You Knock on My Door, or Sen Cal Kapimi, is a romantic comedy Turkish series that got much popularity among international audiences. This romantic drama series was originally released in 2020 and aired on Fox TV Turkey. Although this series has a substantial global viewership but unfortunately, it is hard to find Sen Cal Kapimi with English Subtitles. 

That is why DigitalCruch initiates to share one of the best and free sites to watch Knock on My Door or Sen Cal Kapimi with English subtitles. Indeed, this article will answer your query where to watch Sen Cal Kapimi with subs.

Here we go:

SuperRiki – Ideal to Watch Sen Çal Kapımı with English Subtitles

If you want to watch your favorite Turkish shows with English subs on a single platform, SuperRiki, also spelled as SuperRikki, should be your primary choice. You don’t have to register on this platform to stream your favorite shows. 

Click on our provided link and choose ‘episode no’ from the blue tab next to ‘NetuTV.’ However, when you click on the play button of a video, it will open popup ads several times, but you don’t have to worry. You can click the back button if you are using a smartphone or close the new window if you are using a desktop device.

Superriki Sen Cal Kapimi

TurkFans – Free Site to Watch You Knock on My Door with English Subtitles

It is another reliable place to watch You Knock on My Door with subtitles. Although it is an entirely free site, but you just need to create an account on this platform to watch your favorite Turkish series with English subtitles. You can click here to create an account.

However, you will find various kinds of popup ads on this platform, but luckily, the picture and voice quality of this platform is impressive. So, you should include this source in your list.

TurkFans You Knock on My Door

MX Player – Best Platform for Indian Audiences to Watch Love Is In the Air

On the other hand, if you belong to India and want to stream Sen Cal Kapimi on a quality platform then you can consider MX Player. Indeed, MX Player named this Turkish series ‘Love Is In the Air’. You can use a web interface or MX Player mobile application to watch this show in India.

Luckily, MX Player also offers English subtitles. If you are finding a good place without popup ads to watch Sen Cal Kapimi with Eng subs, consider MX Player. Although it is an ideal choice for India-based viewers, you can also use VPN extensions like Urban VPN to browse this site in other countries. Again, you would have to enable the India IP in this regard.

Love Is In The Air MX Player

Promix TV 

Promix TV is another free and without signup website to watch Sen Cal Kapimi with English subs. You will find all 52 episodes of 1st season of You Knock on My Door here and can watch them seamlessly. 

On the contrary, if we talk about the ads, then like any free platform, Promix TV also airs popups and anchor text ads, but still, the picture quality is good. By the way, you can also download the complete episode with Promix TV. 

Love is in Air Promix TV

Watch iT – Paid Platform

It is a YouTube-like paid platform that streams an extensive range of Turkish TV series with English subtitles and is free of popup ads. You can simply create an account there, and it costs $32.97 for a 3-month plan. Withal, it is interesting that numerous Turkish series are entirely free to stream on this platform.

However, Sen Cal Kapimi with English subs is still paid, and you must proceed with a paid membership before getting access to its episodes. 

Watch iT

Sen Cal Kapimi is Available on YouTube?

You can find a few episodes of Sen Cal Kapimi on YouTube with English subtitles, but the complete series is not available on YouTube. However, if you understand Turkish and want to watch it without subs, then you can follow this YouTube channel to watch all episodes of this Turkish dizi.

Sen Cal Kapimi on YouTube

Is Sen Cal Kapimi Available on Netflix?

The answer is ‘No.’ Netflix prefers to air its original Turkish series, and Sen Cal Kapimi is not available on Netflix among romantic series. Also, there is no news that Netflix will add Sen Cal Kapimi in the future. 

Hopefully, our provided suggestions will assist our readers to quickly watch You Knock on My Door or Sen Cal Kapimi with English Subtitles. If you know more quality sites that stream Turkish series then just share them with us by commenting below.

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