones. Neither you have to take hacking classes, nor you have to fall into the snare of trick apparatuses. Indeed, with iOS tracking means, you can track SMS and other activities of your partner or kids with great ease. Howbeit, local laws and regulations will be applicable if anyone sues you for spying or tracking their iPhones.

This article is going to share a complete guide with readers on how to track someone’s iPhone without them knowing.

Cocospy  —  Best Way to Track iPhone Without Installing App

If you are in need of tracking someone’s iPhone without installing any application on his or her phone, then Cocospy iPhone Spy App should be your first choice. To track someone’s iPhone with Cocospy, you need not bother installing any kind of app. Thus, this method of tracking an iPhone is entirely trouble-free and convenient.

Cocospy Track iPhone

Either you are a worried dad or mom and willing to monitor activities of your youngster or a busy employer and need a simple solution to vigilante the workplace liveliness of staff, Cocospy will prove it one of the best options. Yes, Cocospy will effectively assist you in tracking the iPhone’s activities, and for sure, you don’t have to install any software on the target’s iPhone to spy him.

Cocospy has made iPhone tracking absolutely easy, but if you still want to inquire more about this application, then keep in mind, Cocospy has a vast client base around the globe. Also, it has gone up to the level that it is now making headlines in some of the topmost international media franchises like Forbes, Tom’s Guide and the New York Times.

For what reason would it be advisable for me to utilize Cocospy?

There are a ton of incredible advantages of utilizing Cocospy Free Cell Phone Tracker. It is a totally genuine program that you can use to screen iPhone gadgets. It’s utilized and trusted by more than 1 million individuals from 190+ nations, so it’s totally reliable.

Besides, it likewise accompanies a no-root work, whereby you can screen the objective gadget even without having to get to it genuinely.

Procedure for Tracking an iPhone with Cocospy

As Cocospy is a quality application that guarantees complete customer ease, thereby the process to use it is not complicated at all. Just follow these simple steps to set off on the tracking journey with Coocspy.

Step 1: To get underway with iPhone tracking, you first need to sign-up with Cocospy, which is free of cost process. Then you would need to go with your covet subscription plan.

Cocospy SignUp

Step 2: Utilize the certifications of the target’s iPhone in order to track it. In the Cocospy application, sign in with your registered account. Give the objective smartphone’s username on the iCloud. Also, you need to share the password of the respective iCloud account.

Verify iCloud Cocospy

It is very straightforward with Cocospy, and for sure, you don’t need to waste time downloading various apps.

Step 3: Lastly, when you are done with the above steps, you can now access the tracking features of Cocospy and find out the reason behind the extra mobile usage of your kid or partner.

Cocospy Location Tracker

By now, you’ll be wanting Cocospy more and more. So why wait? Start tracking right now with Cocospy.


Another great app to secretly follow someone’s iPhone is Minspy. It is the second-best in our list due to its out of the box features.

There may be a variety of reasons why you should follow somebody’s location on the iPhone. You should follow your children’s place, so you know they’re not staying late after school. Maybe you need to trace your life partner’s iPhone to see whether they’re keeping mysteries from you or undermining you. Perhaps you don’t need to follow another person, and you simply need to find your own lost iPhone’s location.


In these circumstances, it is useful to approach an iPhone area tracker that can assist you appropriately. There is a great deal of iPhone area tracker applications in the market. Nonetheless, a great deal of them expects you to root the objective iPhone. On the off chance that you can support it, you can root it, but that leaves the iPhone defenceless against malware and hackers, and it expands your odds of getting captured. In the case of Minspy, you don’t face such issues.

So, to avoid rooting the relative iPhone, you can make use of Minspy’s Cell Phone Location Tracker, which requires no jailbreaking.

Spyic  —  Another Great Source to Track iPhone

Spyic is the iPhone following arrangement that has one of worthiest reviews about it on the web. Similarly, you can even peruse incredible things about Spyic in the greatest news sources like Forbes, PCMag, TechRadar, and so forth.

And so much good discussion isn’t merely without an explanation. Spyic offers numerous extraordinary highlights to its clients, and this is the thing that you will discover in it as well. It is also considered very reliable to track Snapchat activities of the target that we have already discussed.


Spyic is modest to such an extent that you would feel that they are, for all intents and purposes, offering quality services for nothing. It costs a small amount of what numerous other mobile phones following applications will cost you.

Spyic utilizes top of the line safety efforts to guarantee that your information is protected. It follows encryption conventions that you will just discover in the top organizations of the world. With Spyic, your information is absolutely sheltered.


Spyier is an application just like Cocospy but not better than it. It also provides impressive highlights enabling its thousands of users to follow or track somebody’s iPhone within a few seconds.

Safe and convenient iPhone tracking is now just a few clicks away when you’re using this spying app. It also does not require you to root or jailbreak the target gadget. Neither is any kind of installation required.

Track iPhone with Spyier


Spyzie is an incredible tracker site that gives you the iPhone client’s very own subtleties with simply their cellphone’s number.

You don’t need to introduce any application into the iPhone. You simply need to enter the target’s number (along with the extension number) into the inquiry bar and click on ‘Start Search’. You’ll get all the essential data inside in only a couple of moments.


Spyzie carries out an intensive foundation search that gives you a variety of information about the relative gadget’s owner like ‘First and Last Name’, ‘Current Residential Address’ and email addresses being only a few.

Final Words

In this article, we provided one of the best ways to track someone’s iPhone with our readers with a detailed guide. Yes, you want as it is a suitable choice you can use to watch out for your friends and family. However, you should also keep in mind that smartphone spying is considered illegal in many countries. That’s why it’s better only to use these apps in the worst times to improve the lives of your loved ones instead of criminal activities. You can also share your views by commenting below!

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