Have you been struggling with playing games on a Macbook? It is no secret that these computers are not the best when it comes to gaming, but you can still play a number of titles.

A lot of problems occur not because of the computer’s specifications. They occur because of poor management. Not every user has a solid maintenance routine, and it leads to having an underperforming computer. And since games require a lot of resources that most Macs do not have, it is no surprise to see so many struggling to play video games.

If you would like to change the situation and enjoy gaming more on your computer, the suggestions mentioned below should be more than enough to help you with improving the situation.

Macbook Games Tips

Suggestion #1 – Clear Filth From the Inside

Dirt and dust can become too much of a problem if you do not remove it from the inside of the computer regularly. Yes, there are risks involved in taking the Macbook apart, but you can take the computer to a repair store and let the staff do the work.

Cleaning all the clutter inside will help with more than just gaming. You will also reduce internal fan noise, which is a big problem, discussed on https://macpaw.com/how-to/reduce-mac-fan-noise piece.

Suggestion #2 – Check for Potential Cybersecurity Threats

Make sure that there is a reliable antivirus that detects and removes threats no matter how big or small they are. A computer that is infected with malware and viruses will struggle a lot, not to mention that you will hardly be able to run any games on it.

There are a lot of different cybersecurity threats, and having to deal with even a single virus or malware can prove too much for some. Be more careful when you are browsing the internet. Consider using a virtual private network and avoiding shady links, even if you receive them from trusted people.

Suggestion #3 – Try Using Windows

Most Macbook users should know that they can install and use Windows on their computers. There are some games that are more compatible with Windows because Macbooks are not known for gaming, and the game developers simply did not bother to accommodate the Mac users.

Suggestion #4 – Create More Free Drive Space

If you have only a few gigabytes of free space on the hard drive after installing some video games, do not expect an optimized performance. It is more or less impossible to do a lot of work on a Macbook when the hard drive is full. And if this is the case, gaming should be out of the question.

Delete old junk like email attachments and downloads as well as useless applications. Transfer some data to clouds as well as external storage devices. Look to do everything you can to ensure that the hard drive is in good shape.

Suggestion #5 – Buy a Cooling Pad

Using a Mac in a poorly ventilated room does not help either. And if you do not have an AC system, you are left with very few options. 

Thankfully, a cooling pad happens to be available, and the accessory provides a lot of value for what it costs. You will be able to keep the temperature of the Mac at a more optimal condition. On top of that, a cooling pad can work as a resting place for the computer, so it is a win-win situation. 

Suggestion #6 – Add New Hardware

New hardware is not as expensive as purchasing a new computer. Now it is worth pointing out that adding extra RAM or replacing hard drives with solid-state drives is possible on every Macbook. However, if your model has such a feature, do not hesitate and invest some money in new hardware. Doing so will improve the gaming experience significantly. 

Suggestion #7 – Tinker With Game Settings

Game settings also have a lot of variations. You have special effects, resolution, shadows, and other options that can be adjusted or simply shut off. Playing with low-quality settings is not the most enjoyable experience, but it is still better than having to deal with constant stuttering and crashing. See how far you can go with changing settings of games.

Suggestion #8 – Shut Down Background Applications

Background applications that you do not need while gaming should be closed without any hesitation. In fact, it is hard to think of something other than an antivirus. Look at the Activity Monitor and trim the list of active apps. It will free up computer resources that will go to gaming.

Suggestion #9 – Reinstall the OS

Reinstalling the OS will take time, and it is not something that a lot of people are willing to go through. However, if playing video games or doing anything else on a Macbook has become too much of a drag due to endless crashes and hiccups, there is no better option than giving the computer a fresh start and reinstalling the operating system.

If you have more suggestions to improve the gaming experience for Macbook, then you can write to us or hit the comment section.

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