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In the world of changing altitudes, the only thing that can make you survive is creativity. The creativity in art, in words and everything in between, is what we expect from the world. Taking about creativity I would for sure like to discuss something that is surely the one thing that I have always loved to do and something that I can do at any time of the day.  And this is what the blog is all about. But before I begin let’s make it clear what an illustration is.

What is Illustration?

From a picture to a graphic and everything in between is an illustration. It is the art of depicting or showing something. The visual explanation with graphic designing software or the graphical representation are the two words that can exactly state what I am talking about here. But this is not an act, this is an art. The art of expressing things, the art of communicating a thousand words, the art of bringing everything in a picture and the art of depiction of ideas.

Well, this art is something that takes extraordinary talent and interest but nevertheless, a perfect process could make it up to the talent. The hard work begins in the process every time you work hard the end results are for sure amazing. Amid the talking about the perfect process here I am presenting you a guide that will make you have the best illustrations no matter you are a children’s book illustrator, an illustrator working for some brand or whatever. 

What is illustration

Guide to Illustration

Step 1: Explore the Ideas

Ideas are the biggest asset that an individual can have. Ideas can make you a hero or a zero and ideas can make you conquer the world or even get down under. Your ideas are the ultimate judge of your thinking abilities and cognitive skills and this is what the first thing about illustration is. Whatever you are working on make sure to bring ideas that have never been implicated. 

In addition, bring the ideas that have never been illustrated. Make the ideas to be unique and creative. Make them innovative this the first hack to conquering the art of illustration. You might have it all in terms of skills but if you don’t have the idea that can make an impact then probably your illustration is nothing but just a useless piece of the picture. Ideas will make it have a thousand words to speak. 

Step 2: Narrow the Concept Down

All ideas that you get might be creative but the other thing you have to explore about the idea is its relevance with what you are making. Once I was working on a children’s book and I thought an idea that was amazing in terms of innovation and uniqueness. I was all happy with the idea and I published it only to see it fail miserably. Failure was something that I didn’t expect for this idea. But there I learned a lesson that everything you think as of creativity is not always to be used on the thing and relevance is equally important along with creativity. 

However, without relevance, the only thing that you can get from an idea is just attraction and nothing else could be expected. Thus, narrowing down the concepts that you have explored is the second part of the illustration process. Keep it creative but keep it relevant.

Step 3: Sketch the Ideas and Scenes

Once you have got the ideas that are relevant and creative the next thing you need to implicate is to sketch them. The drafts will make the ideas to become refined before you get in the colours and details part. Sketching the idea would make you able to get into the details of the idea which is an essential aspect of the illustration. Sketch it like the process, define what will come first and what will come at the last.

Creating a storyboard could also be a great idea here to make your illustration have depth and detail. Well, one of the points that you are required to consider is to pay attention to the details. Attention to details will increase the relevance and the depth in your illustrations.

Step 4: Choose Colours

Colours make a picture to become attractive, they make a picture to have the amazingness. Imagine a world with no colours? Possibly it would be so boring and so would be your illustration if you keep it without colours. But don’t just pick colours to make a picture attractive. Go beyond what is visible to the eyes and add colours to represent the ideas. Each of the colours has something to say and something to depict. This is a concept we hear as Color Psychology. This is what you need to get hang of when you are making an illustration. It will add value to your illustrations in ways that you can’t even imagine about.

Step 5: Review It

At this point, you are done with your illustration and this is the part to make it accurate and perfect. Reviewing you let you identify things that are not perfect or things that could be improved. This will create a thought in your mind which could then be used to enhance what you have illustrated. While reviewing it keep two things in mind, the first is that it should be relevant and should portray what was behind it. 

The second point is to make it look amazing and appealing to the eyes of viewers. If you have noticed that each of these things are there in the illustration you have made then this states a green signal for your illustration to be published.

An illustration could be an in-built talent but this process if is followed will make the illustration to be just perfect and that is what all of us in the field illustration thrive for.

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