After the global popularity of K-Dramas, Chinese dramas are also getting a huge international fan following. The excellent visual quality, diverse stories, eye-catching fashion and complete overview of cultural values make them very appealing to viewers. Similarly, epic acting skills and strong relationship bounds also encourage fans to watch Chinese Dramas with English subtitles.

Although many websites air C-Dramas with English subtitles free, but they are full of advertisements and pop-up ads. Therefore, if you are struggling to get answers to your queries like ‘Where to watch Chinese Dramas with English Sub’, ‘Best Chinese drama with English subtitles on YouTube’, ‘Best Romantic Chinese Drama with English Subtitles’, or ‘Chinese drama with English subtitles on YouTube’ then you must consider our list.

Indeed, we are presenting one of the best YouTube Channels to watch C-Dramas with English Subtitles without any compromise on picture and translation quality.

Oshin明珠 — Best Channel to Watch C-Dramas with English Subtitles

Great picture & Translation Quality

A big list of Chinese Historical series with English subtitles

Regularly update the C-dramas with new episodes

Owns a list of Chinese fantasy dramas

Oshin明珠 Chinese Dramas With English Subtitles

Whether you want to watch The Long Ballad episode with English sub or urban romantic Chinese drama Once We Get Married with English subtitles, Oshin明珠 is the best place to stream them. It is entirely free to watch C-Dramas on Oshin明珠. You just need to visit their playlist section and find a Chinese series of your choice. In case the video is not offering English titles, you can click on the show captioning button.

WeTV English — A Fine Channel & App to Watch Chinese Dramas with English Subtitles

Free to watch C-Dramas

Available in both App & YouTube channel form

Offers a variety of historical, fantasy, crime and romantic Chinese series

YouTube Channel is better to stream Chinese dramas compared to the app

WeTV English C-Drama

Surely, WeTV English is also one of the finest places where you can watch all of your favourite Asian and Chinese dramas for free. It also streams distinct Chinese dramas like You are My Glory, Rebirth for You and My Girlfriend is Alien with Eng Sub. It also confers an application for Android devices where you can watch both Chinese and Asian series.

However, it’s been noticed that streaming Chinese dramas on WeTV English are much better than the app. Yes, its application has some technical issues.

华策影视官方频道 China Huace TV Official Channel

Maintains both translation & visual quality

Free and certified source to watch Chinese dramas

It categories Chinese dramas

华策影视官方频道 China Huace TV Official Channel

With more than 1.43 million subscribers, it is a dedicated YouTube channel for international fans to watch Chinese dramas with English subtitles. You will find almost every genre of Chinese drama from romance, fight, and action to comedy. Yes, it owns an extensive collection of historical Chinese series with great audio, visuals and translation quality.

CN Drama — Authorized Place to Watch Chinese Dramas with Subtitles

This channel streams the newest Chinese dramas

A free and legal place to watch Chinese dramas on YouTube

Regular drama updates

Need to add more series to their list

CN Drama Watch C-Dramas with English Sub

CN Drama is another authoritative place to stream Chinese dramas with English subtitles. It is associated with a media company called Netdrama. Chinese TV drama fans can easily find their recent favourite shows on these YouTube channels, and luckily, all of their Chinese dramas are being aired with complete copyright.

On the other hand, the best thing about this channel, it doesn’t only stream Chinese TV dramas with English subtitles but also supports numerous other languages. Yes, you can watch Chinese dramas with Portugal, Việt Nam, Indonesian and many other subtitles by visiting its affiliated channels. You can find these channels in the ‘About’ section of their YouTube channel.

Asian Drama Official Channel — To Watch Unique Chinese Dramas Free

High-quality translation

It is free to watch

A good place to watch unique romantic Chinese dramas with subtitles

Only limited Chinese Dramas are available

Asian Drama Official Channel

Asian Drama Official Channel is definitely a free place to watch Chinese TV series with English subtitles on YouTube. Compared to other YouTube channels, it confers the viewers with a unique list of romantic Chinese dramas. You can watch dramas like Make You Mine, President’s 99 Divorces and Love You Again.

Luckily, with complete Chinese drama episodes, you can also watch short clips here and decide which Chinese series you want to watch.

YoYo English Channel

It has more than 3 million subscribers

Free to stream

Massive collection of Chinese dramas with English subtitles

Lacks the most popular Chinese series

YoYo English Channel 

It is one of the biggest YouTube channels that presents a massive collection of old, new, romantic and historical Chinese dramas with English subtitles. The translation quality is also good, and you can explore a variety of Chinese TV series under its Playlist section.

This channel also gradually updates Chinese drama with new episodes, so you will not have to miss a single episode of your favourite Chinese show.

DigitalCruch tried to facilitate its Chinese drama audience with the best sources to watch Chinese series with English subtitles. Definitely, watching Chinese dramas with English dubbing or subtitles on YouTube is very handy compared to websites or apps to watch Chinese dramas.

Withal, if you know more YouTube channels that stream Chinese TV dramas with English subtitles, you can share them by commenting below!

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