Discover the list of top romantic Chinese dramas such as Hidden Love, When I Fly Towards You, Fireworks of My Heart, and much more.

The charm of romantic series is expanding day by day. In this regard, people love to watch romantic or rom-com series from different countries. Likewise, Asian people have a craze for Kdramas, and audiences from the Middle East, Balkan States, Turkey, and Russia love to watch Turkish series

However, you can’t ignore the popularity of romantic Chinese dramas in this regard. They are also very famous among users for their romantic comedies, serious romance, and historical plots. So, in this article, we share one of the most cheesy romantic Chinese dramas with our viewers.

Top 32 Best Romantic Chinese Dramas

Here we go:

1. Hidden Love

Chinese Name: 偷偷藏不住

Cast: Zhao Lusi, Chen Zheyuan, Victor Ma, Zeng Li

Hidden Love Cdrama Romance

Hidden Love is one of the most viewed Chinese romance dramas on Netflix USA. Released in 2023, the story begins with the crush of a teenage girl, Sang Zhi. She started having feelings for his brother’s buddy, Duan Jia Xu, who is five years senior from her. 

This young crush turns into love when she stumbles upon him at the university. You will see how these daily interactions twist into a journey of fascination. 

2. My Lethal Man

Chinese Name: 对我而言危险的他

Cast: Li Mo Zhi, Fan Zhi Xin, Li Yi Zhen, Li Xin Ran

My Lethal Man

My Lethal Man is an epic Chinese mystery romance drama with many thrillers. Shen Man Ning encounters her clone during her kidnap. She has several questions regarding her identical Zhuang Xin Yan, but then she gets the news of Zhuang Xin Yan’s sudden death.

Shen Man Ning was dealing with strange events when a wealthy man, Xing Cheng, asked her to marry him. In this situation, the female lead has no answer other than saying yes. Withal, this is a hostile relationship, but their union will discover numerous truths. 

3. When I Fly Towards You

Chinese Name: 当我飞奔向你

Cast: Zhou Yi Ran, Zhang Miao Yi, Bian Tian Yang, Jiang Zhi Nan

When I Fly Towards You

Gleaned from Zhu Yi’s novel, ‘She’s a Little Crazy,’ it is another modern romantic show on our list. On a rainy day, chipper middle school girl Su Zai Zai enters a shop to stay safe. Then, a standoffish student from her class, Zhang Lu Rang, enters the store to buy something.

This small moment changed everything for Su Zai Zai, newly transferred to this school. Yes, she feels infatuated with Zhang Lu Rang. However, things will not be smooth because Zhang Lu Rang is purely aloof. Do you think this relationship will flourish? 

4. Fireworks of My Heart

Chinese Name: 我的人间烟火

Main Cast: Yang Yang, Wang Churan, Wang Yanlin, Wei Daxun

Fireworks of My Heart

Fireworks of My Heart is a mature romance CDrama that depicts the story of Xu Qin and Song Yan. Both were close friends of each other, but their families distanced them. This separation enables them to focus on their careers. Indeed, male lead Song Yan develops his career as fire chief.

Contrarily, Xu Qin dedicates her life to the medical profession and becomes an emergency doctor. A twist comes into their lives when they meet again after ten years. Would this reunion lead to a romantic relationship? Would this friendship transform into love?

5. Intense Love

Chinese Name: 韫色过浓

Main Cast: Zhang Yu Xi, Ding Yu Xi, Julio Wan Yan

Intense Love

As the drama’s name suggests, you can expect a steamy love story entangled with excitement in this romantic Chinese drama series. This is a love story between a doctor and an actress, divided by their ways. But despite everything, feelings come forth, and romance prevails. 

Su Jin Bei is an actress and is well known for her beauty. Besides, Zhou Shi is an intelligent doctor with idealistic morals. Will this love story become a success?

6. Love Like the Galaxy

Chinese Name: 星汉灿烂

Cast: Leo Wu, Zhao Lu Si, Guo Tao, Zeng Li

Love Like the Galaxy

It is another historical romance Chinese drama from Leo Wu after the fame of The Long Ballad. If we discuss the plot, Cheng Shaoshang is an attractive damsel. She has been brought up in a challenging condition without family. This scenario made her resilient and stubborn in life.

Someday, a powerful military general, Ling Bu Yi, visits her town and becomes infatuated with her. So, he proposes to Cheng Shaoshang. In response, she tells him about her adamantness. According to her, she couldn’t be a good enough wife for a general. 

However, with time, Cheng Shaoshang starts believing in Ling Bu Yi. Will this trust transform into a happy married life?

7. Exclusive Fairytale

Chinese Name: 独家童话

Cast: Zhang Miao Yi, Jun, Lv Zhao, Hao Zhu Yu

Exclusive Fairytale

This drama is about neighborhood buddies Xiao Tu and Ling Chao. The story begins with their childhood when Ling Chao’s mother is more interested in the neighbor’s child girl, Xiao Tu. Actually, Ling’s mother always had a desire to have a daughter. 

Although they grew up together but, there is a strong sense of competition between them. Yes, Ling Chao wants to be superior to Xiao Tu in every walk of life. Very soon, Ling Chao notices that he feels for Xiao.    

8. The Last Immortal

Chinese Name: 神隐

Cast: Zhao Lu Si, Wang An Yu, Li Yun Rui, Cao Fei Ran

The Last Immortal

Do you like watching Chinese fantasy dramas with a sense of romance? If yes, don’t ignore The Last Immortal. A lady spirit, Feng Yin, tries to explore her actual identity after reincarnation. She tries to find out if she is only a simple spirit or has a chance to become a goddess.

Hereof, the son of the true god Gu Jin and lady spirit Feng Yin hold a relationship of master and assistance. See how this accord finds the reality and develops a romantic affair.  

9. You Are My Glory

Chinese Name: 你是我的荣耀

Main Cast: Yang Yang, Dilraba Dilmurat, Pan Yue Ming, Wang Yan Lin, Hu Ke

You Are My Glory

This romantic comedy-drama series was broadcast in 2021 and became popular. The story brings Qiao Jing Jing a successful wide reputation. It is well-known in her domain that whatever she does, she does it the best. But fate has decided otherwise.

In some circumstances, she must prove herself in gaming and needs a guide. So she had to ask for her classmate’s help, Yu Tu. She had a crush on him back in school. How would that go for her?

10. The Rebel Princess

Chinese Name: 上阳赋

Main Cast: Zhang Zi Yi, Zhou Yi Wei, Tony Yang

The Rebel Princess Romantic Chinese Dramas

This Chinese drama is a beautiful option if you love watching historical romance series. The Rebel Princess, which is also called by the name (Monarch industry) is a fictional work. Di Wang Ye’s novel inspires it. 

The story targets the imperial Ma family, which is set to ruin by the nobles. However, Xiao Qi and Wang Xuan are on common ground in resisting tyranny. Will this turn back on them in the form of love?

11. Nothing but Thirty

Chinese Name: 三十而已

Main Cast: Jiang Shu Ying, Tong Yao and Rachel Momo

Nothing but Thirty

This is one of the famous modern Chinese dramas that emerged in 2020 and discussed the lives of three girls. You will witness an exciting mix of romance and inspiration throughout this drama. The drama intelligently portrays the life of all leads.

Besides, this drama’s story targets Wang Manni, Zhong Xiao Qin, and Gu Jia. All these three characters are established until they hit their 30s. That’s when things start to change for them. Please find out how they will manage themselves amidst a series of troubles.

12. Eternal Love

Chinese Name: 三生三世十里桃花

Main Cast: Yang Mi, Mark Chao, Gao Wei Guang

Eternal Love

Eternal Love is a historical fantasy drama aired in 2017 with 58 episodes. Viewers will witness the historical setting of this romantic fictional drama. The story unfolds with the unfortunate love of Qu Tan Er, the second eldest daughter of Qu’s family. 

She is in love with the king’s oldest son but is forced to marry the king’s younger son. Will she battle her way through love?

13. Le Coup De Foudre

Chinese Name: 我只喜欢你

Main Cast: Janice Wu, Zhang Yu Jian, Zhao Zhi

Le Coup De Foudre

Experience high school romance with a close canvas in this romantic Chinese drama you can watch today. The story is centered around Zhao Qiao Yi and Yan Mo, who are completely different individuals. Also, the story starts during high school when they develop a special bond.

They have many dreams and plans but are separated by fate’s hands. Will they reunite and plan their futures together?

14. A Love So Beautiful

Chinese Name: 致我们单纯的小美好

Main Cast: Hu Yi Tian, Shen Yue, Gao Zhi Ting

A Love So Beautiful

This romantic Chinese drama was aired in 2017, exhibiting one season till this day. There are 24 episodes featuring subtle comedic elements and ultimate romance. The story is centered on Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen, who are friends from high school.

Both Jiang Chen and Chen Xiao Xi are famous in their specific domains in high school. These two individuals belong to the same neighborhood. Gradually, this brings them close to each other. 

15. The Long Ballad

Chinese Name: 长歌行

Main Cast: Dilraba Dilmurat, Leo Wu, Liu Yu Ning, Zhao Lu Si

The Long Ballad

The Long Ballad is the ideal benchmark for your expectations if you’re looking for romantic action in a historically fascinating setting. You are initially looking at 626 CE in an unsettling political environment. The narrative describes a horrific episode in which Li Chang Ge’s family was massacred.

Since then, Li Chang Ge has been adamant about her decision to exact her family’s vengeance. She encounters a handsome tribal prince while seeking to accomplish this. She feels defeated and later develops affection for him.

In addition, this Chinese series with English subtitles and dubbing is also available on Netflix and other platforms.

16. Love is Sweet

Chinese Name: 半是蜜糖半是伤

Main Cast: Luo Yun Xi, Bai Lu, Gao Han Yu, Xiao Yan

Love is Sweet

This Chinese television series comes from a loose adaptation of the novel of the same name. It was released in 2020, and the direction has yet to release another season. This exciting story features Jiang Jun, who plays the role of an independent woman. 

One day, she bumps into her childhood friend Yuan Shuai. Things start to change for Jiang Jun as Yuan Shuai reveals his feelings to her. This sets them on a fantastic rollercoaster of love.

17. Cute Programmer

Chinese Name: 程序员那么可爱

Main Cast: Xing Zhao Lin, Zhu Xu Dan, Yi Da Qian, Guan Xin

Cute Programmer

Another fabulous Romantic Cdrama, such as Cute Programmer, should also be on your watch list. This series came out in 2021 and brought 30 episodes. The story startup can be a little unconventional, but it does foster romance and comedy with every episode’s progression. 

Jiang Yi Cheng is leading the plot and happens to be an expert computer programmer. Lu Li also plays another significant role and is portrayed as an intelligent female programmer. Find out what fate has decided for them in this exciting TV series.

18. My Little Happiness

Chinese Name: 我的小确幸

Main Cast: Xing Fei, Tang Xiao Tian, Huang Yi Lin

My Little Happiness

My Little Happiness is another one of the must-watching romantic Chinese dramas that aired in 2021 and featured 28 episodes. Well this show is inspired by the novel “Dong Benxi Gu” and directed by Yang Long. This story revolves around Zhuo Rong, who is interested in becoming a lawyer. 

But fate puts her through some trials in adopting her dream profession. Later, she meets her childhood friend, who happens to be a surgeon. They are gradually getting closer, but will they end up together?

19. Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Chinese Name: 致我们暖暖的小时光

Main Cast: Xing Fei, Lin Yi, Tang Xiao Tian

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Experience the best romance and comedy in this Romantic Chinese drama series from 2019. The story incorporates Si Tu Mo, who is reluctant to make life decisions. But as the graduation tenure passes through, she requires immediate help.

Fortunately, she comes across Gu Wei Yi, who is confident and willing to help her out of the situation. Will this work for Si Tu Mo?

20. You are So Sweet

Chinese Name: 你听起来很甜

Main Cast: Zhao Zhi Wei, Amy Sun, Li Xiang Zhe

You are So Sweet

This is one of the finest Chinese romantic dramas to watch in 2022. The story is intriguing as it sets foot in the Chinese dubbing industry. In addition, the series fosters cute love chemistry between two leads, Xia Xiaoning and Gu Chenyu. 

Xia Xiaoning is portrayed as an exceptionally beautiful girl with average education and skills. She crosses paths with Gu Chenyu, who holds a big name in the dubbing industry. 

21. Perfect and Casual

Chinese Name: 完美先生和差不多小姐

Main Cast: Wei Zhe Ming, Xu Ruo Han, Marguax

Perfect and Casual

Watch an iconic romantic Chinese drama series that was released back in 2020. It features 24 highly captivating episodes, and the drama beautifully shapes the story from the beginning. You will watch an odd but cute love story sequence in the series.

Besides, the story is based on Zhang Si Nian, a professor and female student, Sunny Yun Shu. They both bump into each other in university and fall in love. But will they continue to grow together despite their differences?

22. Unforgettable Love

Chinese Name: 贺先生的恋恋不忘

Main Cast: Wei Zhe Ming, Hu Yi Xuan, Lennon Sun

Unforgettable Love

This lighthearted romantic Chinese drama series unravels an enticing love story. You will experience a series of twists and turns as the story travels from beginning to end. Besides, this series features Qin Yi Yue, a child psychologist with a tender heart.

On the flip side, He Qiao Yan, CEO of Heshi Group, is the second lead cast. Later, they both come across each other and fall in love. Will this love grow despite their contrasting personalities?

23. Binary Love

Chinese Name: 二进制恋爱

Main Cast: Sabrina Zhuang, Ren You Lun, Liu Yu Hang

Binary Love

Binay Love is a new romantic Chinese drama series that recently came out and has gained noteworthy attention from the audience. In this series, you will see more about students’ lifestyles and struggles at the university. Besides, some comedic sequences add value to the story.

The story features Zhou Lin Lin and Fang Yu Ke in lead roles. They both find each other after several dramatic sequences. But will their affections grow or fall apart?

24. A Robot in the Orange Orchard

Chinese Name: 我的橘子恋人

Main Cast: Leon Leong, Sun Qian, Zhu Yun Hui

A Robot in the Orange Orchard

If you follow the lighthearted rom-com Cdramas, you will undoubtedly love this Chinese drama romance. A Robot in the Orange Orchard brings Lu Sen as a leading character. He happens to be the chairman of a top technology company but has a peculiar contagious allergy.

That has worried him to the point where he needs help resolving this issue. He then sought the help of Yang Shan Shan, who was his former assistant. Will his strategies work after a series of failures?

25. Mysterious Love

Chinese Name: 他在逆光中告白

Main Cast: Yilia Yu, Tsao Yu Ning, Leslie Ma

Mysterious Love

This romantic Chinese drama was aired in 2021 and features 16 episodes. As the name suggests, the drama reveals a very intriguing love story between Ruan Nian Chu and Li Teng. Here, Li Teng is a cold and snobbish character, while Ruan Nian Chu is a theatre actress with a soft attitude.

An iconic incident in the drama brings these two close to each other. Will these opposite characters succeed in love?

26. Because of Love

Chinese Name: 今生有你

Main Cast: Wallace Chung, Li Xiao Ran, Wang Yang, Tian Lei Xi

Because of Love Best Romantic Chinese Drama

Because of Love enables you to Experience the latest emotions-filled Chinese drama that came out in 2022. It has 30 episodes, and every episode fascinatingly reveals different facts. The story is based on Tan Jing and her son with natural heart disease. She is a single parent and wants her son to grow into a sensible person.

Nie Yu Sheng is another lead actor who plays a heart surgeon in the series. Dramatically, destiny put Tan Jing and Nie Yu Sheng together, but there is a past story to be told here. 

27. Love Scenery

Chinese Name: 良辰美景好时光

Main Cast: Xu Lu, Lin Yi, Hu Bing

Love Scenery

Unpack a passionate love story in this romantic Chinese drama from 2021. This drama features 31 episodes, each inundating with emotions and twists. Besides, the story revolves around Liang Chen and Lu Jing. They both are passionate about what they do.

In pursuing their dreams, they fall for each other. Will this turn out well for both, or will they separate their ways at some point?

28. My Fated Boy

Chinese Name: 我的邻居长不大

Main Cast: Li Xi Rui, He Yu, Zhou Xiao Chuan, Zhao Yuan Yuan

My Fated Boy

If you are a fan of old-school romance, then this one of the best romantic Chinese dramas is the one you should look to. It takes on a love story that starts in childhood and goes to adulthood after a significant break. The drama features Lin Yang, who is a struggling woman of 31 years, and Lu Zheng, who is her neighbor of 24 years.

After a significant break, they bump into each other’s lives, but will things remain the same between them?

29. The Day of Becoming You

Chinese Name: 变成你的那一天

Main Cast: Zhang Xin Cheng, Liang Jie, Zhao Zhi Wei

The Day of Becoming You

This is also one of the most romantic Chinese dramas released in 2021 and received positive feedback from users worldwide. You will first witness a love story manifested from a very unorthodox situation. But that is something to love about this drama. 

The story is focused on Jiang Yi and Yu Sheng Sheng, and they both belong to the entertainment industry. However, an accident of switching bodies occurs, and it changes their lives forever.  

30. Begin Again

Chinese Name: 从结婚开始恋爱

Main Cast: Zhou Yu Tong, Gong Jun, Garvey Jin

Begin Again

Begin Again is also considered one of the finest romantic Chinese dramas that narrates the enchanting love story of Lu Fangning, a successful woman. She has everything one can desire, but her life changes when she approaches her 30s. Her family wants her to start a family after marriage.

During this time, she meets a handsome surgeon, Ling Rui, and falls in love with him. Later, they get married, but Lu Fangning needs several lifestyle changes to make this marriage a success. 

31. Someday or One Day

Chinese Name: 想見你

Main Cast: Ko Chia-Yen, Greg Hsu, Patrick Shih

Someday or One Day

This wonderful love story was released in November 2019 and featured 13 episodes. It’s a complicated romantic Cdrama story that sets foot in 1998. The leading character Huang Yu Xuan wants to see her boyfriend, Wang Quan Sheng, who has been missing for two years.

Someday later, she comes across something from an unknown person that turns her life upside down. Find out if she will eventually get back to her boyfriend. 

32. Lost Romance

Chinese Name: 浪漫輸給你

Main Cast: Marcus Chang, Vivian Sung, Simon Lian

Lost Romance

To explore an exciting love story in romantic Chinese dramas, you should watch ‘Lost Romance.’ The story grips Zheng Xiao En, a leading character who is a romance novel editor at a publishing firm. Being in this field, she secretly admires the CEO of another company, He Tian Hang. 

He Tian Hang is a dedicated and good-looking young man. One day, Zheng Xiao En mysteriously appeared in a romance novel. That allowed her to meet her ideal. Will this incident turn in her favor for good?

Hopefully, our list of Chinese romcoms and romantic series will help you find better options. However, you can also share your favorite romantic Chinese series by commenting below! 

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